Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Behind-the-Scenes

Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Behind-the-Scenes

Miley Cyrus shows off her sweet smile as she takes fans inside the wardrobe trailer on the set of her new music video, “Can’t Be Tamed,” for MySpace’s The Fit.

The 17-year-old breakout shared about her own personal style, “I like feathers…I guess it’s more like rocker but never losing that classic chic-ness. Rocker-boho.”

Check out the full episode below and in case you haven’t already, watch Miley‘s “Can’t Be Tamed” music video!

Miley Cyrus — Behind-the-Scenes of “Can’t Be Tamed”
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Posted to: Miley Cyrus

    She looked so diffrent!!!rst
    Feathers, now this???


  • caitlin

    loose the chewy you look like a cow!

  • anastasia

    ummmm i hope she realizes she’s ONLY 171!!!!! Not like 25!!! what has happened to this girls!!

  • anh

    love love Miley!! so cute!! keep going Miley..we love love u

  • alice

    I love her

  • tessa

    miley looks so beautiful

  • Ally

    Love Miley so much. The video was off the hook! She looked absolutely amazing in it! Get it, girl!

  • Tiffany

    She looks so hot in this video! Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • candy

    loved it. And honestly there was nothing really sexual about her look in this video. I thought it was really artsy and chic and rocker. I think ppl read too much into her life and style and forget that shes an entertainer. Theres nothing wrong with her i still think shes a great girl/woman.

  • lisa

    miley is awesome, rock on

  • In The End

    If not careful, Miley is going to get type cast as an edgy, troublemaker, and loose. Think of it this way, if Perez Hilton likes this video, which he does, Miley needs to check herself. Also, I hope her moving out at 18 is for the RIGHT reasons. Otherwise, Tish and Billy should file for a conservatorship until Miley is 20. Bet the Spears and Lohans wish they had done that when Brittney and Lindsey were 17.

  • ashytisdalefan

    I love miley cyrus :D

  • Katie

    @candy i completely agree with you. i love the video and think she looks amazing in it. its sexy, but not sexual. there is a difference that people can’t seem to comprehend. i love her new look and think it suits her well.

  • Jasmin

    she looks beat up a little bit or tired in the face.
    The video was creative but she looked mean through out the whole video. THE DANCES MOVES SUCK! That’s probably the only bad thing about the music video.
    Anyways it was cool.

  • Paulina

    she’s growing up! and damnnn she’s looking hot! miley do your thing girl <3 haha

  • linda

    she cant really move in the video or dance but the concept is pretty good except were her boobs stick out alot

  • sandra

    HOLY DAMN! found music video stills/promo in HIGH QUALITY: OMG HOTTEST VID EVERR

  • it’s about time

    @In The End:

    you are right.

  • Lizzie

    she still looks like a kid… ha ha ha baby faced tweeny bopper. Didn’t she say she hates pop music and would never listen to it one million times before? Woah.. tweeny boppers would do anything for a little bit of more cash. Lol. She is attracted predominantly men now.. teenage boys and pedophiles, also some middle aged men, mainly from the suburbs. Well done Miley! You can’t be tamed when it comes to money and fame, honey! Must be a drag being a slave, Miles! Hows it wearing nearly nothing all year! must be lovely. I’m jealous!

  • Lizzie

    Correction: She has attracted predominantly a male following….

  • emma

    I love her video

>>>>>>> staging1