Justin Bieber: I Can't Eat Fan's Candy

Justin Bieber: I Can't Eat Fan's Candy

Justin Bieber loves the candy that his fans send him — too bad he can’t eat any of it.

The 16-year-old musician dished to TIME, “I [also] try to read all of my fan mail. A lot of them send me candy, which I’m not allowed to eat ’cause my mom says it might be poisonous.”

Justin was spotted out at the Grove pampering him mom Pattie for Mother’s Day (May 9). He bought her a few pieces of jewelry and took her out to dinner.

You can check out the rest of the article at TIME.com.

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Credit: Gabrielle Revere
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  • http://@BiebersRoss jRoss


  • nathalia

    it might be poisonous?

  • nathalia

    it might be poisonous? hahaha

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/weareinseparable Kira

    Man, he’s so dumb. I’m still shocked he doesn’t know where/what Germany is.

  • lucy

    well a hater might pose as a huge fan and send him something posinous that looks like sweets, HAHA. Fair dos, he doesnt want 2 die.

  • Liz_b

    Someone tell that INFANT Bieber to go away until he looks like a man?? Seriously, I can’t stand that baby. Where is his pacifier?

  • lulu

    @Kira: Actually he does, the interviewer had a very strong New Zealand accent and he made it really complex, he said “Justin is Bieber, I mean Bieber is German for basketball” but it actually sounded like he said Jewman. It was just a silly mistake Justin made, so get your facts right before picking on him, he’s only 16 you should all just leave him alone. Why come on the post if you hate him?

    And his mum’s right, someone might put something in it, so it’s a good desicion. And he’s sooooooo cute taking his mum out for dinner and buying her jewellery aw :) x x x

  • DK

    Guys leave him alone. My mum says that I shouldn’t take any food from anyone because of like religious reasons. There’s alot of evil people out there, you don’t know what they’ve done to the food. Maybe his mum is like mine lol. :)) xx

  • M.I.A


    I don’t blame him for not understanding the sentence, even if he did say German. What does that mean anyways..German for basketball?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ansy_pansy LOVEato

    ahahahha wow. that’s funny :)
    but you know what it is possible, the candy can be poisonous.. however, he doesn’t realize what he should and shouldn’t say in an interview.
    like don’t ruin it for your fans who nicely gave you candy:)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/weareinseparable Kira


    I think you don’t understand the point. The interviewer really said something like “Jewman” but Justin repeated it and said “German? We don’t say that in america.” so he understood.
    And the interviewer made a little quiz and the question was “Bieber means “Basketball” in German, true or false?” but it’s false it’s “Biber” (actually it’s written without an “e”) means “Beaver” in english.

    and WHAT? I can’t blame him because he’s just 16? OMG, I think one should really know things like that if you’re already 16!!

  • Tama

    @Kira: Who cares if he doesn’t know where/what Germany is. Nobody’s perfect, Stupid Sl*t…!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    He is gorgeous! he is SO sweet :) its adorable xx i LOVE him :D

  • lulu

    @Kira: Yeah, but he just didn’t understand it, he’s not stupid, like I said just a mistake, I’m sure you’ve done that in some point in your life x

  • http://justjured JBieber_Fever

    @Kira: And I still can’t belive it u don’t know that Justin tweeted he thought that the interviewer said “Jewman” instead of German!He obviously knows what German is and he can count to ten in German so STFU!K?thanks!

  • kym

    his mom is smart cuz that is so true
    people r capable of anything now a days

  • kym

    i luv him but i gotta admit it was really funny cuz the guy even showed him the question on the paper unlesss they spell german differently in new zealand lol who knows maybe he just wasnt thinking about it that muc

  • lmaoo!

    u beliebers or watever u call urselves r hillarious!!!
    stop defending him just cuz u think he is cute he made a really big mistake and it made him look stupid because if u watched the interview, the interviewer clearly showed him the card that the question was written on. so unless he cant read, its not that complicated. and @M.I.A lmfaoo seriously i laughed at how dum ur comment was!
    ‘what does that mean anyways…German for basketball?”
    r u kidding, seriously y do u even go to skool. my 2 year old brother wud understand tha question. and wat does it prove that he can count to ten in german. i cn count to ten in french, spanish and japaneese and i know for sure if someone asked me if my name was french for basketball i wud understand!

    but anyways i like his mom, she is so level headed, even on twitter and she is really wise for telling him that- better safe than sorry

  • m_a_L

    stop hating justin!! just because your jelous that he has everything like money , attention and hes talented n ur probobly stuck in some kinda of hole trying to get out but noone is there to help…. GIVE IN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZANE

    I understand Justin’s mom being protective .You will never know what the candy is???? just for precautions… No offense to fans…..Im sure you will understand……

  • wren

    UH, YEAH. It might be poisonous, for people who dont think so, obviously you’re not update with the news. (Grown men spiking candy with drugs to see how children react. That idiot man putting razor blades in snickers for halloween and giving it to children.) And who knows if some of those people are his true fans, so yeah the mom is REALLY smart for making that decision.

