Miley Cyrus: Liam Really Likes The Video

Miley Cyrus: Liam Really Likes The Video

Miley Cyrus sits down to chat with Ryan Seacrest in this sneak peek of her interview about her new video “Can’t Be Tamed.”

The 17-year-old performer dished to the host about what boyfriend Liam Hemsworth thought of the finished product, saying, “He really liked it and I think for anyone that saw me write it and get involved with it and have all my ideas…It was so detailed, the way that I had it all envisioned. I think he was proud of seeing someone write, and then you look at them like they’re nuts, and then you see it all come together and go, ‘OK, that makes sense.’”

Miley added, “He didn’t stay on the set very long, because there was like 20 hot girl dancers. I was like, ‘You can leave now. You can watch the video when it’s all about me.’”

Miley‘s “Can’t Be Tamed” video will premiere TONIGHT @ 7PM ET/PT on E! News.

Miley Cyrus on Liam’s Reaction to “Tamed”
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  • fromturkey

    first.She is so cool.
    Go miley!!!
    ı love you

  • Ally

    lol.. “he can watch when it’s all about me”…. good to know even Miley Cyrus gets a little jealous of her man around hot dancer girls! hahahaha LOVE this girl. Can’t wait for the video!!!!

  • e

    so basically she dosen’t trust him,thinks he has a wandering eye

  • jasmin

    wow i wonder what he’s going to do if miley is doing a love scene in a movie with another guy? what will laim say to her and what will she say to him?
    Anyways love ryan!

  • miranda

    this girl sounds more intelligent when she does not speak.

  • dumm

    why does this girl care so much what liam thinks?

    eg twitter..

  • Tiffany

    @miranda: it would be more intelligent for u if u didnt bother to comment

  • angel

    i bet he did like the video, he was probably like, “dam she so hot and sexy” lol ;)

  • wow


    I agree with Miranda Miley does contradict herself many times when she speaks. Besides just like you are free to comment, so is anyone else. Not everyone has to worship Miley.

  • GossipGril

    @wow: we do not “WORSHIP” we “SUPPORT” and if ur comment if ur watching/reading an article on Miley just to say something rude and stupid and repeat every thing a typical hater would say, (SIut , WH*RE, SKANK, No one likes u, Go AWAY, She’s Only famous cause of her dad, YADA YADA) u should not be wasting ur time to even look at the article. Ur just making her popular. And then the funny part is, it’s people like u and Miranda that ask themselves “WHY IS SHE STILL POPULAR” when it’s people like u who comment everything she does giving her more attention and popularity. And then u waste ur time whining cause u want her to go away. HA HA! U guys are hilarious. REALLY.

  • wow


    Actually you are quite hilarious. No where in my comment did I make any of the comments you wrote. Perhaps you Miley worshippers should practice what you preach and not go onto other sites about other girl stars that are not Miley and make untrue and unnecessary comments either.

    Do you light candles at your alter of worship?

  • Tiffany

    @wow: so what? also i never said everybody has to like miley, its okay if u dont but if u totally hate her than why bother wasting ur time commented, just so u can say something hateful?

  • m <– This website will premiere the video right after E! So favorite it or check it so you’re the first to see it online.

  • m has the premire of the new video right after E! News. so favorite the website and refresh it so you’re the first to see it online!

  • kym

    i gonna b honest, not the biggest miley fan
    but i cant wait to c this vid
    and pple shud relax cuz she HAS to be sexy in this vid and give the public some sort of sense that she is older and more mature
    or in the next two years she will b a has been
    just hope she draws a boundary and doesnt go too gaga
    love gaga but she is in her 20′s, miley is 17

  • Robyn
  • http://j chelsea

    insecure much?

  • linda

    she is so stupid and insecure needs a brain

  • itsmeagain

    @linda: but who really is the ‘stupid one’ here? The girl speaking in the video, or the lifeless chick who just wasted her time commenting on a MILEY post whom she supposedly hates? Ur pick.

  • amber

    ahh she’s soooooo fake.
    oh and i think she needs to go back to school. she gets dumber by the minute.

  • Ohrbootin

    I really don’t think she’s fake. I think she really believes in her work, which I think is great when you’re an artist.

  • Divine Goddess

    @Ohrbootin: I agree 100%. Shes actually really passionate about what she does. Thats one of the reasons she is so successful along with being very appreciative of her fans

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