Demi Lovato is Press Junket Pretty

Demi Lovato is Press Junket Pretty

Demi Lovato looks over her shoulder as she arrives at the Disney and ABC Television Group Summer press junket at ABC in Burbank, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (May 15).

The 17-year-old “Here We Go Again” singer spent some time with her buds The Jonas Brothers before heading back to Texas to keep a kindergarten promise to her friend Nolan: PROM!

Demi tweeted a pic with her in a lovely red number, saying, “A promise made in kindergarten finally coming true.. Prom with @nolannard!!!”

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • leticia


  • yvaila

    she’s her!!

  • Jess

    She looks exhausted, but gorgeous nonetheless!

  • http://crazy4selgomez Anwen

    Uggh! I hate her..

  • jemilover

    She looks tired! hahaha


    LOVE HER <3, she looks kinda tired, but beautiful as always
    i wouldn´t be abble to do anything if i don´t get some sleep, hope demi get some rest this weekend

  • shannon :)

    imagine being at prom.. then like o HEY THERES DEMI LOVATO

  • Diana

    Love the outfit and i want that shoes, aww is so cute Demi & Nolan friendship, wish i had a friend like Demi, she´s an Amazing person

  • Andrea

    The first pic is so Demi, she always does that pose
    Love it, she´s my idol, my love for her has not end <33

  • tom


  • Jessica

    She is so cute! Can I just say how much more adorable she looks with those freckles?!! :)

  • Dana

    She is a really pretty girl and she seems cool <3 LOVE HER

  • lorettagallo

    i Love demi! i wish demi is my friend! :)

  • xoxo

    Gorge… even w/o sleep… She’s blessed like that :) Love her! And those freckles on her nose are just adorable! xxx.

  • mariana

    she has that ring again. mmmmmm

  • GossipGIRl

    ugh, she’s killing me with her flawlessness

  • ryl

    BEAUTIFUL…but tired eyes

  • Tinker

    @Jessica: Yes I was thinking the same thing I love her freckles.

  • oopsie

    She is GORGEOUS!! Just seeing this post after the one about Taylor really makes you appreciate Demi’s beauty. No Offense to taylor fans. Demi is just a natural.

  • Darius

    I love Demi, but she kind of looks more like “Mommy Lovato” in these pics. I’m 19, but I’d feel the need to say “Excuse me ma’am.” before speaking to her.

  • linzy

    she looks so pretty!

  • http://N ASAD AFSAR


  • tia

    shes gorgeous!!
    love her!

  • demiisthebest

    So beautifullll!
    i love her she’s awesome
    Demi ALL THE WAY!

  • darlene

    wow, she looks stunning without the white compact. LOVE THIS LOOK. you can actually SEE her cute freckles ;) but yet, looking tired. poor girl. all your HARDWORK will pay off Demi. you are amazing. first your south america concerts are sold stepss…USA, then the world ;) CAN DO?? of course. LOVEYOUUUU!

  • darlene


    i know right!
    poor girl is working sooo HARD.
    we know it’ll all pay off in the long run.
    love DEMI :)

  • demi all the WAY

    She looks Tired
    But she’s still PRETTY

    Love love her

  • The Lass

    Wow, shes so pretty, love her style. OMG. She rocks, i cant believe shes going to PROM. Ahahah.

  • liltwist#1

    ass-chin hahahahhahahaha she’s the ugliest disney chick!

  • hazel

    she’s wearing the ring again.the diamond ring. she’s been wearing that after joe and her went to disneyland

  • Angy

    She looks gorgeous!!love her <3

  • Robyn


  • Ella

    I know now what is Demi’s trade mark pose! And it’s looking over her shoulder.. ;)

  • sam

    she is a really pretty girl and has a gorgeous smile…This girl get hotter and hotter with the years <3

  • Kid

    She’s wearing THAT ring again ;)

  • heidi

    i like her
    but i feel sorry for her
    because joe is a douchebag
    he wanted to date her when she started to care about her body..
    i’m sorry demi

  • linda

    @oopsie: are you serious demi lovato a natural beauty are you blind taylor swift is beautiful and without make up looks goregous still. why do you think demi never endorses beauty products cause she aint beautiful and dosent get chosen to look natural and didnt make the list cause if she had they would have photoshoped her big time proving my next time you want to bash someone let it be miley or some other stupid star but not someone who is a million times more succesful and beautiful than demi cause she aint nothing if it wasnt for the jobros or selena!

