Selena Gomez: Inside Ramona & Beezus

Selena Gomez: Inside Ramona & Beezus

Selena Gomez takes you inside the set of Ramona and Beezus in this first video from the movie’s official Facebook.

The 17-year-old actress, wearing a dark A|X tee, stars as older sister Beezus in the film about the misadventures of young grade schooler Ramona Quimby (Joey King) from Beverly Cleary‘s popular children’s book series.

Ramona and Beezus hits theaters on July 23rd. Check it out below:

Inside Ramona & Beezus, Video #1
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  • so pretty

    her looks are so plain.

  • dude

    she’s a cutie. can’t wait for more sneak peaks!

  • Cassie

    Isnt she the cutest actress? Luv her!!!
    July is gonna be an exciting month as Sel returns home, her movie and clothing line come out. OMG I cant wait :)

  • Jenny Lambert

    @so pretty: It’s Called The Natural Look. She’s a Natural Beauty I Think. Better Than Heavily Made Up Celebs Who Look Awful.

  • BeliebinGomez

    aaawww luv her smile!!!
    Best actress in Disney ;)

  • damn

    @so pretty:

    her looks are GORGEOUS!

  • breezy

    I hate Disney and all but this gurl is just awsome!

  • keera

    she is coming in big screen movies unlike that other disney emo chick who’s still doing Disney movies n dating a teen crush to get attention & fame!
    Selena is sooooo talented and beautiful! Next Angelina Jolie :D

  • dhy

    selena is SO cute there! especially when she tried to scared Ramona, hahaha..

  • Jasmin

    COOL! Can’t wait 4 more!

    @so pretty:

    Yeah, sometimes but that’s what makes her look real and it shows Selena being Selena.
    Honestly Demi and Miley, you can actually see the Make-up mask on them. lol. jk. But I still love both of them, but I love Selena a little bit more^^

  • AJ

    Joey King is like the cutest little girl ever.

  • Tiffany

    <3 Selena!!!!!!!!!! Get all of her clothes here

  • pauli

    yayyy sooo happy and so excited!!! cant wait for this amazing movie!!!!

  • pauli

    @Cassie totally agree wit you!!! shes super cute, gorgeous, talented and amazing… shes the best disney actress ever!!! and really cant wait for all her upcoming projects;)

  • pauli

    btw @Jasmin youre so right…. besides selena has natural beauty she doesnt need makeup or wears a lot of things, she always looks gorgeous whatever she wear….

  • Marissa

    Cant wait for the movie!! Btw Selena ALWAYS looks gorgeous, she doesnt need tons of makeup or wear inappropiate clothes to look beautiful :)

  • linda

    @so pretty: she is a natural goregous beauty she isnt pale white with tons of makeup and dosent were ripped clothes to get attention if you know what i mean. she isnt fake like other people which is why everyone should love her

  • hamza

    cant wait!!! omg so excited for the movie yayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jon

    I just realized why they gave “Naturally” for Selena to sing. She is truly beautiful NATURALLY.

  • liltwist#1

    Whoah! If her cutness and beauty could kill…We all were dead :D
    You gotta love this girl :D

  • Just my opinion!

    @keera: No! please keep Angelina Jolie out of this. It’s a kid movie that caters to kids, when she does films that cater to the adults then we will see where she stands in the acting category.

  • nodisneyplz

    @Just my opinion!:

    I think she meaned the success that angelina has :D

    Selena is so cute the only disney chick I like :D

  • alicia

    cute video, I can’t wait for this movie!!

  • yoyo

    @keera: omg ur so right demi is nowhere close to selena sel is a super star now

  • kk13

    not a big fan of disney but Demi, Bridgit( Mendler) and her are awesomful!

  • tasie123

    who is your favorite: zac efron, chace crawford, robert pattinson, or taylor lautner????

  • selena

    i love selena she’s the best.

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