JONAS L.A. Premieres Sunday, June 20th!

JONAS L.A. Premieres Sunday, June 20th!

Are you ready to see the Jonas Brothers run around Los Angeles?

It was just announced that the second season, now titled JONAS L.A., will premiere on Sunday, June 20th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The second season of fun delves into individual storylines as Kevin, Joe and Nick — and their security chief, Big Man — are fresh off their world concert tour and ready for a summer vacation in a rental house high atop the Hollywood Hills. As they begin their left coast adventure, two familiar faces, Stella and Macy (Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson), join them and wind up sharing a nearby guesthouse with Stella’s aunt Lisa (Beth Crosby). Now, the five friends take off on a summer of fun, especially after they meet their gregarious neighbor, DZ (Adam Hicks).

Despite months of anticipation, Joe and Stella encounter detours on the road to “Joella,” mainly since he’s met free-spirited actress Vanessa Page (Abby Pivaronas), who’s helping him pursue his acting ambition. After auditioning in a room filled with “Joes,” he lands a role in Vanessa’s new movie, and their mercurial working relationship quickly spurs rumors of “Jonessa.”

While on the movie set, Kevin gets his long sought chance to learn film directing, and manages to steer around the abrasive manner of his mentor, famed director Mona Klein (Debi Mazar). Meanwhile, Nick writes new songs for the band and is pleasantly surprised by his growing friendship with Macy, which makes him want to prove he’s more than just a world famous rock star.

ARE YOU READY for the new season?

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • ashley

    oh. my. goodness.

  • Liah

    Can’t wait until the second season! Mostly because I want to see the developing relationship between Nick and Macy! <3

  • Liah

    Can’t wait until the second season! Mostly because I want to see the developing relationship between Nick and Macy!

  • aya

    I can’t wait!! Especially after seeing that Joe and Stella kiss yesterday!!!

  • Wes

    I wish i could pull off the muscle shirt look like Nick and Joe. Think I need to start hitting the gym lol

  • cassie

    omg, nick looks soo hot! look that muscles! perfect.

    He has been working it out! Good Job!

  • jessica

    My Birthday! :)

  • jessica

    lol what a dumb name for a show.

  • What?

    The Jonas Brothers are talented but this show is a waste of film and money, I think it sucks!

  • chris

    Can’t wait to see what they do with Nick and Kevin. I just don’t like Joella.

  • JMp3000

    It looks so Hot! Nick looks like he has grown up a lot, he looks amazing. I am counting the days.

  • jessica

    and one more thing i absolutely hate joes hair in this new season. he looks terrible. i liked his curls better.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    WOW! Its sooo close! I cant wait to see this whole season… its gonna be awesome! Totally different from the first one…

  • Bethany


    Me too Chris. I fear it will still be mostly Joe stories and Nicks secondary. I’m sad that Kevin will be very underused again. He can handle more meaty roles then this

  • kate

    OMG ! im sooooo stoked !! it’s gonna be grrreat!! :D :D <3

  • Rachel

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR JONAS L.A.!!! The second season looks alot beter than the frist one! I love Joella, I am looking forward to seeing the Nacy relationship develop, and I have missed Kevin’s randomness!

  • Aquafeeling


  • katrinalovesjoella

    cant wait.. .want to see joella moments..

  • Ella

    The pic looks very summery!! And I’m excited about Nick & Macy’s grown up friendship!!! And of course, Joe got a new look that’s why I’m also excited to watch him with that look!!

  • Liz_b

    Nick you are PERFECT!!! I cannot wait for this season.

  • http://Jonas Yolly


  • http://Jonas Yolly

    This season is fabulous&more fun than season2

  • mina321

    of all the disney shows that ive ever seen i have to say this show kept me hooked on till the end of the last episode of the first season. I obviously now cannot wait for the second one. there are alot of things i liked and will like about this show:
    1. its not a typical disney show about spies, and girls trying to look all pretty and pinky and googling over guys and vice versa, with a silly laugh track – its more realistic (the characters being like their real life selves) and is different.
    2. for the first season i like the random episodes like its not following a storyline but then im also like one of those people who like to follow a storyline..and thats why i will like the second season.
    3. ive always adored joe/stella relationship- i dont mind them taking long thts wht keeps it more interesting but im also very excited for the nick and macy plot… should be interesting.
    4. songs will always keep me jamming. :)
    5. i was fond of the show ‘life with derek’ and reading about the second season kinda reminded me of it :/ dunno why but i hope it has a similar format or like any of the old disney shows.
    6.the fashion of jonas is ALOT better than any other show on disney.
    7. kevin has to be the most hilarious character after zack and cody, i love nick’s serious side wonder how itll turn out this season and joe’s goofiness.
    overall i think i am excited for this season and cant wait for its premiere. wishing them all the best and for their futures.

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    “JONAS L.A” June 20th! I’m gonna watch it! I love the Jonas Brothers 4 EVER! Can’t wait until “JONAS L.A” I hope Joe and Stella will go out on the show, “JONAS L.A”, every episode! I also hope Nick will go out with Macy or a girl name, Christina EVERY EPISODE! I LOVE “JONAS”! “JONAS L.A.” BETTER B GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE “L.A. Baby” the Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    “JONAS L.A>”! I love the song, “L.A. Baby” It’s so cool, awesome, and I love the song! I hope Joe N’ Stella will go out EVERY EPISODE!!!!!! Um, A little jealousy in the sohw, to make it juicey! LOL! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS! Stella is pretty, wish I could be her! Or Macy, she is pretty 2! I LOVE NICK JONAS 4 EVER, HE IS SO SEXY, SO IS JOE JONAS!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    “JONAS L.A.” Is A good title show, hope it’s on 4 ever! I love “JONAS” 2! Hope “JONAS L.A” is so “Much Better” than “JONAS”, the first show! Hope “JONAS L.A.” will come on Saturdays or Sundays @ 8:30 PM on “Disney Channel”! I LOVE “JONAS” N’ “JONAS L.A.”!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NICK JONAS N’ JOE JONAS 4 EVER!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    Can’t wait 2 C “JOELLA” times in “JONAS L.A.” episodes! I love The Jonas Brothers, they’re so HOT N’ totally cool on their show! Hope “JONAS L.A.” will be the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!Hope “JONAS L.A.” will come on @ 8:30 Pm on SUNDAYS! ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!
    Not STUPID “Godd Luck, Charlie”! I hate that show! I LOVE “JONAS” N’ “JONAS L.A.”! JOELLA!!!!!!!! Hope Joe N’ Stella will go out on hot dates!

  • Mz Joe jonas

    i watchen episode number 1 from jonas la its soooooo cute cuz nick and macy hug

  • http://limike lisa

    i don’t want macy to date nick because i prefer her as a fan. why did they have to ruin plus i prefer that only stella and joe were together