Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Artwork Released!

Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Artwork Released!

Miley Cyrus shows off a bit of her midriff on her new album cover for Can’t Be Tamed, in stores June 22.

Earlier this week, the 17-year-old Disney starlet released her fun “Can’t Be Tamed” music video.

Miley has said, “[My boyfriend Liam Hemsworth] really liked it and I think for anyone that saw me write it and get involved with it and have all my ideas…It was so detailed, the way that I had it all envisioned. I think he was proud of seeing someone write, and then you look at them like they’re nuts, and then you see it all come together and go, ‘OK, that makes sense.’”

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  • jess

    it kinda looks like the Britney “Greatist Hits” album cover!

    Still dnt mind if its miley! i like what she is doing now!

  • banbien


  • kelly

    she is just sooooooo original! i’ve never seen anything like this.

    /sarcasm. hi britney spears rip off album cover.

  • Kristina

    I love Miley!

  • holly

    i dont like it, it just looks bad. and she looks kinda angry :/

  • Paula

    that’s so britney spears.. i don’t like it at all. she thinks that if she does sexy moves people would take her like a mature person.

  • sandy

    miley why ou have to try so damn hard to be like britney? You said you wouldn’t be like her before? well, i guess you lied. Nice. :/ i remember you saying you wouldn’t wear this kinda stuff, i guess the fame changed you this much to dress like this. this is why i dont like you like i used you. i dont want to dress like you cause i like my morals thank you :[

  • saudia

    She’s going down a bad path, I can just see it. Miley’s trying way too hard

  • jess

    @sandy: you dont want to dress like miley?! i dont know how old u are but u dont need to dress, be or act like miley be yourself!
    miley is experiencing new things! she probably said that when she was younger duh she had different views at the age of 12 or 14 she turning into a woman just like any other 17 or 18 year old! only that she is in the public eye and it is just like a Halloween custome! she dresses up! you dont see her dressed up like this in the street come on now! dont take it to the extremes either!

  • http://j chelsea
  • Tell the truth Miley

    Miley, u told Ryan Seacrest ….”it is not about just being sexy and seeing who can wear the least clothed.” The cover is not that bad, BUT you are lying. You ARE selling sexy. Which, I do not care. But stop playing word games in interviews trying to make things look like something they are not. PS….I despise Brittney Spears, and if Miley follows her path, I will despise Miley too.

  • Pau

    it’s a fact. She’s trying to be like Britney in all ways. this cover is SO Spears! i don’t like it. BE herself!

  • liamshot

    She looks really confused..
    I like the ‘single’ tho.

  • Gaby

    Shes growing up, deal with it. If she wants to make that transition to a real artist then she needs to start somewhere. Shes going to make the album and no matter what people say shes going to make millions off of it. Miley’s going to change and its your choice if you want to listen to her music. No ones holding a gun to your head. So stop reading about her if you don’t care about her.

  • jessica

    wow i love it. shes amazing. and for the haters fuck off. stop overreacting because this album cover aint that bad.

  • emma

    Miley is beautiful, but I don’t like her face in the cover, her body is HOT

  • candy

    nice abs. i need to get in the gym. go miley

  • Edd

    Britney Spears copy much? I thought she wanted to be her own person and be independent and then her cover looks like the one that Britney Spears had??? weird. Contradicting herself as always.

  • Hallie

    No we see her with more taken off i dont know what planet your on i dont dress like that and i am older than her @jess:

  • T_JBMileydemi

    @jess: U r totally right :D

  • Avery Callaghan

    Quit pouting, Miley, you look ridiculous. The Last Song was ruined because of all your shameless pouting.

  • tessa

    The hater does not see magazines of young people and fashion or is amish?

    In Europe the cover of Miley is very innocent, I love her jacket and pants

  • linda

    she looks so ugly and you can tell everything was majorly ajusted because she isnt a natural beauty compared to other stars and what a copy cat of britney spears cant she do her own dang thing and yes sometimes she dresses similar with ripped shirts or really short shorts that hilight her ugly legs!

  • mary

    @Avery Callaghan: you and all the haters looks ridiculous … The Last Song a movie of Production Budget: $20 million .. Total Lifetime Grosses now $70,596,885

  • kym

    gotta admtt hott pik
    she looks sekcii in this but i can hair the mom’s growling now lmaoo
    and seriously, soo not original, i hav seen this pant belt graba nd mid driff ‘tryin to b sexy’ face expression too many times
    she needs to come in to her own and set her own path or in a few years she might not b this popular
    the thing that makes an artist awesome is originality and she doesnt really hav that now or at least from wat i c
    if u disagree dont even bother to reply cuz i really dont care!

  • ashlee

    @linda — only you Selena is copy cat of Miley ….. The legs of Miley are amazing!!!

