Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Isn't Like Any Other

Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Isn't Like Any Other

Miley Cyrus shows the paparazzi some love with a peace sign as she steps out of her car in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (May 8).

The 17-year-old actress/singer caught up with MTV to talk about her newest music video, “Can’t Be Tamed.”

Miley shared of the vid, “I made a big point to everyone that I didn’t want anyone else to watch a music video and show me and say, ‘This is what I think we should do.’ I don’t think it looks like any other music video. I think if we would have looked at another music video or listened to another song or looked at a different artist, it could have easily [been influenced].”

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • emma

    I love her

  • Larissa

    She looks a lot like her little sister in these pictures!

  • gise20

    she is really miley!?!?! for some reason she looks different than normal O_O buy maybe im just crazy! hahaha XD

  • Brooke

    so prettty

  • roach

    nice bra miles! glad to see your ditching the push ups

  • laura

    she looks so pretty :)

  • ♫rosie♫

    didnt she get her inspiration from britney spears because it dosent look like something very new to me but i still like it i just dont think she shoould say that

  • SSR

    why does she always wear the same bra??? this is like 10th time in a row that I saw that bra on her…. Always…. weird. She should think of changing it,lol…. N e ways she looks cute :D I love the ponytail! Can’t wait for the album

  • gigi

    i didnt know that celebrities buy clothes at the thrift store. with all the money she has she could get something way better. i know people will hate on this comment but if she wasn’t famous and just another girl on the street you would think she’s gross and dirty.

  • http://j chelsea

    nice of you flashing your bra

  • Taya

    beautifull <33

  • rachel

    It’s of other site and AGREE

    “Miley showing her bra is just the period Liam … When Miley and Liam dunzo, goodbye Miley showing her bra

    always as are her boyfriends are her clothes,
    She’s trying hard for Liam :(

    I love Miley, I hope Miley and Liam are dunzo soon”

  • Freida

    It’s really weird that you guys pay so much attention to the bra she wears. Who the hell cares? If she wants to wear the same bra everyday, then so be it. In the end of the day, we are all aware that she has more money than any other 17 year old you know.


    I didn’t like that music video or that song. It was WAY too influenced by other music and music videos, that it had no authenticity to it. I still love Miley though and hopefully when she’s done with the “transition” from HM to MC, her music will be much more original and no so obvious the ideas aren’t hers.

  • jessica

    she looks pretty and i love her shoes. and honestly her new music vid is not that bad. why do people like to overreact? i mean seriously. the music video wasnt that racy. her party in the usa music vid was even more racy then this one if you really think about it.

  • Britini95

    I agree with Miley, the video is its own! People try to compare her to Britney because they have had things in common in the past; they are both southern Disney stars who have had a lot of negative media attention. It’s 2010, there is no one pop artist that cannot in some way be compared to another, so why don’t we let Miley do her thing. She’s a young artist and is going through a transtioal period.I really like her shoes, and her outfit isn’t all that bad!

  • ♫rosie♫

    @Britini95: well then why the heck is she saying there is nothing like it when she knw that is not true !she should yo say its new to her or not speak at all!

  • chacha

    She tries too hard to be edgy or sexy when really she’s a hillbilly from Tennessee! Yee haw!

  • harley

    Her video is definitely not its own, and I think that’s why she’s trying to defend it so much. The concept behind the video was good, but the actual “coming of age/attempting to be edgier” thing has been done SO many times that it doesn’t really make her video stand out.

    I don’t really like her outfit here. I love her shoes, but her outfit looks like she was purposely trying to make it look sloppy.

  • Tiffany

    She looks so summery. I love Miley. Get all of her clothes here

  • Mika

    That is a hideous outfit. With all the money she has you’d think she’d dress up better. I don’t care if she’s going for a casual look or whatever. Flashing your bra in a flimsy tank top is not cool or edgy, Miley.

  • MollyMakeout

    yeah it doesn’t look like any other video…except thriller or cats…try again.

  • wow

    Can this girl get any more low class. This black bra hanging out of a low cut white shirt is getting old. Some people make me laugh because they think because Miley is rich that gives her a free pass for bad behaviour and to dress like a s–t. Next she will be posing for playboy in the buff and then after that falling out of bars drunk like LL.

