Robert Pattinson Covers GQ South Africa

Robert Pattinson Covers GQ South Africa

Robert Pattinson stripes it up on the June 2010 cover of GQ South Africa.

While there are seldom any quotes from the 23-year-old British star, the article inside talks mostly of why and how he’s gotten huge in America as of late.

Rob and on-screen love Kristen Stewart do however talk a bit about what they’re looking forward to in Eclipse. Rob shared, “I think Bella’s little bit of treachery in the third one will be a good scene.”

Kristen added, “I’m looking forward to seeing the love triangle actually becoming a problem. We sort of innocently touch on it in New Moon, but it actually becomes something that is very real. I’ve always backed her up in her devotion to Edward. To see that falter will be interesting.”

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Photos: GQ South Africa
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  • http://@cictisha le

    Hot!…really nice

  • http://@cictisha le

    Hot!…really nice pic

  • nikki

    havent heard of him in a WHILE!

  • Cherry Jess

    Sexy. I want see Eclipse now! The love triangle..

  • gabby

    rob is soo hot! i love so much !
    Only 2 days for his b-day :D

  • http://j chelsea

    the first time i say he looks sexy

  • Chris

    what a babe!

  • saudia

    Whoa! I love it!!!! My favourite photo of RPattz :D

  • Kellie

    What am I missing??? He has a totally wonky flat nose… A vacant expression …. and greasy hair!
    Ugh… I wish this R-Patz obsession would just bloody disappear!

  • Belle

    Kelly his imperfections taken separately may not add up to you but when put together they equal VERY ATTRACTIVE to millions of ladies around the globe!!! His face is undoubtedly beautiful but even better than that it’s interesting – the type of face I could look at for hours!!!

  • Zukayi

    …I am soooooooooooo buying myself the magazine, Rob should visit South Africa! We love him!!

  • Amalie


  • Justme

    OMG ‘to morrendo aquii!!! santa perfeição Rob!! *——–* <3

  • Kristin M.

    Ugh, he’s just a disgusting, smelly, overrated, retarded, drunk looking and fugly human being. Little girls that are in love with him really have no taste whatsoever. I feel bad for you if you think this is the face of male beauty. A pretty-boy with a dazed look on his face all the time.


  • eyeh8twilight

    @Kristin M.:

    Sorry, my new name is eyeh8twilight, we’re the same person but I just switched my name.

  • Claudia

    ohh shutup! just because you dont like him doesnt mean everyone else cant, all you twilight haters think your the smartest people in the world, and everything in twilight is terrible. fact is it just different interests, you dont like it? ignore it best you can, dont involve yourself with things you hate.

  • Mani

    Good news for all Robert Pattinson fans. GQ South Africa Robert Pattinson Issue will be available @

  • Jess

    Anyone who spends as much time posting about hating Twilight as some of these haters do, really should look into some kind of anger management. I would personally never waste my time posting about something I hate when I could be spending it doing something I love. Just a thought…

  • celebrity fashion

    @Jess: You can chill out a little. I know how you feel.
    and to others please post something more useful and related to the post as much as possible.

    I like Robert’s style now than before honestly speaking. He looks hot at that picture :D Yummy!

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1


>>>>>>> staging1