Selena Gomez Outsells Adam Lambert

Selena Gomez Outsells Adam Lambert

…so far, anyway.

In a new article from, Selena Gomez and Adam Lambert pre-sale ticket sales for the upcoming MusikFest 2010 are compared.

After the two-day early sales to people who own paid memberships to ArtsQuest, the organization that holds the 10-day downtown festival each August, American Idol alum Adam has sold less than half the tickets to his Aug. 13 show than Selena.

Selena actually sold out all of her VIP sections at the RiverPlace main stage, while there are 653 VIP seats still up for grabs at Adam‘s.

Public sale for Adam‘s concert go up on Friday, May 7th.

Who would you rather see in concert?
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Credit: Angela Weiss, Mark C. Austin; Photos: Startraksphoto, Getty
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  • athena

    Two different type of artist…there’s no competition…may each one do an amazing job for their fans.

  • D

    This girl needs to GO. She can NOT sing, and she REALLY should stick to acting! Outselling Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, soon maybe even the Jonas Brothers with their last album.. Wow. I’m only a fan of Demi, but I liked Selena before she started getting all into singing.. and changing, too.. But the main thing is, her outselling people like Adam and Demi is just really sad.

  • Jason

    Damn Selena. Impressive.

  • Gabby

    There is no need to compare two such great artists. Seriously.

  • Patty

    @Gabby: Yeah true. I like both Selena and Adam. But this is just for fun.

    And I’ve been wanting to get tickets for Selena’s show too, but she not coming to my city ):

  • Sony


  • S

    They’re two different types of artist. Selena has lots of teenage and kid fans who have to go with an adult to the concerts so of course that doubles the sales.

    that blogger at themorningcall has never liked Adam so he did a random comparison to try and make this negative on Adam. But even he had to put that in the end both concerts are actually selling well.

  • Jasmin

    That shows how much poplar she is right now.

    Their not trying to compare both artists. Their both are going to perform there on different date. Their just saying that Selena’s tickets sold more than Adam’s. That’s all.

  • KC

    I need to move to wherever this is. I can’t get tickets to Adam’s show in NYC because they’re sold out. :(

  • DEB

    how strange to even compare the two…lame article.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Well, what is the demographic of the ArtsQuest Membership? Without that information, this entire article is useless.

    If it is mostly conservative parents taking their kid to see a Disney Star, well then. Once tickets go on sale to general public, I have no doubt Lambert will sell out quickly as he has everywhere else.

  • Gemma

    Adam definitely gets my vote, he is a phenomenal performer, I don’t even know who Selena is!

  • caroline

    @D: I don’t hear Selena being consistently off-key. And I heard her acapella. She can sing. I don’t get why this is such a hard concept to grasp. Someone can either sing, or can’t.

  • Haupia

    Who’s Selena?


    She has style, a personality, real humanity, and can sing. SO original, and so feminine, I as an ADULT fan of Selena Gomez, and a law student, think she is great, Adam Lambert you could see at any cheap bar or club, especially the type I don’t go to!

  • jessica

    I don’t like either of them but I just despise Adam Lambert so much. I would rather see Gomez if I had to.

  • sandra

    OMG found ubercute selena pics here:

  • CArrie

    Most of the dates for Adam’s summer tour were announced this week so I daresay his fans have other more local shows to choose from and spend their money on than an overpriced venue.

  • CHEZ

    I have my eyes n money on Adam cos he’s exciting n crazy talented!!

  • tnaftal

    The blogger who wrote the Lehigh Valley article didn’t play very fair. The venue he is describing is actually a week long music festival. It’s very family oriented. To purchase txs now you have to have an expensive membership which many older ppl hold & purchased Selena txs for their grandkids. As a member of Adams fan site I just bought my VIP ticket yesterday at the pre-sale & it was the last txs for the VIP sections. There were very few txs left for the other areas except the lawn. Besides how do u compare the two artists? One has been on tv for years w/ a Disney backed music career and a very young demographic and the others been on the scene less than a year w/ a young adult/adult demographic. Both will give us a good show.