  • Justin’s FAvorite babe

    I agree with lulu you guys shouldn’t pick on him like that. I’m am 100000…….% you have made mistakes like that before so just back off and leave him alone kk??And justin if you are reading this: I LOVE YOU!!!!! I can’t wait everynight because your song eenie meenie comes on @9 on WIXX. I always stay up. hehe


  • http://twitter nekah11

    its soo sweet u bought ur mum jewlery and i have Bieber fever. I LUV U Justin

  • nooo!!!

    @M.I.A: but he still said “we dont say tht in america”

  • jessica

    Can’t get anymore childish after that… “my mom said”.

  • Jenny

    @kym: I KNOW!! ha he saw the card the and was like, we don’t say that in America… What the heck?! Uggghh so dumb.! N e ways tell emm Kym! I got ur back 1000%

  • rachel

    @Liz_b: in your mouth hahaha

  • http://.com melike

    justin bieber , ı am your fan from turkeyall the songs ı heard ı love you ı love you all very nice.. ı wish you ,d come to turkey would takib magazine. very sweet.

  • melanie

    i love you Justin Bieber

  • Megan

    he’s cute
    but not hot…..he looks like he’s about 12

  • Samantha

    I’m from NZ. we spell german the same.

  • Samantha

    honestly, he seems like a real rude boy. He did another interview over here where he spilt a drinnk all over himself. and the interviewers like. “How about we get back to our interview.” And Justin’s like; “I’d rather get dried up first.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/weareinseparable Kira

    That’s not hating and I’m not picking on him. I’m talking about the german thing. and why should I read his twitter? I’m not a fan. I can just tell you that all germans are laughing at him and you must admit, there’s no excuse, it was funny. And it’s not about him, I would laugh about it too if it was someone else.

    @lmaoo! : That’s what I’m trying to say.

  • lulu

    @Samantha: um, that’s not being rude. wud you want to sit there doing an interview wet?

  • Daisy

    Agree wit u kira! All ya haters quit hatin jus cuz he’z dat amazin! JB is soooooooooo cute and the best, so jus keep ur stanky comments 2 yourself!

  • Daisy

    And hiz mom is so right. that candy culd be poisonous and besides you can’t blame him for listening to your mom it’s just right to do dat. And he also jus culd hav been nervous ur somthin in the interview and said what evr popped in his head!

    Nd if ur readin this justin I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • zoe s

    He’s a cutie.. good job at not eating the candy! he should tell all his fans to stop sending it, in a song! no sense in wasting perfectly delicious candy!

  • http://Kerina8 Tania

    I think it’s a good idea not 2 eat those candy. Although we may not now it there is propably a million guys that were dumped because they weren’t justinbieberish enough.I would of done the same!
    PS i would risk my fave singer to get poisoned

  • http://- erlex

    JUSTIN BIEBER :) :) :) :)

  • http://kik Qwonique

    arrrrrrrr justin my candyis no poisonous love you !!!!!!!!

  • Thea


    U DUMB PIMP! He answered; That he Diden`t know “what” Germeny was. He said it like that. And if he did Know where Germeny was – He could have said That he knew the country Germeny but That he, Diden`t understand the question. He ain`t GOOD on Geographie.

  • Mary15

    Who cares about a stupid mistake like that? He did look a little silly, but everybody makes mistakes. I don’t like him, but it could happen to anyone, and please stop defending him only for being cute. I can’t stand it. It’s obvious that he has money and fans, but he is not perfect

  • aaliyahakacbsgirl

    Like all of you fans said, he’s cute……not hot, not sexy, not fine, smexxi or yummy/delicous….. just cute. Cute because he looks like a little 12 year old. You think this is mean? It’s not. I’m not trying to be mean. There are way more things I can say about Bieber.

  • http://www.icarly.com nathan kress

    ima fan and why would fans that like u want u to die stupied

  • Julia

    whatta tool.
    he looks 10.

  • jen

    Dudde you are retarted,the interviewer made it saound like jew man and you know how everyone hates jews.Man how can you be so dumb?you REALLY NEED to get your facts right before talking


    Is candy really poisonous!!

  • lola

    hahahahhaa poison hahahahaa!!!!! i send him candy its not poison,
    justin i love you justin bieber!!!!!!

  • lyss

    @Kira: He is an embarrassment and a sad excuse for a teen idol. He’s barely a boy.

  • alex

    @ jen:

    “you know how everyone hates jews”

    Are you for real? Maybe YOU should get YOUR facts straight, you moronic child. If YOU hate Jews, then I guess no one can do anything about it, but don’t force your beliefs on the rest of us. As for the German/Jewman incident, people make mistakes all the time and this whole thing is really getting blown out of proportion, but at the same time, if he really doesn’t know what’where Germany is, then he is an idiot. We only learn about World War I & II for our entire schooling. That said, I’m sure he does know what Germany is and he simply misunderstood the question and I would have been perfectly happy if the whole thing died down, but then he decided to say that people shouldn’t pick on him because he’s a 16 year old boy. I’m sorry Justin, but if you really think that, maybe you shouldn’t be in this business. Grow up. People get teased a lot worse than that in high school.

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