Skins Coming to USA!

Skins Coming to USA!
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  • lulu

    Um, I live in the UK, and that pic ain’t “Skins”, that’s “The Cut” which is a BBC webseries x x x

  • Izzah

    :O I was just gonna say that!

  • holly

    lol same! and erm seriously MTV, skins? epic fail. People are gonna have high expectations and if it’s candy coated… :/

  • Liz.

    American Skins will be so weak. Stick to the orginals. :)

  • Grace

    Skins is awesome! and that pic ain’t Skins! lol Sorry Jared.

  • maila

    @lulu: That’s what I thought, they aren’t the cast of skins.

    MTV US should just air the original Brit series! Series one with Nicholas Hault, Mitch Hewer and Dev Patel was awsome!

  • brittany

    I live in the US and I watch the Brit series of Skins online. It’s amazing and I honestly can’t see it ever being topped here.

  • Abby850

    Once again… American filmmaking has been all about remakes and copy lately. It’s not very different in television.

  • pup

    If MTV thinks that they could honestly top the original Skins, they need to quit smoking whatever it is they’re smoking and get real! Skins series 1 was and still is the BEST.

  • assseeeeeeeeeeee


  • jen101

    im from california and i love the original Skins
    i hope mtv doesn’t ruin it but i think they might
    and i agree, they should just air the other original seasons
    they’re great

  • Samantha

    Skins shouldn’t be on Just jared jr.. for starters.

  • Avery Callaghan

    @Samantha: Good point.

    Hollywood is ruining everything AGAIN. Why can’t America let Britain have something big that they don’t have? They keep trying to top every damn thing (and failing miserably). The world doesn’t revolve around you, America, so fuck off.

    I’d bet all the money in Paris Hilton’s bank account that this pathetic attempt at a US Skins is going to be cancelled in less than a month.

  • Very Jess

    Yes. I’m agree with maila. I prefer the original & with the first cast
    Like Nicholas hault soo awesome yeah.
    “US Skins is going to be cancelled in less than a month.” Sure

  • molly

    worst idea ever! Are they at least renaming it?

  • kat

    Seriously? I am against this. The original is too amazing to be made into an American series. It wouldn’t be the same. AND I heard they’re keeping some of the character’s original names.

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