  • Pho

    This is more a measure of their general fanbases than anything else. Selena’s fans are mostly underage and need an adult accompanying them, thereby instantly doubling the sales.

    @MarcAupiais – I’m so glad such outstanding talents as Adam Lambert perform at the cheap bars or clubs you clearly must attend in order to know this. If you were a law student, you would be more sensible than to make such a ridiculously ill-thought out comment. If you are a law student, try another profession. Something that involves having to put forward a coherent and credible argument is not for you. Honey, I doubt you’re even an adult.

    @jessica – Did Adam Lambert murder your grandmother? Did he break into your house or mug you? You despise someone you don’t even know? Please do get a life.

  • Mich

    Maybe Adam simply isn’t as popular as some people like to pretend he is.

  • GossipGril

    um Jared, ur comparing someone who actually has a great voice (ADAM) to some one who mumbles her words out 24/7? Any one in there right mind can see that Adam is a WAY BETTER SINGER and performer than Miss Gomez. I rather pay to see someone who can ACTUALLY PERFORM rather than watching two hours of Selena jumping up and down like a jack hammer for two hours. Sorry, but it’s true. Selena lacks a ton of stage presence which Adam has.

  • Maggie

    Who is Selena Gomez?????????????

  • GossipGirl

    @D: I believe the only reason why she sells more than they do is because of the popularity of her Disney series. If the music industry focused on VOICING instead of POPULARITY , Selena would be NO WHERE betting their sells. JUST SAYING

  • Marie adams

    This article is reporting on one concert. It fails to mention that of the 25 or more venues booked on Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour all of them have sold out within minutes of the tickets going on sale. The presale for the Musicfest is a whole different demographic than the general public. A hefty membership fee was required before you could participate in the presale. Most Adam Lambert fans would prefer to see Adam do his Glam Nation Tour show rather just as a part of a Music Festival. There are over 10 different GNT (Glam Nation Tour) shows within a two month period to choose from in that general area.

  • Sam

    The public presale for Adam lambert’s concert hasn’t even started yet so how can you compare the ticket sales??? What has been sold are just membership Tickets for a membership to some Club no one wants. The regular presale starts these days. So far almost all of His concerts are Sold out

  • anonymous

    good to hear about Selena…hope the updates keep coming!

  • music fan

    Selena Gomez only outsold adam because of stupid little 10 year old girls, selena can’t sing and we all know that.

  • alli

    So the “survey” was done on ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID MEMBERSHIPS in ARTQUEST? Can’t you people READ?

  • Line


    I wish I could go to a concert of her!

  • Faith

    Adam has sold out both concerts at the Nokia in NY, both within 45 minutes. IMO there’s no comparison. Probably the tween’s parents won’t buy them tickets to see Adam.
    BTW, who IS Selena Gomez. Sorry, never heard of her.

  • tiffany

    Selena!!!!Definitely!!!!!!She is the BEST!!!!!!

  • who?

    Who is selena gomez?

  • cam


    It could be that Selena sells more tickets because she is beautiful and a great role model & she does sing well. I hate Adam’s voice & I cringe when he comes on the radio. I’m sure most of these negative comments are because she is not Miley. I think it is stupid for people to keep fighting a war that neither of them are interested in fighting – they both want to concentrate on their careers. All this comparison is fruitless since everyone has their own style.

  • amy


    As one adult to another, I totally agree.

  • Cassidy

    This is a laugh. Adam Lambert has sold out of every concert they announce in just a few minutes and you pick the one concert that just went on sale to MEMBERS ONLY OF ART QUEST yesterday to compare the two? . This makes you look like an idiot. Salina is cute and I like her little song she has out right now but to try to compare them is just stupid.

  • media bias

    WAIT. I just tried to buy tickets and every VIP section is sold out except two. And those two only have 6 random single seat tickets left. So your point is quite questionable. Where are these alleged 653 seats? Always check what bloggers say.

