Vanessa Hudgens: NYLON Party with Zac Efron!

Vanessa Hudgens: NYLON Party with Zac Efron!

Zac Efron keeps hold of girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens at the star-studded Young Hollywood Event at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel on Wednesday (May 12).

Nylon Magazine and YouTube presented a poolside celebration hosted by cover girls Vanessa, Ashley Greene and Portia Doubleday.

Van (in Vera Wang and Sutra Jewels diamond bangles) told that she’s excited for Rent, director (and Beastly costar) Neil Patrick Harris called her to meet up soon, and rehearsals start soon!

Zanessa‘s BFF Ashley Tisdale also came out to support! 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Alexandra Wyman; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Ashley

    They are so beautiful together. Hope they get married some time in the future!

  • patry91

    they are so adorable! she looks amazing! Thanks JJJ!

  • curiositykilledthecat

    I love them together. She looks amazing.

  • Sarah

    oh my gosh! they are still together! wow…why don’t they get married already? just sayin…

  • ilyzanesssa

    they look adorable!!

  • ilovevanessa!

    so cute!
    I LOVE them.

  • Princessvanessahsm

    vanessa looks very cute!!!!!!

  • lulu

    she’s pretty but she needs to stop the pouting and posing! just smile vanessa it’s gorgeous!

  • so pretty

    girl next door!!!

  • Carol


    Love them!

  • rachel

    omg!!! so cute =) <3 zanessa

  • Boji

    Zac, you keep a tight grip on Vanessa now, you hear! Well, so pleasing to the eye this lovely picture of our beautiful couple.

  • Trina

    What an awesome picture and loving pose. Love both their looks. Vanessa has cheek bones to die for and a beautiful neck. She should wear her hair up more often. And Zac looks like he has his hair combed back in an old Hollywood style.

  • Yamunah


  • Tiffany

    So beautiful. And they’re such a precious couple. I hope they seriously last forever because they’re probably the best example of true love there is.

  • vz

    they look soo cute,love them so much
    can’t wait for more pix

  • Tata

    Vanessa looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! love purple coulor on her!!! THE BEST LOOK EVER!!!

  • lovezanessa

    wow!Vanessa is so so so amazing. The most beautiful pictures of baby V. Zac is, too. Can’t wait Zanessa at MTV Movie Awards 2010. They’re really a cute couple. Love them so much!^^

  • Jj

    I want a girl like Vanessa :(

  • skyhigh95

    So cute!
    Wait, am i do only one thinks that zac’s hair reminds me of shia labeouf?
    Anyways, loves V’s dress

  • young Money

    these two better reproduce (sometime in the future obv)… it would be wrong if they didn’t…
    but anyway in the words of her adorable boyfriend she’s lookin gorgeous as always :)

  • Duuumm

    Zac looks like hes about to fall asleep. He looks sooooo tired, maybe from csc reshoots today?

  • Kro

    they look amazing together, love V’S style

  • Dee

    She doesn’t look very good. And I really, really don’t like that smile thing she does but that’s her face! So whatever she usally looks really nice. And Zac looks strange as well! lol Sorry. They’re a hot couple maybe it was just an off night.

  • Joanne Marie

    LOVE THEM!!! AMazing couple!!! XD

  • adrienne

    I think they both look adorable, I wish Zac would atleast smile. When you click the pictures and make them full sized you can totally see Zac’s chest hair lol, sorryz being observant.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Gorgeous, such a lovely and beautiful couple Zanessa are <3
    Love them and purple is my fave colour, looks amazing on Vanessa <3

  • (:



    and ashley looks ugly as always

  • rocks

    They look adorable as always
    love zanessa <3

  • Trina

    I want to see a full pose of Vanessa in that lovely dress and what kind of shoes she’s wearing.

  • alec

    Love vanessa’s dress!!! <3

  • ‘rina

    Nessa,Zac and Ashley all looking hot

  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    Van look beautiful as always,and i love her dress.She is the most gorgeous girl.I wish shewould come to SouthAfrica maybe for a vacation we have amazing places.what was her answer to our question JJJ.can* wait for Beastly and SP

  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    They look beautiful together.i love what van is wearing and her hair,make-up,her curves fit well in that dress.she is a beautiful girl and they seriously would make one of fuckin beautiful baby,they genes are the best,which left me wonder if van is even5% indian.coz im one and she would fit in perfectly with my family or maybe her grandparents are one.cant wait for Beastly and SP

  • musicgirl

    wow.. she looks so AMAZING! love her dress she looks pretty in purple:) and zac is HOT as Always;)

  • Shell

    Vanessa is so pretty but that thing she does with her mouth isn’t cute Vanessa Please Just Smile you look so much prettier. Stop It !!!:) lol Live You Nessa!!

  • Boji

    For those of you who don’t know Vanessa like we do, then it is not surprising that you don’t find anything exceptional about her. Just take the time and trouble to look up her achievements and background and then go figure. Perhaps, only then will you know what makes her stand out amongst all the other pretty faces out there. It is her personality amongst other superficial things, get it?!

  • Joochi

    These pictures are great, they’ve both grown up very well. They are a perfect example of true love and have endured alot together. So young and so mature the both of them.

  • rawan
  • http://n/a Nicole

    Awww young and in love I hope they have a life time of happiness together they look amazing

  • xoxo.s

    Dont really like the dress, actually hate the dress haah. But Vanessa looks great with this High-up bun thing. stunning
    Cute Couple as always. She is half philipino so she proably did voodoo on Zac to make him stay with her forever hahaha….kidding. sort of…..

  • Vanessafan

    Vanessa looks so sexy!!!! Love the dress!



  • http://deleted saniya


    hey u r Indian.?.even i m one…nice to find someone of my country…r u on twitter?

  • ANNE.

    They look sooooo cute together! This made my day <3

  • Boji

    #41 You may be a fan but why is it so hard to believe that Zac is into Vanessa for who she is and not her Voodoo charm. Next thing you’ll be telling us is that she’s put a hex on all of us fans. So what if she is half filipino?! It doesn’t mean a thing. For most of us fans, it is not about her race but her resilience in the face of adverse publicity and hard work, her family values, not forgetting her talent and her personality which shines through that have made us her fans. To top it off, we mustn’t forget that she has a hot bf in tow. If I came across strong, my apologies but I don’t see what race has got to do with it.

  • misty

    she looks great as allways gogogo vanessa

  • http://yahoo lyn

    WOW!! she’s a drop dead gorgeous

  • mi-mi

    LOVE THE LOOK Vanessa but the hair…The baddest hairlook of Vanessa so far..She looks like some.. Geisha? Still love her but OMG

  • Jilly

    not really feeling the dress, but she is stunning!