Zac Efron is a Revolution Runner

Zac Efron is a Revolution Runner

Zac Efron keeps up the pace as he jogs up the steep drive way to his home in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (May 8).

The 22-year-old actor was sporting a shirt with “Revolution: Air Pegasus 1983″ on it — the Nike sneakers which are actually making a comeback!

It was just announced that Zac, along with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Cosgrove will be presenting at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

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Credit: Eric Brogmus; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Mands


  • inji

    OMGOSH. so. hott.<3

  • Carol


  • lauren

    i like his shirt.

  • ♫rosie♫

    soooooooo hooooot

  • amy

    missed him!
    <3333333333 so hot

  • maila

    Haven’t seen many posts about him lately…this one is hawt!

  • joceelyynn

    missed you :),, now go out with your gf pls! haha

    ps. he looks kinda different & i can’t find out why

  • lauren

    maybe because he has a hat on to hide him from the paps?

    think about it,

  • tina

    he’s become so boring

  • Katty

    I miss him!!! happy we got a sighting!!!


  • teamhudgens

    Yay!! <3
    I miss him.He looks so hot!

    Can’t wait for the MTV Movie Awards!!!

  • joceelyynn

    @lauren: yeah maybe, but is it just me or he also looks thinner?

  • kate1

    Looking very HOT Zachary

  • lauren

    um idk?

    well this pic was taken at different angles, does it matter? honestly?

  • Lilly

    I LOVE JUST HIM SO MUCH… WOW I can’t BELIEVE IT.. He’s so strong !!

  • Z&V Fan

    Hey there hotty! Haven’t seen you in awhile but you look great as always!

  • duuumm

    i love your nike cap zac. can i steal it from you?

  • Stefanie

    lookinnnn amazingg Zac !!;)

    i Pray I can meet him some dayyyyy !!!!

  • jenny

    if only he was shirtless *sighs* id kill to see that amazing body (is it me or do I sound VERY obsessed)

  • lauren


    lol no.
    there are alot of girls out there who would do the same

  • Z&V Fan

    He do have great body but I’m glad he is not running shirtless just to show off his body.

  • Jenny

    please tell me i am not the only one swooning over this set of pictures ?? :D he is drop dead gorgeous!!!!

  • lauren

    lol haha
    i love how all these girls are like omg omg

    hes got a nice body.

  • Boji

    Yay, Zackeeeee, you’re looking mighty Hot, hot to trot, Baybeeee!

  • Althea

    Is there any trailer of Charlie St. Cloud please?

  • Tiptoes

    keeping fit… looking good…

    sign up – for Facebook – Charlie St. Cloud

  • Boji

    Zac, you have the admiration of other A-list actors and movie big wigs, of that I’m sure. Your professional and personal life are both admirable.

  • Tiptoes


    not yet…but it should be coming soon…

  • heather

    he shaved his mustache? nice! even though he looked hot with it!
    luv u zac!!!


  • Wendy

    In one of the pictures I noticed that there is a real estate sign in the yard. Is it for Zac’s house or his neighbors? Is he moving maybe?

  • ashytisdalefan

    yum <3

  • chelsie

    bulge! ahh!

  • Katty


    His body looks a little tighter, meaning he has been working out some more lately, probably because of a role he recently aquired. At least, that is what I think about why he looks a little different.

    Plus, his face is shaved clean, which we haven’t seen in a bit.

  • pop86

    Looking good Zac

    .@Katty: I agree I think he gained more muscle and loss body fat so he looks thinner.

  • Mir!

    More Sexy!

  • Mir!

    Sexy Boy!

  • Mir!

    es tan sexy!

  • Mir!

    demasiado bello!

  • Mir!

    Muak Sexy I lovers boys!

  • Claudia

    Yumi!!!..he looks pretty hooooootttt!!!!…looove you Zac..!!♥

    Can’t wait for Charlie St. Cloud and The MTV Movie Awards!!!!

  • beatriz

    OH MY GOSH<3

  • it

    i skip a beat when i see him in the street. yeah.

    i dont even like the song but it fits these pics so well

  • skyhigh95

    I wonder what music he’s listening to in his ipod…

  • Meghan

    he is smokin’. (;

  • dc

    he looks handsome
    can’t wait for MTV Music Awards

  • zagiuly

    sooooo hotttttttttt i love u zac

  • shanelle

    not that he’s fat, but i just can’t help that wonder, has he gained weight since the last time i saw him? or is it just me seeing things?

  • laia

    he”s lost a lot of muscle, he’s working out to get it back

  • tena

    I think he was a little ill a while back but knw he is better and working out he propbly lost weight, just look amazing to me, i am one of those older fans hee hee am 23 LOL :)

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