Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber: Beverly Center Buds

Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber: Beverly Center Buds

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber duck their heads and pass up the paparazzi as they head back to their cars after finishing dinner at Ari-Ya at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Monday night (May 10).

Upon leaving, the duo were asked if something was in the works for the both of them. Miley, 17, replied, “Maybe.”

Don’t forget to catch Justin on Oprah TODAY!

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Justin & Miley: Ari-Ya Dinner Date
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  • Anne

    I thought she was done with music?

  • Belle

    She has a new album out already. (I think.)

  • rachel

    I love Miley and Justin

  • emma

    Justin & Miley are just friends, I love them

  • Sara

    i hate the retarded paparazzi

  • Tiffany

    why is everybody saying that? she said shes taking a break, shes not done with music and there talking about in the future after her break. Anyway i hope everybody doesnt go crazy about them being together, especially the crazy bieber fans, i think they would sound good together maybe after justin voice gets deeper, so he wont sound girl like a girl anymore

  • Chandni Patel

    They’re cool


  • Tia

    again with your negative comments. Miley is awesome and you can and never will measure up so please get a life and while your at it please pray and ask for forgiveness because you don’t know Miley yet you disrespect. Judge not and you will not be judged. Only God can cast judgement so don’t try to do his Job.

  • mary

    Miley looks so beautiful and cute. Justin is cute too

  • jesse

    @Anne: shes taking a break from music, she never said she was done with it. Haters always love twisting her words around

  • ashlee

    It’s Cool :)

  • Emmapuma

    love them (:

  • caro

    im looking forward to tis if they doing a song together is going to be a mega hit Justin Bierber King of teen pop and Miley Cyrus Queen of teen pop together = amazeballs lol

  • ashytisdalefan

    I thought they hated each other, lol.
    I don’t like Justin but its cool that they might be doing a song together.
    miley looks cute <3

  • http://its_Jana jan4ik

    that would be sooo cool <3

  • billythekid


    I got 4 letters for little Pauli: STFU

  • leesha

    @Anne: she is not done with music. she said this is her last album THEN shes taking a BREAK but shes shes not done with it…

    MILEY ♥

  • jo

    Some of you are so dramatic. She never said shes done, what she said was that she wanted to FOCUS more on movies.

    Theyre cute!

  • lisa

    what idiots miley is a fame whoa yea got that right like she needs someone to coat tail after she dont have her own money what an idiot

  • suri

    Miley is amazing!. I love them!

  • amy

    They both have something to do with the “Much Music” in Canada, she is the host & I think he is part of the program. Anyway, Justin Beiber is a cute.

  • Hlenbchh

    Justin tweetd that he took a FRIEND out to dinner this night and he also said that he was working on a big suprise
    i really hope miley isnt th ” big suprise”
    please dont do that to us justin we love toooo much

  • Vic2763

    Liam can take him ;)

  • Sahina

    …a duet maybe????

    that’d be fun.

  • rania

    I love the outfit of Miley and her blonde hair

  • m

    For those who can’t see it there. This is youtube

  • lyss

    Bahahah Miley is taller than Justin Bieber and she’s only 5’4″. He is so scrawny and little for being 16.

  • m

    No her new album comes out June 22.
    Anyway for those who want to see this video in youtube and favorite it here’s the link :)

  • wendy2themaxx

    I thought she said she didn’t like his music and blah blah

    I guess when you want publicity you do what you gotta do. .Hollywood.

  • eli

    LOL “you’re like the disney royalty” and “is it a date bro?” HAHA made my day

  • Myla

    Why Miley? seriously he had a duet with Ludacris and Sean Kingston he worths 1billons times better that Miley. Anyway, I thought he didn’t want to make a duet with her. Hope he will stay to this decision.

  • Jon

    She looks like his babysitter!

  • nikki

    justin is ssooo SHORT! thats ssoo funny!! justin is so lame!! so weak and short! and sounds like a girl!! HORRIBLE!

  • alice

    Miley is Gorgeous

    A song with Miley & Justin = Amazing

  • Christine

    nonononononononononononononono Justin!! arrghhh he can’t work with Miley.. :(
    I mean, I have nothing against Miley (ok, she sometimes pisses me off, but whatever, she DOES look cute today(actually her age, lol)), but nooooooooo
    I thought Miley wasn’t a fan of Justin… :/

  • Jasmin


    I’m pretty sure miley is wearing boots or hills.
    But I do wish he would grow taller. It should have started while he was fifteen but now it’s to late. I guess he’s done growing.


    Yeah I though miley said she didn’t like his music? I can”t really see him and miley singing together. >.<

  • Lucy

    this is perfect….justin can sing the girl part of the song..and miley can sing the guy part in the song…there voices will mesh so well because…miley sounds like a man and justin sounds like a little girl!!

  • http://deleted Troy

    Since when are Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber even “just friends?” I mean haven’t they both kind of dissed each other in public? I know Miley said she “wasn’t necessarily a fan” when asked about Justin’s music and he’s said to the effect that he’s glad that he didn’t have to go “corny on the Disney Channel.” (I don’t know if that’s an exact quote but it was something along those lines.)

    I’m not saying they hate each other (ala Lindsay Lohan and HIlary Duff) but I’m not sure I buy they’re suddenly “friends” either. This just seems like a photo op to me but that’s show biz.

  • Serena

    Um, before this, Miley said she wasn’t ‘necessarily a Bieber fan’. Then you’re getting all chummy? Wowz.

  • sara

    no they should NOT collabe. they dont mix.

  • GossipGirl

    @pauli: u again ? *figures* and she’s not fake doll, she said she was gonna quite music after THIS album. That chick called GOMEZ is a good FAKE for ya@lisa: Bieber is the one coat tailing. Even TMZ realizes how much of a PIMP this little whim really is

  • itsmeagain

    @nat t: that’s why she’s dating Liam

  • brenda

    She looks so cute

    I want Miley – Justin song

  • rachel

    miley and justin duet ? friends ? wtf !!!!! love love love miley !

  • Jonas Brothers

    I want a “date night” w/ Nick Jonas too :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Belle: her album doesn’t come out until June.

  • tessa

    they’re cute together

  • natalie

    WOW I love them

  • abby

    ahahaha look at ryan just there.

  • Courtney

    Haha, love this!

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