Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber: Beverly Center Buds

Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber: Beverly Center Buds

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber duck their heads and pass up the paparazzi as they head back to their cars after finishing dinner at Ari-Ya at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Monday night (May 10).

Upon leaving, the duo were asked if something was in the works for the both of them. Miley, 17, replied, “Maybe.”

Don’t forget to catch Justin on Oprah TODAY!

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Justin & Miley: Ari-Ya Dinner Date
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  • joe

    they are OBVIOUSLY doing something for the MMVA’s.

  • Trang

    @Christine: hey u! they cooperate in the work. although, miley isn’t Jusitn’s fan, Justin doesn’t Miley’s fan, not relevant.

  • kola

    no…never!justin is the best but miley put to shame the music!!!!

  • lulu

    no justin!!!! dont get sucked in by disney!!

  • Ingrid

    I love them! I want them to have a song together :) They have a cute friendship :)

  • freezy


    hahahahaha love it!

    Miley sounds like a man and bieber like a girl!
    Sometimes I like bieber but I hate that chubby cyrus!


  • http://AgnesaJustin agnesa

    ohhh Miley and Justin are so cute Togehter xD

  • biikaa

    @wendy2themaxx: she said she doesn’t LIKE his music, not the she doesn’t LIKE “HIM” get it right. If you don’t like a person for their music doesn’t mean you can’t like them for anything else.

  • Ella

    I thought, they hated each other?! Oh well, there’s a saying..the more you hate, the more you love!!


    ‘Is this a date bro? Do you like older women?’ hahaha

  • sundus


  • hello


    boys don’t stop growing until there 21
    i know boys who didn’t grow until 17/18 & justin’s only 16…actually he’s growing pretty fast because don’t forget miley is mega tall for her age, i think she must be 5’8 now…

  • hello

    no she isn’t
    she was reported as 5’4 in 2008, a lot of people now say she’s almost 5’7/’8. don;t forget her parents are mega tall so she’s likely to be tall for her age.

  • shut up and let me go

    y are paparazzi such jerks?? one word tht they need 2 learn. PRIVACY!!!

  • Ceci

    i thought justin said he didnt like miley?????

  • emma

    Miley and Justin are amazing!

  • JUSTIN_IS_A_HOTTIEE i’m in luv

    Ok I have 3 Words I LUV JUSTIN!!!! He is Hott and I like miley too. They are both awesome.

    GO JUSTIN!!!!!

    I’m in Luv with JB (not the jonas brothers)

  • bizmark

    Camera people were cracking me up laughing. That’s so funny asking Justin if he likes older women and Miley if she’s afraid of death threats. So flippin FUNNNY!! lol

  • schina

    hate them they suck lol

  • jasmine

    nope… they look weird together, oh come on!
    where are the justin bieber fanatics when we need them??
    they always say stuff like “NO!! JUSTIN BIEBER IS MINE!! ><!” or smth like that.

    anyway Miley’s too tall for him… and the “maybe”.. i guess they may want to work a song together in the future, possibly

  • http://hellene196 Hellene196

    I SO HATE U MILEY!!!!!!!
    oh my! didnt she just released a statement saying (@ justinbieber)”i’m not necessarily a fan…”
    and so what’s all this HYPOCRISY MILEY????

  • Eeella

    I love Justin and it has already been very hard since my friends think it’s uncool. If he collaborates with miley : my life is over.

  • levy rose mar

    justin i lo ve you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like your song baby and one time promise!!!!!!
    right understand

  • Julia

    Hmmmmmm…. #JUSLEY :P
    He tweeted: ‘friend’ not ‘friendS’ poor Ryan. :(

  • Sandra gonzalez

    Yo no quiero que coolaboren juntos y no =(.
    Aunque si el asi lo quiere alla el haha.

    I do not want coolaboren together and no = (. Even if you want it so Justin

  • amber

    I love the pic of Justin and Miley together :)

  • amber

    Miley and Justin looks super cute together

  • Tisha

    There not dating, he just said he was having fun with Miley, if they date in the future, the idc, but i always remembered wen people asked him if they would date, Justin answered ” NOOO shes not my type, but a good performer” i dont hate Miley but i dont like her at the same time either way, there both amazing inspirations in my opinion

  • MileyBrazil

    As much as I find the Bieber boring, always admitting that the boy sings well … not like it, but from an ugly, rude and bad actor who thinks he’s a star (Liam), I’d rather see Miley with a boy annoying, but he sings well, has the talent and success by their own means (Bieber) …
    Okay, I admit: so cute together! I never thought I say this, but both are really cute … ready, I said!
    It would be a nice duet.

  • lyss

    @hello: Actually, she is 5’4″-5’5″. Do your research. She even says it herself in interviews. And Justin is 5’3″- very premature. – I mean come one Taylor Swift is 5’11″ and Miley is much more petite than that.

  • Justinbiiiiiieberrulesss

    I don’t get how ppl like miley cyrus, she never would’ve been famous if it weren’t for her dad. Seriously, she wouldn’t even be noticed by one person , and she doesn’t have any talent.

    This is my opinion, so plzz don’t start going mad on me


  • fjfjf

    um why do they have to be discussing music, they could be on a date you never know.. but then again i don’t know there on a date, so dont assume things you don’t know.

  • gooby

    they r just a friends

  • Rosie

    @Jonas Brothers: Me too :) lol

  • sammy


    You’re joking, right? Miley is one of the richest kids in the world. And she doesn’t need to ‘coat tail’ after anyone. Ever notice how people use HER to get famous? Yeah, exactly. And stop complaining about her being famous because guess what? You’re only making her more famous.

  • sammy


    I’m betting it wasn’t a date. Miley has a boyfriend. You know that totally gorgeous Australian she’s always fawning over? And even if Miley and Liam weren’t together anymore, she could do waaay better than the Bieber kid.

  • kattalin

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    we love youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    justin you are beach!

  • http://iloovejustineeu an@ vitóri@

    Ele é o adolecênte mais gatinho do mondo todo!!!

  • swagg

    i kno i like them too

  • taylor

    i love justin not to much meiley but maybe just maybe they would look cute together….. but u never no

  • Jessica

    You should get married to Miley Cyrus.P.S.I LOVE YOU or if it is Miley you should get married to justin

  • http://isyk kesha

    Justin is SEXY

    i love you

    i love you

    i love you

  • http://isyk kesha

    Justin is SEXY
    Justin is SEXY

    i love you

  • http://isyk kesha

    justin is cool and miley

    i love you

  • vasilissa

    i love the duet they did together in his movie. Hes sooo cute !! i just hope he doesn’t do one with selena gomez ;)

  • vasilissa

    didn;t miley break up with liam . aww so sad ! they were so cute together . i love JUSTIN ! listen to his music non stop

  • lilly

    i thought justin was going out with selena gomez? hmmmm.. im confused?

  • silvia figueroa

    te amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo justin eres lo mas!!

  • http://nickyparilly@ dominick parilly

    i love you justin

  • katlin leah styles

    hes not that cute … but i think she is beautiful

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