Charice is Coca-Cola Cute

Charice is Coca-Cola Cute

Charice sings a little tune at the 103.5 KISS FM Coca Cola Lounge in Chicago on Tuesday evening (May 4).

The 17-year-old Filipina phenomenon is all set to debut her new self-titled album on Oprah NEXT WEEK, Tuesday, May 11 — the day after her 18th birthday. JJJ hears that Charice will spend it riding the roller coaster at New Jersey’s Great Adventure theme park.

Also pictured below: Charice performing and posing backstage with pal Nikki Yanofsky at The Canal Room earlier last month.

25+ pics inside of Charice

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Credit: C.M. Wiggins, Larry Busacca; Photos: WENN, Getty
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  • ilovedisneystars!

    HI CHARICE i’M SO PROUD OF YOU…galing ng pinay keep up the gud work…wag la2ki ang ulo…haha

  • haynakuubosnaorasko

    Great Pics! You go, Girl! Can’t wait for may 11!!!!

  • Nyc4life

    She’s a cute Asian girl. Charice can really sing. Props on your talent. PYRAMID is cool.

  • http://ma_lou milmogirl

    OM MY GOSH!!! CHARICE looks so lovely with her fuschia cap on! And that killer smile is so PRICELESS!!! Can’t wait to see her on Oprah… songs from the album are sure-fire hits! Luv it! I’ve pre-oredered and will buy more on release day.

  • Philip

    Cool style! Charice is so awesome ^_^

  • http://mabbuhay ciony

    your amazing charice i cant sleep anymore looking forward to have your album

  • rosalinda

    You look great but it could be nice to see other colors not always black. You are young and I hope you dress up like a young girl.

    18 ka na sana matuto ka ng magingat sa paligid mo gaya minsan iyung recent gig mo kasama si David Foster masyado makapal ang makeup mo. Wala bang nagcheck sa make up mo? Hindi ko talagang gustong tignan huwag kang maoffend pero mukha kang prosti sa ginawa nila sa iyo.

    I am just one of you fans and I am worried. Because every body is praising at walang pumupuna sa mga nakikitang mali.

    Magaganda iyung mga kanta mo. Sana makagawa si David Foster ng kantang madaling kantahin at mas mo parmariming bits iyung kaindak indak. Sana tutunan mong sumayaw habang kumakanta para mas lalong magustuhan ng mga tao alam ko kaya mo praktis lang. Ang isang napansin ko sa iyo tinatlikuran mo ang audience habang nalalakad. Iwasan mo ang ganoon kung di man gawin mo in such a way na di halata. Sana matutunan mo iyung techniques ng pagiging total performer how you connect to audience, how to get the audience perform with you. mabuhay ka charice. Sorry sa wrong spelling.

  • Vanessa

    Charice really got that charming personality which just makes you love her. And besides that, she’s got a killer voice!

  • Robin

    To the commentor @Rosalinda, don’t worry I think they got it. She’s just a grown up girl now, all of 18 and to me she’s dressing her age now – hindi naman yan prosti. And I admire her for dressing smart and chic sans the exposure of body parts. To me she looks so cute and beautiful here. Love it!

  • tj

    oh my she’s so loveeeely.

  • cardcrusher

    Go go Charice! She’s the best!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    charice does have a really nice voice. do you know that she is dating david archuleta!!!. most likely that david will be with her 18′s birthday at six great flag on may 10!!.

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    i am sure charice’s 18 brithday gift( theme park) is from david himself!!!!!!! FYI. david will be in new york late sunday night and all next week because also to have more meeting with his record label and new york isn’t far from new jersey. i am pretty sure you charice and david archuleta fans will hear gossips about it!.

  • cardcrusher

    Be aware that some Charice fans are posting multiple messages under different handle-names. I have proof that one fan group is encouraging Charice fans to commit sock puppetry.

  • cardcrusher

    There’s not much demand for another Jojo/Jordin Sparks clone.

  • eames

    Wow! Charice is so cute. Love the black & pink combination.

  • gertrude

    wow she’s amazing

  • cardcrusher

    I love you Charice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xara

    go charice!!!!

  • xara

    i love the song pyramid!

  • xara

    so proud of her.. :)

  • Philip

    A Charice article wouldn’t be complete without cardcrusher trying to bring Charice down once again.

    Dude seriously…get a life!

  • Ella

    she’s turning 18!! Wow!! For sure, she will going to have a big party most especially her 1st self-titled album will be coming out the day after her debut!

  • cutiepie0905

    go girl make filifinos proud to yoooooooooou!♥♥♥♥♥

  • betyboop

    @rosalinda do u dress or put ur make up purpekkk??? if so then u need to get a job as a beauty consultant (*_*) Charice u should do this and that !!! what a CRAB comment miss know it all. If you think that u can do better then aply that to ur self. MISS PEK*PICK leave her alone.dON’T give an advice when its not needed.She DANCE and LOOK FABULOUS so PALESHHHHHHH stop it.

  • michelle

    I love her so much. She is a beautiful singer.

  • cardcrusher

    What’s the matter? Can’t handle opinions that you don’t agree with?

  • Aida

    @rosalinda: PEACE. Tama ka talaga sa sinulat mo kung mabasa man lang kahit ng nanay or mga “tunay na nag mamahal kay charice. Mas makabubuti rin na may mag advice ng galing sa puso. Malaking tulong ito ” Kung” mababasa at sundin ang payong kapatid sa masa. Bless us all.

  • Styles


    Ah the hypocritical Cardcrusher who could only refute my arguments using ad hominems – lol. What your infant mind fails to understand is that for the most part nobody really cares what you have to say especially since your opinions are solely based on a subjective reality that you yourself only see. You live in world of “crab limbo” – lol. You really need to seek help for those insecurities and stop trying to pacify yourself by thinking you are a good writer. Btw regards to your pal Freddie – lol

  • cardcrusher

    @Styles: Well you cared enough to comment. In case you have forgotten, you came to my blog offering nothing but ad hominems. I’m just returned the favor.

  • rich

    You’re the best Charice! Negative comments only makes you stronger. BTW I extremely love all your shoes! lol

  • andre.segovia

    @rosalinda: Charice looks great by me, really. rosalinda you should learn to be more polite when you post, don’t use words like prosti, its very offensive. The way you write, i can guess the way you think: Really Shallow

  • lee

    Rosalinda, you need to mind your own business. Wake up it’s 2010 &
    let the girl act like her age. I’m 60 years old and I don’t see anything
    wrong with charice make up, acting and clothes style. If you compare
    her with other performers she dresses decent. If you don’t like the
    way she is, don’t watch her, I am sure you won’t be miss. Shame on

  • rustt

    @cardcrusher: Charice has a plethora of fans – she does not need sock puppetry.

  • rustt

    @betyboop: nn Come on. She meant well. Your words are nasty – can’t you disagree without lowering yourself?

  • cardcrusher

    Charice needs more than sock puppetry (check my blog for proof of her fans using sock puppets to promote her). Charice’s album and single flopped.

  • Rosa

    @betyboop: I don’t think you should get offended – the commenter meant well. It’s just like a mother’s advice to her daughter?

  • Rosa

    @cardcrusher: A fan might have used it, but she does not need it. Her Pyramid is no. 4 among the most watched worldwide, and many more achievements too numerous to mention.

  • myinkheart4

    @Robin: Agree with you and most of rosalinda’s comments. @betyboop, let’s not call crab right away anyone who gives constructive criticism – it may hurt at first but rosalinda has a point and i could easily sense her sincere concern and admiration for charice.

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