Kristen Stewart: I'm Not Miserable

Kristen Stewart: I'm Not Miserable

Kristen Stewart takes the June 2010 cover of Elle magazine with confidence and style.

The 20-year-old Into The Wild actress opened up to the mag about weird fan encounters, being ‘miserable,’ and keeping her relationships to herself. Check it:

On her loss of privacy: “Somebody knocked on my hotel room door and asked for a light, then said that they were a big fan. I was like, ‘Do you really need me to light your cigarette? How do you know what room I’m in?’ I can’t be by myself and I like being by myself.”

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

On Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: “I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, ‘Just say who you’re dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.’ It’s like, No they won’t! They’ll ask for specifics.”

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Credit: Carter Smith; Photos: Elle Magazine
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  • jessica

    even though i dont think she ever looks that pretty to me but on that cover she looks absolutely gorgeous. and i agree with everything she said in this interview. and the relationships i so agree with her. i mean even if they do admit there dating the people will still want more.

  • sandra

    found elle photoshoot pics here
    looks sooo greattt!!!

  • cami

    Loved the interview and pictures! She’s great <3

  • sdfsdfff

    Although Im not much a fan of Kstew, what she speaks is truth.

  • Dee

    So glad Kristen is on the cover of Elle. I am a huge fan of hers and think she is gorgeous. I think she is looking stunning in the photos and her interview was great. Can’t wait to see her on Oprah next week.

  • Mika

    Pretty girl. :)

    I tried out a pair of shorts like that today and they definitely didn’t work on me. But she’s pulling it of! Long story short, she’s got natural beauty. She can pull off almost anything.

  • kym

    she looks pretty on the cover
    and good for her to keep her relationshipd secret

  • Masina

    ITAWU! Love her….!

  • cherry Jess

    She looks so sexy! And yeah like the most of the girls I’m agree with what
    Kristen said.. Me too! I can’t wait to see Oprah

  • Allie

    She speaks truth for sure. Those photographers are insane, yelling at you and if you aren’t comfortable with it…duh you are going to fight crying.

    I love her and all she stands for. She’s a human being, a normal girl. And I want her to stay that way.

  • Dany

    Awesome! I love her, is so smart and beautifull (L)

  • Hayley

    I agree with everyone’s comments here. The young posters here are more insightful than the ones on the regular Just Jared. A lot of people are not comfortable in the public eye. Kristen admits it and is trying to deal with it. I think that is very good. She is not whining she is telling the truth and admitting to being human.

  • jay

    She is so unattractive.

  • krysta

    she’s so beautiful in this cover!!!!
    i hope i can buy this magazine here in the philippines!!
    i am a huge fan of kstew!! stay safe kristen!!

  • harley

    She looks great in the entire photoshoot overall – it was well done.

    It’s kind of refreshing to have someone that isn’t obsessed by the Hollywood lifestyle and tells it how it really is. The thing about the hotel room was awful – I can’t imagine having my privacy invaded like that. Give the girl a break.

  • sandra

    photoshoot pics in hd here: SOOO SEXYY

  • Liz_b

    She IS miserable… I don’t get her. If you don’t like the fame… get out of the business…

  • kim

    Kristen looks stunning.

    She is not only beautiful but also smart as well. Her view on the relationship is very mature and well-thought. She also shows us that she has a weakness when dealing with the sudden fame and attention. I love her honesty. Kristen, it is ok to be nervous, you get better next time.

    Don’t pay attention to all the negatives and obnoxious comments. They do that to everyone else. What your family and your friends know about are important.

    Keep up the good work and we love you.

  • ris

    I love her answers, she is do smart and beautiful.

    I have a lot respect for her.

  • aaalex

    she is so efffing gorgeousss!

  • cyn

    She is beautiful

  • Tanja

    I must admit i didn`t like her at first, BUT now i just adore her. She`s so natural and naturally beautiful! If she`s ( i hope it`s true) with Rob i hope them nothing but best!! I love them! ( i`m not a “grazy” young fan, i`m way older than they`re)

  • lyten_3/5

    Yes , she’s not miserable .She is a strong girl .Remember Kristen not smoking to much , it’s not good for you . LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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