Demi Lovato Covers Girl's Life June 2010

Demi Lovato Covers Girl's Life June 2010

Demi Lovato keeps it cute on the June 2010 cover of Girl’s Life magazine.

The 17-year-old actress/singer opens up to the magazine about not trying to change for others, her famous friendships, and her summer must-haves. Check it:

On keeping it real: “I wasted a lot of time worrying about those things and trying to change for others. I could’ve saved myself a lot of self-esteem issues.”

On her friendship with Miley Cyrus: “Miley has been in the spotlight longer thatn I have, so I go to her. I can text her that I’m crying and stressed out, and she’ll reply back: ‘All right, here’s what you do.’ She’s the sweetest thing in the world.”

On Selena Gomez: “We’re both busy, and I wish the best for her. True friends don’t let their friends or family be mean to you. If you can’t trust somebody, you can’t be friends with them.”

On one of her summer must haves: “I’m looking forward to going back out [on the road] for my tour, hopefully with some of my friends. I think that would be the best ever!”

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  • jenny

    Whoooo that Selena comment…. WOW …. does that mean they are over cuz it certainly doesnt mean they’re back

  • amber

    I love Miley and Demi

  • suri

    My 2 girls favorite Miley & Demi :)

  • DelilaJune

    Her answer about Selena is weird!

  • SSR

    So selena’s family or friends was mean to demi and so demi and selena are no longer friends?????? thats stupid… I mean they were BEST FRIENDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD@!!! and I mean seriously??????? I hope they work it out!

  • ohreallynow

    That Selena comment was really uncalled for. Way to keep it classy, Demi.


  • andy


  • http://j chelsea

    demi is so inmature

  • http://- teamdemiandselena

    omg what does she mean about selena?! :(

    i want them back together!!!!
    but i think it will never happend :,(
    this is so sad..

    i love miley demi and selena ♥ i think the three of them should be BFF’s, and with taylor swift even better.

  • http://-

    TeamSelena!!! (:

  • saras

    you are amazing demi and i love your true friendship with miley. =)

  • LUCY

    I love Mem!!! It sounds like Selena wasn’t supporting her against her family. That is why Delena is no more. Long live Memi!!

  • janet

    team selena

  • tessa

    I love Memi!

  • http://-

    selena’s friends was mean to demi…?
    she is talking about taylor swift :/
    she came between them and that’s explain Demi’s “ask Taylor”.
    it seems really stupid. i thought their friendship is stronger then theat..
    it makes me really sad,
    but anyway.. i love demi very much!
    and i love selena! and miley! xD

  • ♫rosie♫

    memi sounds stupid and wow they had to photoshop demi alot to make her actually look preety where is her chin thing and wats with her being immature about selena!

  • charlotte

    i love miley and demi <33

  • http://- xXxXx

    i love demi and selena together.
    but since they are no longer friends… ithink demi is very immature,
    she is saying alot of things that she shouldn’t say and “share” with everypne!
    selena didn’t say anything wrong about her in public!
    this is stupid.. they need to settle this!

  • sara

    you are amazing demi and i love your friendship with miley. you are the best!

  • paola

    team selena too

  • http://- Edi


  • Sunlight princess

    Team DEMI, for sure.. Theres something fishy about Selena and her sudden bff Taylor Swift..

  • http://- Melly


  • Bb

    Team Miley and Demi!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    demi,gorgeous as usual! i hope they work out their friendship(selena and demi) i miss delena :(

  • tia

    team Demi

  • http://-

    @Sunlight princess: ?????
    selena has been friend with taylor swift before everything happend!
    and then they got into this stupid fight ><

  • http://- -

    team selena !

  • tia

    I think the interview was conducted a few months ago!!!
    and i’m sorry, i’m french!!

  • lalala

    awwh. i hope the tour doest kill jemi. tour killed niley and jaylor :O

  • http://- -

    Demi and Selena will NEVER be BFF’s again anymore!
    there is no way :(

  • just me

    dude if demi was really mad at taylor for coming in between the friendship of selena and demi than that’s uncalled for. especially since miley was the one who would always contact demi and not selena. probably selena felt like she was being kicked to the curb by demi and felt a better friendship with taylor and became closer. seriously friendships come and go because you realize who you are as you grow older. for me i had a best friend in high school and thought we would be friends when we get older. turns out i found out she is not what she appears to me when i was in high school. being in college i found more of myself and found that she was this person who lied to so many people. but with demi and selena they grew up in the business realizing what they want and believe on how to live their lives in the public. demi is more open and selena is more private to the public so they are totally different. it does suck that they aren’t friends anymore cause their friendship is so rare. but they would always care for each other no matter what even though they aren’t as close as before. i know if my “ex” best friend needs to talk i’ll be there for her because we were friends for so long and it’s hard to not care. if you know what i mean

  • Ally

    HAhaha… see? Demi knows Miley’s the best. haha..just kidding. sometimes people just grow apart. Happens all the time. The world won’t end because Selena is no longer Demi’s bff. Team Miley forever. That girl rocks.

