Demi Lovato: Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek!

Demi Lovato: Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek!

Demi Lovato holds a needle to her chest in this new sneak peek from her appearance on Grey’s Anatomy!

In the upcoming episode “Shiny Happy People,” an elderly patient admitted into the E.R. for a heart condition sees a familiar face, a long lost love who happens to be in the E.R. as well for a fractured arm, and the staff find themselves caught up in their love story. Meanwhile, Karev treats a troubled teenage patient (Lovato) whose parents brought her in for schizophrenia, and Meredith cant help but tell Cristina about her suspicions of Owen — which inevitably messes with Cristina’s head.

“Shiny Happy People” airs Thursday, May 13 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

Demi Lovato – Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek
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  • GossipGirl

    I can’t wait any long for this episdoe :)

  • joanne

    girl IS crazy

  • tia

    she’s amazing!!!!! very good job!!! love her!!!
    she’s a very good actress!!!!
    Go demi!!
    you’re the best !!!

  • kathi

    WOW!!Very good acting!!Demi is great ;)

  • xoxo.s

    ARE YOU SERIOUS! come one, I like Demi but her acting is wayyyyy to fake, and besides it looks like she’s making fun if it, come on….not very natural at all.
    She should stick to comedy’s and disney stuff.
    You all know it’s true, just dont want to admit it =)

  • 2bedatcool

    she scared me aa little bit

  • xonnel

    Although I love Demi, I have to say I’m not convinced with this performance.
    Her acting comes off as too forced.
    Maybe the writers are partly to blame, as her representstion of a schizophrenic is overly dramatic with the repeated line “I’m not crazy!”
    Overall, I’m dissapointed but, I still love Demi.

  • kym

    i don know what to say
    i hav mixed feelings about this one
    her acting is okay… but just okay
    you know acting is good wen u are almost actually convinced that the actor is really like that is this was kinda bland. not only her but even the parents acting was horrible
    i just dont know
    hope the whole episode is not like this cuz i plan on watching
    i luv greys anatomy

  • please

    You got to be kidding me..she was great, I kept looking into her eyes and she was totally convicing, and I’m no kid, that just loves demi… I really respect her in this she was INCREDIBLE…

  • Fernanda

    good.. But kind of fake.. But i still love her

  • lulu

    what, r u people crazy?! that was one of the worst pieces of acting i’ve ever seen in my life! i could do better! that was diabolical! it’s just ruined the greys episode, which i love- should’ve got some1 better! x x x

  • hilary

    Its not forced, its excellent!!! Im glad that she is trying new stuff, looking foward for May 13!!!

  • vetaj

    I’m not gonna she is a good actress, because I am going to wait to see the full episode. You can judge by a sneak peak all the time. So I’m gonna wait til someone post it on youtube. I cant miss my Supernatural.

    I would say Demi is a decent actress. She is not the best, but not the worst! So I’ll wait to see all of it before I judge.

  • lol

    maybe she had an in getting the part because Disney owns ABC so Greys is part of Disney. I’ll wait to see the show – maybe it is better than the sneak peek.

  • 123

    It was like she was trying to be funny instead of serious. :D

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    wow! demi is going to be amazing in this episode! she’s such a good actress! i love her! <333333

  • jessica

    obviously some of you selena fans are getting on my nerves. she did great in this episode. and wtf? how can you judge it by a sneak peak. i mean really. cmon on.

  • The Lass

    Ha, dont take those losers seriously. I mean you just said it. SELENA GOMEZ fans. If there was an justice in the world, she wouldnt even HAVE a record deal. Heck she wouldnt be FAMOUS to start with. I think she did great. Some of you are speaking like you major in acting. Take that stick out of your ass, and stop the hate. Hard to grasp? Yup thought so. Bunch of morons.

  • sdfsdfff


  • SJS

    I wonder how many of the commenters here have ever even met a schizophrenic person. So… what exactly are you basing your judgement of her performance on?

  • lorettagallo

    Wow Bravo Demi u sure CAN act! i love u girl keep it up!U rock!!!:)

  • Fx

    i actually loved this :) demi is such an amazing actress! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. she really deserved this :) love her!

  • love_demii

    WOW ! I love the way demi’s acting she’s amazing !! she’s just the best love her <333

  • itsmeagain

    seriously, u guys are judging when u haven’t even seen the full episode? Gosh, some of u are just too flipping JUDGE MENTAL

  • Bella

    Personally, I think demi lovato is a “good” actress, but not GREAT! like selena gomez!

