Power Rangers Morph Onto Nickelodeon

Power Rangers Morph Onto Nickelodeon

Go Go Power Rangers!

Creator Haim Saban is bringing back his ’90s superheroes back to television, L.A. Times reports.

Saban bought back the rights from Disney and just inked a new deal with Nickelodeon to produce new episodes of the popular series. New episodes are slated to premiere in 2011.

“I think this property has significant legs going forward if it’s in an environment where it is nurtured and supported as opposed to being part of a huge portfolio. I think ‘Power Rangers’ can flourish and be more impactful than it has been for the past five years,” Saban shared.

The series originally followed a team of teenagers with attitude are recruited and try save Angel Grove from the evil witch Rita Repulsa and later Lord Zedd Emperor of all he sees and their horde of monsters.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Power Rangers coming back?

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  • Ashley

    Oh my god. Thank you so much. I use to watch it when i was a kid and i dressed up as the pink power ranger on ‘halloween’ one time

  • http://www.momo-coleman.net Sarah

    This was totally my TV show as a kid. But do they really need to beat a dead horse?

  • Quedgirl

    I remember the original Power Rangers and I remember Loving it too I wonder what the new one will be like

  • emily

    hmm i’m glad saban bought it back from disney… since it started to suck ever since disney bought it.. but idk.. i think power rangers has run its course and it’s time for it to end..

  • http://www.nickandmore.com Bryan Alford (Nick and More!)

    It’s wonderful news! BTW, the series already 700 episodes will start to air this fall on Nickelodeon’s digital network, Nicktoons.

  • diane n.

    @Ashley: me too! haha, i remember i kept taking off the mask because i couldn’t breathe. -_-”
    i loved power rangers, but is it really necessary to come out with new episodes?

  • Darius

    XD, power rangers was around when I was a baby (1991) and its still around when my son is a baby :(

  • Jade

    Instead of making new episodes, I think they should start re-airing the old, original episodes of the first couple of Power Rangers seasons. I haven’t seen those since I was a kid, so it’d be great to see them again. haha.

  • http://www.nickandmore.com Bryan Alford (Nick and More!)

    @Jade: They will. The original series will be airing this fall on Nicktoons (one of Nickelodeon’s digital channels).

    Power Rangers has been going with new episodes each year, up to last year. 2010 is the first year with no new Power Ranger episodes. The show already has a whopping 700 EPISODES in the bag. The new series (with 20 episodes) will be coming to Nickelodeon/Nicktoons next year (2011).

  • http://justjaredjr.com ?

    i love that show am so excited to see it again =)

  • Eric

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!!!!! YES! GO NICKELODEON!

  • xonnel

    Eventhough I agree with some people to a degree that Power Rangers has run its course (the same formula is employed in every season), I also happen to think it’s great that a classic is going to be brought back to our screens.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/compuaid/index.htm Ather

    About time. Stupid Disney canceled it. Oh well, so we miss it for one year.

  • scorpius07

    @Sarah: All the Power Rangers incarnations are based off of the Japanese Super Sentai series, where they create a new theme, a new group and new powers every year.

    @Quedgirl: Before Disney stopped producing new episodes, the Super Sentai series next in line to be adapted into Power Rangers was Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. This will undoubtedly become the next incarnation.

    @Jade: Disney IS actually doing that, although they’ve “remastered” it, which pretty much means they’ve added a bunch of unnecessary effects that doesn’t at all provide improvements on the super old footage.

  • Danny McDonald

    The Power is Morphinomenal!

  • nkeeyah

    I wasn’t born until ’93 but I loved the original series! I am so stoked for this. My fave season recently was S.P.D.

  • GossipGirl

    I hope the start re airing all the ones before Power Rangers SPD . The rest of the series after them kind of suck. I think the best Rangers were Mighty Morphin and Time Force :)

  • Alfredo


  • http://twitter.com/impalababe94 Niki Gasiewski

    I still watch old episodes of power rangers so if its any good il approve otherwise fail BUT if they have the jason david frank(original green and white ranger) in it like they did with dino thunder back in 2004 i think then i will mark it as good lol hes 36 and still cute! and maybe since its not disney it will be less racist/anti-sematic/sexist

  • http://henshingrid.blogspot.com/ Lavender ranger

    To clarify, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started in 1993 and Disney is currently re-airing the episodes with comic book-like graphics on ABC. Disney owned Power Rangers from 2003 to 2010, none were anti-Semitic, in fact we had our first Jewish Ranger in the SPD season.

  • http://justjaredjr simone

    go go power rangers [ha ha]

  • Johnny

    All right thank u so much for Brinnginng the POwer rangers backs with a neW season and a new movie sence 1997. I always watch them whe I was little my favorite season was Turbo.

  • Ash

    I was the original yellow ranger for halloween once. =p My ggma cut slits into the mouth section so I could breath. =p
    I love me some Jason! =D

  • http://EricaJ0nas Erica

    I was thinking about downloading the show a while ago!
    I wonder how the show will turn out, I loved this when I was a kid xD!

  • http://www.twitter.com/OHHALLISON allison

    WIN!!!!!!!!!! :D <3
    I don’t care if I’m fifteen now, or if they’re “beating a dead horse,” this is just a freggin’ EPIC WIN!
    Way to go, Nick, Way to go!

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nkeeyahdunn nkeeyah

    After S.P.D the seasons got pretty and i stopped caring.

  • Moou

    Woo Hoo!! Go Power Rangers!

  • Anonymous

    Whether it is Disney, Saban, or any one of the companies owning the Power Rangers franchise, the Power Rangers TV series is just way too lame, season after season, year after year. Why even bother to revive it? Why can’t Disney and/or Saban create their own “Super Sentai” series? Why do they need to use the foreign sources (in this case, it is based the Japanese Tokusatsu TV series) to create such shows, which could lead to certain copyright violations? Wouldn’t it be much easier to do the complete voice-overs rather than hiring actors to produce such TV series? It is already proven to be a waste of time and energy no matter who owns the franchise, both Disney and Saban had made a mockery of the aforementioned Japanese original work, by composing nonsensical storylines and plots for each season, which really had offered nothing much to be interested, especially when viewers find out that such TV series is a blatant rip-off of the aforementioned foreign sources. Just the drop the franchise altogether, and allow the aforementioned Japanese TV series to be aired through one of the cable channels with English subtitles or dubbings, instead.

  • Taylorswiftroxx13

    Wowww. I used to looove Power Rangers when i was like 5, and now im 16.. I cant believe they’re finally bringing it back. I probably wont watch it, since i didnt even watch the newer ones on ABC kids. I only liked the original. Oh well… It’d be cool if they brought back the old re runs just for fun :) Just a though ;)
    p.s. i was a red one for halloween in the 2nd grade :) lol

  • Taylorswiftroxx13

    p.s.s i also stopped caring for them when i turned like 10. lol xD

  • Sarahbear6391

    @Bryan Alford (Nick and More!): Do you know when this fall their gonna start airing the original series of power rangers?

  • http://website cody

    i love power rangers

  • marcelo

    ahhhhh q bom saudade de ver… ainda me lebro quando tinha 3 anos quando usava a roupa do tommy ranger verde do power rangers morpihng

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