  • tia

    and Demi is gorgeous!!!!

  • http://- ~~~

    i love demi.
    team selena!

  • http://-

    @just me: you are so right…
    man, this whole story between sel and demi makes me feel really bad!!! :(

  • linda

    i dont knw why you guys like miley she is racist sucks at singing and acting gives lap dances to old men (her newest scandal )and when she finally apologizes it is super fake i love demi but she is gonna turn into miley sooner or later which is why i hope they fight and she makes up with selena she actually knows how to behave!

  • ashytisdalefan

    memi!! :D
    and selena wow
    I’m guessing friends/family of sels were being mean?

  • steph

    Eh, I’ve never been a big fan of Demi. I mean, it’s fine for her and Selena to grow apart, that happens. But why does she have to make little subtle hints about their fight? She’s just adding fuel to the fire by saying she doesn’t trust Selena. That’s just out of line and I’m sure Selena isn’t going to appreciate it. It just annoys me.. I feel like Demi makes these little comments in order to gain more attention. Not attractive in the least and definitely won’t help her in gaining my respect. She’ll always be a Jonas Brother’s coattail rider to me.

  • evielou8

    woah first brenda and trace and now demi’s reason about her and selena not being friends anymore…..i should really check JJJ more often to find out whats going on!!! v shocked at both!!!

  • lulu

    people, we don’t know what happened between them, don’t choose sides- it’s their lives!

  • http://-

    @steph: yeah!
    i like demi but she is not acting very well.
    but selena is great
    and when she talks about it, she doesn’t says bad things..
    it seems like demi is upset but i’m sure that selena’s family/friends wasn’t really “mean” to her! and there is a reason why she feels like that.
    but she definitely shouldn’t say what she said like that! :/

  • http://- Me

    @lulu: you right!
    they are both awesome! together or not!
    they have their reasons why they are no longer friends and it’s not our business!

  • mary

    Miley and Demi are gorgeous

  • Emily

    That comment about Sel was a bit uncalled for. Honestly, I think this is ridiculous. There’s no way anyone can say it’s Taylor Swift’s fault. Obviously I’m a bit biased because I love TSwift, but I love Sel & Demi, too. But if they’re true friends, they wouldn’t let someone break up their friendship. I honestly think Taylor & Selena got close because Taylor was close to Miley, and everyone, and, honestly, I dont’ remember how Sel & Tay met. People go their separate ways all of the time. Selena and Taylor were friends prior to the whole Demi/Selena thing. And Taylor was friends with Miley (& still is), and Demi (they were seen a few times, like on a boat or at a hockey game). So I don’t know what’s going on.

  • nathalia

    “If you can’t trust somebody, you can’t be friends with them.” uh uh :(

  • Jessica

    Honestly, this made me think alot about what could have happened between Demi and Selena. It’s their own buisness, but we all know it has got to have something to do with Taylor (Because that “Ask Taylor thing, which was, sorry Demi, really immature!)
    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Demi is dating Joe, who broke up with Taylor over then phone, remember?
    Maybe Taylor started being mean towards Demi and Selena choose Taylor.
    I really thought their friendship was stronger than that, they’ve known each other for so long. But friends fight, everybody needs some breathing space.
    I just hope they become friends again (:

  • lorettagallo

    Demi all the way!!!!!!! you rule!!!!i love you :D

  • kc

    I think Demi talked too much. i love her but she has to learn that she can be honest while keeping it classy…she just should have said “We’re both busy, and I wish the best for her”. She cant say all those things and then in the same interview say that she likes to keep her life private, doesnt make sense at all.
    I hope she doesnt become the kind of girl who talks about her private life in all the magazines just to stay famous… those kind of people are such a jokes and no one takes them seriously.

  • SL

    Team Demi all the way. all you ppl either need to say something good about demi or get of this page yea =]

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