Ryan Newman & Bella Thorne: Lollipop Ladies

Ryan Newman & Bella Thorne: Lollipop Ladies

Ryan Newman cozies up to BFF Bella Thorne as they arrive at Lollipop Theater Network’s 2nd Annual “Game Day” at the Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (May 2).

The 12-year-old actress caught up with JJJ on the purple carpet and dished all about her birthday at Disneyland with her best friends. Ryan told us she loved Space Mountain!

Who all was at Disneyland with Ryan? Bella, Madeline Carroll, Stefanie Scott, Bradley Steven Perry, Ryan Ochoa, Sammi Hanratty, big sis Jessica and many others. What a birthday celebration!

15+ pics inside of Ryan, Bella, and Ryan Ochoa

Ryan Newman: My Day at Disneyland

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Jessica

    Ryan Ochoa is such a awesome GUY.. One of the only stars that reply to his fans.. You go RYAN

  • xonnel

    Ryan Newman is a pretty girl, she should blossom into an attractive young lady.

  • sandra

    OMG such a cutieee, hey i found close ups of ryan and rachel : http://eyeprime.blogspot.com/ rachel so haawwwttt

  • steve

    it’s chuck!

  • mike

    im in love with bella for realz.

  • jack74744

    bella is soooo pretty WOW i wish i was her boyfriend if she has one MAN that kid is LUCKYY lolololololololo

  • itsbritneybtch

    so i think bell’s bro is super hot, her sister looks pretty like her and i love their hair colour. ryan the girl has pretty eyes and the ryan boy seems cool. he is funny. they are all disney kids?!?!?!??! so yeah they had a party for ryan at disneyland.

  • jack74744

    wowbella is sooo hot i wish i was he boyfriend if she has a boyfriend then he is LUCKYYYY lololololololololololol

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  • cassy

    who would name a girl ryan? anyway.. bella’s hair is awesome.

  • jessica

    @cassy: Ryan is gorgeous!!!!! I love evrything about her !!!!!

  • Jay

    omg! I can’t stop looking at ryan newman. She is smoking hot – very sexy. Wish i could date her

  • Hollister14

    Ryan is cute but Bella…omg

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