Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers: Good Morning America!

Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers: Good Morning America!

The Jonas Brothers sandwich in their BFF Demi Lovato as they chat about their upcoming summer tour on Good Morning America Thursday morning (May 13).

Kevin shared, “We’re headed back out on the road with Demi, Jonas Brothers and our friends from Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. It will be a blast. We’ll be bringing the movie to life every where we go. We’re really excited about it.”

Also, be sure to tune into Radio Disney for ticket giveaways!

Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato – Good Morning America – 05/13
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  • nathalia

    ohhhh, I love them

  • rockets23

    look the ‘lovebirds’ are not sitting right next to each other lol… kinda over them they are getting kinda overkilled and mainstream

  • Deen

    love them too, i really hope they come to latin america!

  • janet

    kevin looking soo hott

  • Sierra

    I hope they are together, forever and ever.I’m so team Jemi!!!!!!!

  • Katrina

    Love Nick in this interview.

  • Diana

    Love Demi, looking gorgeous as usual
    she´s the best <3


    Love Demi´s outfit she looks so pretty

  • Heather

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  • Julia

    demi is beautiful.
    i love their faces when he asks joe & demi about touring.

  • anonymous

    Dating someone you work with or tour with is not usually a good idea!! Their is so much inter dating amongst the Disney stars that it must get very awkward when you break up and you “friend” starts dates your ex etc etc. Lots of drama and complications I think.

  • Mika

    Sorry, but Demi’s voice is SO irrating. Not her singing voice but her everyday normal tone. I can’t stand it.

  • Bethany


    Janet, amen! Kevin looks mega hot

  • rachel

    @Mika: i agree, her voice is really high-pitched and painful to the ears, specially when shes laughing but i do like her singing tho =)

  • Amanda

    @rachel: Oh my god! I know~!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    I wonder why JEMI didn’t sit next to each other.. Well anyway, I just hope that on their upcoming tour, there will not be soo much JEMI cheesy moments, ’cause what we want are their new songs!! I love the JEMI though.. :)


    love Jemi :):)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Mika: @Mika: it’s hard to tell that Demi’s voice irritates you guys when u continue to watch vids with her in them. Makes perfect sense. *SARCASM *

  • GossipGirl

    That light makes Demi look tanned. Or maybe she went tanning again?

  • Maika

    whos actually going to the tour? personally i wouldnt spend my money unless its a hsm tour. they can actually act and sing.

  • ruth del colegio trilce

    ami me gusta mucho la idea de que demi lovato &joe jonas sean novios son tan lindos como los quiero igual como a la pareja de selena gomes&nick jonas mua besos

  • lauren plus justin=LOVE

    omg I LOVE THEM! mite b goin 2 c them on tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stef

    her voice is kinda annoying fer sure fer sure :)

  • Champaddictions

    Haha Demi and Joe didn’t sit next to each other. Lolz. They’re a great couple.

  • Champaddictions

    @mika, I agree but it’s not that irritating. She’s amazing. And I think everybody has a different voice.

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