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    The video is a mashup of Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, and Britney Spears with a hint of Lady Gaga thrown in. Hate to break it to you, Miley, but it’s not all that original. I’m not saying it’s bad; I’m just saying that it’s not as original as she thinks it is.

  • GossipGirl

    @wow: so what if she does poses for playboy. Tons of celebs have and they still have plenty fans, and guess what, Miley will too. And u don’t like her,u need to stop reading her FLIPPING POST. What amazes me about people like u is: It’s always u guys that whine and complain about how tired u are or Miley, and yet u listen to all of her songs, watch all of her videos, and waste time reading Gossip about her on a daily basics just to write the same rude comment every typical Miley hater says. Don’t u ever grow tired”

  • freezy


    haha who is the one who’s always on a sel post and talkin shizz?!
    I don’t care what that miley does but you shoukd stop too!
    I love Selena and I will always support her ! If I see you in the nest selena post then I will come on every single miley post and diss her ;)

    By the way her outfit is bääähh…and she looks like her ugly lil sis!

  • wow


    You don’t know me you rude little witch & don’t make assumptions about me. You have your opinions & I have mine you Miley robot you. Miley is a low life girl & contrary to your opinion is losing fans and not All those who like her music necessarily like her wild sl–ty ways or how she dresses in public. Miley is a dissapointment to some because she is so self centered and contradictory in her ways and words (she contradsicts herself) and it is people like you who influence the younger girls into believing that being rich and famous somehow makes them better than others or entitled to bad behaviour without criticisim or consequence.

    Oh and let’s see if you practice restraint when it comes to the other young girl stars and not comment negatively – you probably already have.

  • athena

    What is the rush for her to grow up so fast…she has the money…the talent, the whatever else….Miley….let yourself be young….we only get to be young for the year we live it….


    @Mika: no but it’s her personal style, she can wear whatever the heck she wants.

  • Britini95


    I don’t get it either, it annoys me too! Why take the tme to follow the career of some one you don’t care for? Why do people hate to see other suceed?

  • Britini95


    My point was that Miley was trying to make it her own and people, in this day and age, people always find a way to compare artists work. I’ve never seen Lady Gaga dressed as a bird wreaking a muesuem…that’s all I’m trying to say…

  • shan

    @wow: I so agree her fans think if you rich and famous you can be bad and do whatever you want and nobody can tell them what to do. you have a lot of sense and thinks just like me :)

  • GossipGril

    @wow: Miley ? LOW LIFE? Yeah, I am pretty sure some one with Two Platinum albums and 3 Number One albumbs has a PRETTY LOW LIFE. And u don’t kow Miley either hun. So quite siting there condtradicting urselfs. It’s okay for u to make asumptions about Miley’s personality, but when ur the one being talked about, u get fed and start B!tching at people. HA! That’s the same way Miley feels dipsh*t

  • Gossip Girl

    @freezy: LOL! I don’t start it dear, the fans do. And let’s see a pic of ur ugly face so us Miley fans can say the same about u! But wait, u wouldn’t like that now would u? Cause that would hurt ur teeny feelings

  • DANI

    she looks thinner i love the new miley :)

  • rachel

    love love love miley4ever !!!!!!

  • don’tdare


    oh so you’re miley’s BFF? haah in your dream!
    Okay she’s rich and she can do whatever she wants but we have our own opinions! I hated her since HM started and I still hate her ;)
    I think she can’t sing and she’s a horrible actress! WHO CARES? My opinion!

  • wow


    Oh and you know Miley – she’s your BFF – yeah right. Selling millions of records does not necessarily make you high class. Money or fame does NOT make Miley better than anyone else, nor does it make her bad behaviour and lack of clothing when she goes out accepatable. Whether she likes it or not there are tons of young girls who want to copy everything she does because they looked up to her from her HM show & that is a responsibility. Many other young stars take that responsibility seriously. Thankfully there are young ladies like Miranda Cosgrove, Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone and Taylor Swift who set good examples.

  • candyshop


    100% agreed!

    @GossipGirl you’re TOO obsessed pls find some other hobbys!

  • zoe s

    I thought she was that blonde chick from gossip girl.. blake lively? in the thumbnail!