  • lisa

    I was trying to get Adam’s ticket a moment ago. Guess what? No ticket available in VIP section except for a few isolated single seat. I don’t understand the purpose of this article. It’s just pre-sale. Adam’s tickets were sold out everywhere in minutes. Additional show has to be added in order to accomendate more people.
    Can’t complain about the poor journalism. You need to get cheap hit to survive.

  • Mark

    Why did you decide to go with this Morning call garbage written by a jerk that hates Adam Lambert, do you hate Adam also Just Jared? Who the hell is Selena Gomaz.

  • jo

    Big Plucking deal. That’s cause theres a surplus of teenage estrogen running around this Planet. I meant, look at that Beiber kid. –I mean, srsly? He cant sing to save is life, it’s all about ‘the crush’. Gomez, I assume, would be such a role model for girls thats age, AND, she probably has a great deal of teenage testosterone backing her as well. She doesn’t have one speck of the talent Adam does though. LOL, really, who cares? Hahahahaha. We’ll see which one comes out on top in the end. —Adam of course, Cause he likes the top :P.

  • Carla Anne

    Just Jared Jr, needs some traffic so they use Adam Lambert, Selena sure wouldn’t have brought it by herself. What a puke of a story.

  • marie

    This is so stupid. Anyone who knows about fans of Selena knows that they are kids and needs to go with their parents that would cause the sales to double. If you have more than one kid can’t just take one and not the other. Like # 7 said. Selena Gomez is not even that talented. She’s popular because of her Disney show. I’m not a fan of hers but if my kids wanted to to see her I would pay to see her for my kids. Adam Lambert has the best voice in the business and he can entertain. Get a real job!

  • WOW

    I think the only reason she sold more tickets, is because hers are probably cheaper then Adams. I have a child and of the two she would rather much see Adam then Selena. Adam can sing, to compare him to someone then Selena, well that’s just stupid. She is the latest product of disney that are made to think they can sing. I think out of all the those disney kids the only one with true SINGING is Demi Lavato, but I wouldn’t pay money to go see either.

  • Nina

    It’s a ridiculous comparison. The presales are for people who hold subscriptions…older folks buying tickets for their grandkids. Adam will sell the place out as soon as the tickets go on sale to the general public. It’s not even a story, just a “reporter” who obviously has some issues.

  • Helen s

    Well, I guess you have to put Adam’s name against Selena to promote her!!! Her personality is soooooo flat (she might be pretty ) and she doesn’t even have the vocal chops to equal some of our lame singers.
    She could be selling more tix than Adam based on your write-up (remember this is Disney) but wait till the tickets go on sale publicly. Besides this is the only concert I’ve heard so far that Selena has while ADAM LAMBERT has tons lined up for Summer and it’s all being sold out. No comparison at ALL. If you have to boost Selena’s career please do so positively and don’t drag another artist’s name ’cause it’s just a dirty ploy. If you compare the two based on their qualifications as a singer/performer Selena can’t even come close to him. As Adam twitted to someone ” Only in your dreams can you have the opportunity to compare”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pups

    good to hear news about her since she is in budapest filming her new movie we don’t hear anything her ( or get any pics ) !

  • pauli

    @GossipGirl jelous, much? sorry you idiot, but you a miley fan dare to say this??? hahaha funny very funny….. plz get out of here and dont continue to embarrasing yourself…. selena actually has talented and yes, she CAN SING… she doesnt hve a annoying and disgusting man voice like your idol…… SELENA IS THE BEST!!!

  • scat

    OK let’s get some facts straight here. In order to purchase these pre-sales tickets you need to be a member of ArtsQuest which is a lot of $$$ so a lot of Adam fans did not have a membership and could not afford to pay for a membership just to take a chance on possibly getting presale tix. All Adam’s other presale events have sold out in minutes. So this “sale war” really means nothing.

  • Alicia

    I like both, and they are very different so there is no way to compare them.
    but I’m happy that she has sold many tickets… I love her and she’s the best!!!
    [but again there's no way to compare them, they are totally different not only musically but also in terms of audience]