  • Tiffany

    dam she looks hot and haters, like the one above^ are just jealous they cant look like her, she has got a sexy body, and doesnt mind showing it off, i would too if i was her

  • Tiffany

    @Tiffany: i meant a few posts above me(linda and other haters)

  • rania


    Selena fans, is much better not to talk about copy cat LOL

    The legs of Miley are gorgeous

  • katie

    for real miley? i know shes ready to move on from disney and stuff she has made that clear but has she thought about her fans? i dont think she has. she says shes a christian and shes not living her life for the Lord by dressing like that. sorry miley but your 17 not 24

  • http://deleted marimadness

    @rania your sooo pathetic dragging selena fans into this when they stated nothing bout selena. Come up with a better assumption other than those “selena fans” crap its getting old and stupid. Ur a hater.

  • harley

    Her facial expression looks ridiculous. Her cover is nothing special, though. Like her video, it’s been done before.

  • koolkat

    @rania: Why are you bringing Selena into this? Not everyone who doesn’t like Miley are Selena fans. and FYI, Selena never copies anyone. So go jump off a bridge, you pathetic, idiotic moron!

  • caitlin

    a bit of her midriff, i’m pretty sure that’s her whole stomach.

  • tisdale


    lol selena doesn’t copy miley?

    miley dates nick? selena copied that
    miley has a clothing line? selena coped that
    miley is bffs with taylor swift? selena copied that
    miley has a clothing line? selena copied that
    miley works with antonia armato and tim jones? selena copied that


  • Skylar

    @jess: I agree with Sandy, just ecause you are 17 or 18 doesn’t give you the right to dress like that. Guys see you only as an item and its demeaning. And the reason Sandy was saying she would never want to dress like Miley would be because Miley wants her fans to follow her and try to grow the way she does. :[

  • melissa

    i like her new song and the video was good but ….she needs to STOP trying to be just like Britney Spears ….she needs to be her own person

  • Scarlette

    Oh, come off it about her trying to “transition” to being a “real, mature” artist, ,and “growing up.” Since when did you have to automatically sex yourself up to be taken seriously and to be considered more mature? Get real. Miley’s latest antics come off as IMMATURE more than anything, seeing as she’s so desperate to prove how old she is. Honey, you’re NOT’re still 17. She has a late birthday people, so stop saying she’s “almost 18.” And regardless, once again, why does she need to become more sexed up to be taken seriously? Last time I checked, an artist like Taylor Swift is clean, classy, NOT sexed up and VERY successful. As a singer/songwriter, I’d say Taylor Swift is far more successful, both commercially and critically, than Miss Cyrus. Swift is 20 years old going on 21, and still has not felt the need to start wearing less clothing, grinding and dancing suggestively in her music videos and at her concerts, and has yet to pose suggestively on her album covers. She always carries herself in a poised and mature manner, and is still wearing tasteful and classy clothing. Cyrus should take a page out of Swift’s book. Swift is a living, breathing, and highly successful example of an artist that DOESN’T NEED TO GO DOWN THE SEX ROUTE.

  • cookie

    hello brit, how’s going?

    epic fail miley.

  • xoxogg

    haahh looks so similar to britney’s past covers..
    the only difference is,
    britney was actually really beautiful.

  • @Scarlette: this.

  • Edd

    @tisdale: mostly everyone whose a celebrity have a clothing line – Nick and Taylor are both well-known and they run in the same circles as Miley and Selena so it inevitable that they end up dating/being friends with the same people. Think about it. When you have a group of friends ( in a high school setting anyways for example) you’re bound to date a couple of people that others have done already.

  • wendy2themaxx

    she is okay but c’mon she needs to stop trying to be Britney Spears it’s not always a good thing. . her album cover is even like Britney’s




  • lalala

    stop saying shes trying to COPY brittany. miles looks up to brit, but shes not copying her…its her own styleee. and people should love that fact that she was brave enough to do something like this and not care what people think. i LOVE its and its just natural thats shes growing up. her music style isnt for like 9 yr olds anymoree. this is awesome.

  • suri

    Agree w/ Tessa the cover is is very innocent

    I love this pic for her cover

  • Ok Then

    @caitlin: and so what? it’s just skin like anywhere else.


    @Scarlette: OH gimme a break, it’s her life she can do whatever she wants to do, if she wants to take pictures of herself in nothing but a thong, it’s nobody’s business but her own. And so what if she is not 18 as yet, she has a right to now live her life how she please, wearing sexy clothes isn’t illegal. Miley needs not take a page out of swift’s or anybody’s book cause she has made herself successful without being a marketing manager’s puppet. By the way, unlike Taylor Miley Cyrus is a PERFORMER. She goes on stage and performs, while Taylor often sits down on a stool playing a guitar and try to sing songs with lyrics so young and juvenile with her whiny little voice.


    @linda: of course she is copying britney because Britney spears was the ONLY one in the world to ever wear ripped shorts and sing catchy pop songs. If you don’t like Miley, why stay here and enjoy her posts with us? Unlike Britney, Miley has actual musical talent, sure her voice is no Beyonce but she can sing and she can play musical instruments as well.

  • yoyo

    man why will she get that she’s NOT sexy!
    First she should do a diet then she can ‘try’ to look sexy!
    She’s chubby!

    And yah Britney does million times better!

  • VAL

    hater’s keep on whining and she keep on succeding. Don’t you ever get tired of spreading hate.

    PS: Jesus didin’t judge anybody so who the hell are you to judge somebody. Go take care of your on problems.

>>>>>>> staging1