Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Rest in the Rose Garden

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Rest in the Rose Garden

Check out this super sweet new still of Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer from their upcoming flick, Beastly!

Vanessa, 21, dished to MTV about the flick, “It takes the skeleton of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and we fill in the muscles of our own. We took bits and pieces of the original, like the transformation; you have to find someone who loves you to break the spell. But we twisted it a little bit and made it a bit darker and threw in a few oddities that weren’t in the original.”

Beastly hits theaters on July 30th. 25+ stills inside…

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vanessa hudgens rose garden still 01
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 02
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 03
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 04
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 05
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 06
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 07
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 08
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 09
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 10
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 11
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 12
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 13
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 14
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 15
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 16
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 17
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 18
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 19
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 20
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 21
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 22
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 23
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 24
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 25
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 26
vanessa hudgens rose garden still 27

Photos: CBS Films
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  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` aww. they’re soo cute <333

  • Vanessa lover

    This is probably my favorite still;adorable.

    Can’t wait for beastly!

    I love how she explained the movie from beauty and the beast.

  • Kro

    one of my faves, they look great

  • Boji

    Another movie that Vanessa’s in which I know I’m sure to enjoy. Ok, for those of you who haven’t already watch BANDSLAM go and buy or rent the DVD. It is a must see for adults, teens and tweens alike. An original teenage movie with moral messages for all. The funny parts are also original. Not a boring moment at all. This like Juno is a movie to treasure and keep in your collectibles. All the actors/actresses were amazing. 5 stars, definitely a Must See, shame about it not making into the worldwide cinemas, though.

  • Stephany

    They are a well matched pair.

    I hope they are in love with each other.

  • vancrazed

    agreed Boji! I was so impressed with Bandslam. It wasn’t your typical teen flick. What surprised me more, was how small her role was, but what an impression she made among critics. WOW…her reviews were amazing! Anyways, so excited for Beastly..she tends to pick her movies based on brilliant directors..and Barnz is def. on of those.

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    This looks like a wonderful and amazing movie. Can not wait to see it and Sucker Punch!!!!!!!!

  • jazmin

    Is it July yet! I want to see the movie….aghhhhhh. Stills looks amazing.

    Thanks for the pix.

  • honey

    Aaawwwwww Nessa looks so cute :) I already love this movie

  • patry91

    i love this still! they are so cute! can’t wait for “Beastly!

  • Joochi

    Agreed Boji, I swear, I’ve watched Bandslam about a dozen times and I still cry and laugh watching the movie over and over again. I’ve got to admit, Vanessa has impecible timing in her acting and she’s on cue. There’s always room to grown and learn and with her heart and soul in the right place, she’ll go far in this business, it shows already. She’ll always have hater’s, she can’t please everyone, but her fan base is awesome and we’ll keep on supporting her. Can’t wait for the movie, the book was great also.

  • BabiiVFanForeva


    Awwwwwww that photo is so sweet <3

  • bhelle

    ,oohhh .. so excited about this movie!!!! im so gonna watch this .. :) .. this movie is so interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    They looks so cute together!!Can’t wait for Beastly!!!

  • muse

    Seriously cannot wait to see Beaslty. I have read the book so many times, and fall in love with it more and more. I saw Vanessa playing Lindy and I cant wait to see how they’ve portrayed a classic into a modern type role.

    Love it. Love Beaslty. Love Vanessa. Im so excited. Time is flying and soon I’ll be squealing and falling in love with the movie. :) Cant wait.

  • beastly fan


  • skyhigh95

    Can’t wait for beastly :)

  • amanda

    not wait to get this movie!
    vanessa beautiful as always they make up a beautiful couple.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    So sweet ♥

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Really can’t wait to see this movie.

  • jasii

    sooo sweeeT<3

  • suzy

    so cute.

  • Me

    such a shame cos the movie looks good. i would’ve actually gone to see it if she wasn’t it it.

  • Carolyn

    Alex still looks hot – even as the Beast! This is such a nice photo of V and A!

  • zagiuly

    they are beautifulllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VANESSA

  • nathalia

    can hardly wait for this movie

  • casie

    i watched the trailer and didn’t liked it :(

  • Lexy

    Alex Pettyfer = amazing hotness

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    owwwwwwwwwww <3

  • maria

    I have to agree with all of you about Bandslam. It’s a GREAT little movie, definitley right up there with my teen movie favorites, like Clueless and Pretty in Pink. Everyone should see it!!!

    I love this still too….very tender. Really can’t wait for this movie… the cast. Looks like it’s going to make me laugh AND cry!!

  • Karen


    There are many actors I don’t particularly like but if the movie looks well written and interesting and has other actors who’s work I enjoy then just ONE actor will not keep me from watching it. You comment just shows how narrow-minded and petty you are. SO, nobody gets hurt but you. Nobody cares if you don’t see the movie and all of us will enjoy ourselves immensely and you will comfort yourself over some little childish attitude which probably boils down to jealousy in one way or another.

  • Karen


    BTW, there is no crime or sin in opening your mind and giving room for change. That means people can change their minds in how they feel about people and situations. Usually that happens as people mature and face experiences in their lives. They begin to see things in a different perspective. I think with your comment it shows that you have not gotten to experience varying perspectives yet and most likely are still to closed off to the world and too young to know what I’m even trying to say right now.

  • http://j chelsea

    i like all the stills but this one is my fav

  • mike

    cant wait to see it looks rely good and exiting

  • vfan

    Awww! That still is soo sweet! I can’t wait for Beastly to come out in theaters! :)

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    so sweet!!

  • casie

    hudgens is the hottest ever, but the movie will suck, im sure.

  • linda

    cant wait for this movie it seems so awesome and im sure she will do great like always

  • roxana

    i cant wait for this..only 2 more months, i love Van :)

  • vancrazed

    thats’ what was thought of bandslam…you need to go read critics reviews, i have a feeling this one will get the same kind of reviews as well.

  • liz

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love the still
    they look so cute together ^.^
    cant wait to see the moviee !!! =D

  • http://yahoo lyn

    Wow they look so cute together..
    yeah i also agree
    BANDSLAM is so cool..
    even my mom and my older brother is watching with me..
    it was funny specially when will step up to the stage .. haha
    that scene is a real LOL…
    i think
    BEASTLY will rock my world

  • vanny


  • kate1

    I really can’t wait for Beastly to come out. Although i have to wait until October i think (in the UK)

    I love this new still.

    Ohhh and i love watching Bandslam i have saw the DVD so many times and managed to convince my kids to watch it with me. lol


  • tere995

    Cannot wait for this movie.

    LOVE Alex and NPH!!!!

  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • luisana

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • luisana

    Can’t wait for beastly

  • Trina

    Looks like they are outside the rose garden because of the windows. Or is the rose garden inside a building or hot house? Wonder where they shot those scenes. Probably some well known rose garden in Vancouver?

  • Trina

    Ooops, I meant Montreal. Beastly was shot in Montreal. I keep thinking of Sucker Punch.

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