    I also think demi should just stick to singing, that is what she is AMAZING at! :)

    and selena should stick to JUST acting that is what she is AMAZING at!! :) anyways! I love them both! <3

  • Robyn

    YAYYYYY :) Shes gonna be so awesome :)

    Look at the picture i drew of her ?
    Feel free to leave comments ;D

  • Lei

    Lolz my aunt is schizophrenic actually. ;p And she acts nothing like that o:

    But, that aside, I’m sure not every schizophrenic person acts the same way. I think Demi’s performance in this clip is believable. I mean not the best, but not so bad either.

  • linda

    @The Lass: shut up your a demi fan stupid and you got to admit demi cant act or be funny plus she is ugly not a very nice person unlike selena and im not even a selena fan but at least she tries unlike demi who just screams and sounds kinda like a man!and selena can sing acapella!

  • Sofifreydel

    So proud of my girl Demi, love her so much, just wow can’t wait for the whole episode, she’s beyond amazing

  • Sasy

    wow that was really good demi!! and i’m not a crazy fan person, i just liked what i saw here and some of her song are good.
    can’t wait to see this episode in germany.

  • anonymous

    Shame that the first glimpse lingers on her butt chin and that is all you can see of her!! Dont have sound on this computer so cannot comment on her performance but if was funny without sound.

  • anonymous

    This is performance was not believable by any means.
    she couldn’t make herself cry if that was what she was trying to do. It seemed fake and forced.

  • Andrea

    WOW Demi’s so Talented and gorgeous love her
    so proud to call myself a big Demi fan

  • lalala

    oh my gosh demis dad in the episode is Walter from Drake and Josh ! :D I didnt recognize him at first !

  • tom

    good job demi !!!!

  • katie

    i can’t wait for this!!!!
    demi is amazing!!

  • marimadness

    im not a demi fan nor am i much a selena fan. And i cant see the clip. But based an her past performances i say she probably couldnt act. And why do we bring up selena or selena fans?! This is about demi. You demi or watever fans must feel like you need to bring selena down but guess wat? She dont care and neither do her fans. And if demi dont act good demi dont act good. Deal with it. But i say demi cant act. Stop bringing selena up. Buh bye

  • marimadness

    okay. Im not a demi fan nor am i much of a demi fan but im on neither side. But why do u bring selena or her fans up if the articles about demi? R u guys that intimidated of her fans that you must bring her up? Just cuz somebody says demi sucks doesnt mean they like selena. If demi sucks then demi sucks deal with it. Dont drag any one else into it or bring em down cuz they wont care. Btw. Demi isnt much a good actress. But hey thats onopiboin based on talent not fan circle. Duh.

  • Izzie

    really looking forward to this episode!!!! and for those of you being all “..she can’t act BLAH BLAH BLAH…” try portraying a schizophrenic yourself, I’M SURE you will do better, bunch of haters!

  • Amy

    I think almost everyone on here makes valid comments. Yes it’s not the best acting but it’s certainly not the worst. Demi is so used to doing comedy and fun movies that as her first really serious role it’s pretty believable. i’m gonna wait until the actual episode airs before passing judgement though. and really people you cannot blame demi for the script that has been written and what she had been told to say

  • Diana

    OMD, demi did a really good job, she´s so talented and gorgeous
    LOVE HER, can´t wait for the whole ep.

  • aLEX

    Wtf?? That was horrible! Her acting on Princess Protection Program was better than that!

  • sam

    After watching that, I can see why Selena is the actress and Demi is the singer.

  • Joe L.

    Eh, I thought it would’ve been better.

  • Jacqueline


  • ashley

    Absoultley awesome, she’s a brilliant actress. Can’t wait for the episode.

  • ayaya

    Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by this. She did an amazing job.




  • http://Blahblahtxtme17 peacechick123

    Are u serious ppl!?!?!?! That was amazingly amazing!!!!!! She killed it especially if ur used to her doing comedy everyday, for a drama that was awesome! Her facial expresstions ( sorry idk if I spelled tht right lol) were amazing, the way her eyebrows were locked together the the whole time, the way she grab that needle, and the way she said her words she definately sounded paranoid and confused just like a teenaged schizophrenic. That looked totally real and if u ppl can’t see that then u don’t understand the art of acting.

  • bella

    omg demi que gran y excelente trabajo ,sos muy especial y vienes a latinoamerica ,yupi ,chile colombia y brasil ,demi eres sorprendente

>>>>>>> staging1