The Jonas Brothers: Grove Concert!!!

The Jonas Brothers: Grove Concert!!!

You see and heard right!!!

The Jonas Brothers are taking their tunes to The Grove in Los Angeles NEXT WEEKEND!

To kick-off their upcoming summer tour, Nick, Joe and Kevin plus a few special friends will be at The Grove at 3PM singing some of their fave hit songs and a few new ones from their upcoming album and Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

In case you missed the premiere on Radio Disney earlier tonight, check out the JoBros new song, “L.A. Baby” below!

ARE YOU GOING to see the JoBros at The Grove?

The Jonas Brothers – “L.A. Baby”
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  • lalala

    oh my gosh i have to go to this one ! Im so excited :D

  • Tobehonest

    To be honest in my opinion I think the Jonas Brothers should stick to the Jonas Brothers music.

  • sunlight princess

    OMG!! soooo excited!! IM THERE!

  • Idk

    First !!!!!! JoBros is HOT !!!! I Love Joe without glasses !

  • Evita

    I’m soo down to go :)

  • marilyn

    Yeah I’m going…if I lived there. I hope there is a big turnout there. I love the jonas and they need to be super popular again, like 2008 popular. :)

  • chris

    I love LA Baby and wish I lived in LA so I could attend this show.

  • ashley

    @marilyn: oh my gosh thats EXACTLY what im hoping..too bad i dont live theree= (

  • Kirsten

    i am soooooooooooo there!!! eeep I can’t wait for next saturday now!!!

  • anonymous

    Does that mean Demi will be there too – of course she is permanently attached to them I mean Joe. Dont mind her just dont want to see her everywhere with them. So glad when this Camp Lame of sorry Camp Rock thing is OVER!!

  • lulu

    Hope they come to the UK- without Demi. I just prefer them by themselves, Demi doesn’t have to be with them 24/7 just because she’s dating Joe, I mean isn’t he just going to get fed up with her? I love the song though, and JoBros need to get away from Disney! x x x

  • joejonasismine.


    wished i live in la and not london :(

  • ddddd

    they should take acting classes… they’v got huge talent… they just need to crystalize it

  • bea

    Loved the song. They’re amazing!

  • Jonas Brothers

    I like the song

    I love Joe & Demi

  • mary

    @marilyn I love the jonas and they need to be super popular again, like 2008 popular.

    Really like in 2007

  • GH

    “and friends”. I guess we all know who that is.

    Oh yeah, and I’m not going.

  • marimadness

    awwwwww :-( i wish i could hear it. But im on my stupid phone. Yay! They finally make a new song! I am so happy right now. And i totally agree demi is like getting on my nerves cuz shes always with jb. Mainly joe. But i guess she wants fame. and to whoever lives in l.a……luckieeeees.

  • http://deleted marimadness


  • Robby

    After seeing Miley there, I am for sure going to this one.
    Hopefully Ill make it back to the Staples Center in time for Wango Tango!

  • florencia

    i l♥ved it !!

  • linda

    i really like the song and wish i could go see them i <33 them!

  • Bethany


    Lulu, ita! Demi acts like she is married to Joe. Last I checked, Danielle was the only Mrs Jonas to one of the boys. I’m tired of seeing her everywhere and they do need to get away from Disney

  • SJS

    LOL @ all the people bitching about Demi likely being there. People kept saying they missed her with JB before they admitted to dting & now everyone is saying the opposite. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S

    Anyways… I like parts of the song. The LA, LA Baby part is catchy. I like Joe’s voice better on the verse/part he sang cause I just think his voice suits the song better. And honestly, I like his voice better. No offense to Nick, but I prefer his voice on mellower songs.

  • neena

    @SJS: I like you. :)

  • JMP

    I am trying to clear my Saturday to go, and I actually love the song JB or Jonas, its a good song. And I absolutely love Nick singing the hook it is awesome. Something about his voice brings so much to their songs. Joe is good at some of the yelling parts of the songs. But they both work well together. Anyway, Love it.

    Wondering if the single is on sale?


    Everybody that’s bitching about demi should just shut up seriously!!! I agree with sjs HYPROCITES!!

  • aljohara althani

    Ahhh i wish that i will be there …
    my brother is in usa but im not he goes there cuz he have some work and i wish that he works in LA he works at irvine i wish the jonas brothers will make a concert in Doha,Qatar

  • lola

    i love u jonas Brothers so much

  • LoU

    Amo eles, são perfeiitos *-*


  • LoU

    I Love YOU

    Amo eles são perfeiiiiiitos

  • jess

    true say
    she is like everywhere
    its so annoying like serisouly, cant joe breathe for a little while haha
    and ya i know idk y they made the show, they just took a step back in their career cuz now people only c them as little kids- again
    still luv them though

  • rachel

    I love Jemi

    The song LA baby I don’t like .. maybe for Disney Channel is ok

  • sara

    I’m so there!

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