  • Makayla

    Demi has been amazingly beautiful lately (: love her!

  • alyson


    whoa, chill out. Have you seen Taylor Swift without makeup on, I’m sorry but it’s horrid. Her Teen vogue shoot made me laugh, also do you know that Taylor Swift curls her hair EVERY single day. I’m sorry, but natural beauty doesn’t scream having to work hard at your appearance every day. Now, Demi can dress down or dress up and still look wonderful. Sometimes she wears that really white makeup, which i’m not a fan of, and it makes her look sorta like a Vampire but when she goes natural, such as right now, she looks BEAUTIFUL! (i’m not saying she isn’t wearing makeup right now but she’s wearing very little, you can tell because you can see her freckles now)

    Don’t get me wrong Taylor Swift is beautiful aswell as Demi Lovato but too me it seems like Taylor has to be made up more in order to look the way she does. I’m not bashing Taylor by any means, she is successful and very kind-hearted.

    Also, to be honest, yes Demi had help from the Jonas Brothers and Selena when getting famous. But there is no doubt in my mind that she would have made it without them. They just gave her a little boost. She auditioned for Camp Rock and got the part and she has an amazing voice. Please don’t bash Demi just because Taylor’s more “successful” than her. Demi is by far a better singer than Taylor and Demi also writes her own music, as does Taylor. We can’t compare them because they have different qualities.

    Anyways, Demi looks wonderful here. Less is more. Beautiful. :)

  • Cris

    @linda: angry much?

    She was just letling people know her opinion.
    IN MY OPINION, Demi is 100% times more beautiful than Taylor, I think taylor has a great voice and her songs are good, I dont like her in concerts and I like her, but I wouldnt go after her if I see her,

    Demi in the other hand, I think shes true to herself (not saying Taylor is not) and Her songs, voice, concerts and EVERYTHING doing with her being a musician is amazing.

    I’ve seen pics of taylor with no makeup on, and yeah, shes beautiful, but so is Demi, I’ve seen her too with no makeup and shes gorgeous,
    not becuz she likes to put makeup on mean shes UGLY, comm’on.

  • Cris

    @hazel: I know right?!?!
    Im so happy they are making this pretty serious, She is falling for him really quick and so I him,
    you just have to see him in pics staring at her, hes like a puppy…

    All I can see when I see them is really deal, and for all those people who are going to tell me its for PR, save it, Im a Jemi believer.

  • The Lass

    Ditto. I mean hes so in love with her. Its scary. The way he stares its so intense, i dont think they are falling in love too quickly. They have known each other for YEARS. There was always that spark. Everyone on CR knows that their chemistry is out of this world. And I am a Jemi shipper too. XD

  • S


  • stupidfans

    Put Demi Lovato and Taylor SWift in a singing contest and who do you think will win? Yeah thats what I thought.

  • so pretty

    shes cute. but normal cute..just like any girl on the street cute..its funny how just cuz a person is famous fans think they r gorgeous

  • swiftfan

    Put demi and Taylor in a contest to see who sells more albums lets see who wins?

    sorry that’s how the business works and Taylor has that IT factor that even when there are vocalists a lot better than her (ex. kelly clarkson, carrie underwood…) they don’t have the same success because they are missing that something.

  • Darius


    Would that “something” be an extremely large, yet gullible tween fanbase who convince mommy and daddy to by them poor TayTay’s album because they relate to her after mean old Kanye and Jonas hurt her feelings?

  • sherri

    taylor been know for years 2006-2007, with her hit Tim Mcgraw. taylor has class an creativity and good mangement skills common sense something demi is kinda lacking right now. demi still acts childlike, she doesnt show restrain and grace in bad situations. she is a great singer and thats what she needs to sell, instead of pointing out others flaws.

  • olivia

    @alyson: wow, no one has ever put it a better way. I agree with you completely.

  • yoyo


    Swifty has class okay somehting what that demi doesn’t even know!
    Taylor is a good singer and has better songs!
    Demi is an attentionwh0re all the time with the jonas!
    She will never be succesful like Miley Taylor or Selena!..maybe in her DREAMS!

    And Taylor is billion times prettier okay????Every normal person who can see knows it!