Demi Lovato: Camp Rock 2 Press Pretty!

Demi Lovato: Camp Rock 2 Press Pretty!

Demi Lovato smirks for the camera as she arrives in New York City on Monday (May 17).

The 17-year-old Sonny starlet and the Jonas Brothers (including boyfriend Joe Jonas) are in town to do press for their upcoming summer flick, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. interviewed Demi and played a fun game with her. Pics and video soon!

JJJ also saw CR2 earlier today and JEMI fans won’t be disappointed!!!

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Evelyn

    man, you all are lucky, everybody else has to wait for September. Disney needs to move the date up or something

  • Kelly

    yeahhh i was the first tweeting this post !!!!!!!
    & I loveee demi shes looks so georgeus!!

  • amber

    wow. i have the same exact shirt.

  • Just Jared

    @amber: Where’s it from?

  • amber

    @Just Jared: urban outfitters

  • Just Jared

    @amber: It’s cute!

  • Melissa

    did demi fly into JFK airport?

  • Andrea

    Oh my beautiful LOVATO, i can´t tell how much I LOVE YOU
    You´re my inspiration and my idol

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    loveee her..stop the hate!


    She´s so gorgeous, can´t wait for camp rock 2 so excited
    Demi you´re the best don´t forget that

  • Diana

    Demi is a really strong girl, i admire her so much, the way she face the haters is so mature, props to Demi i love her and always will no matter what TEAM LOVATO 4LIFE

  • nice old lady

    She looks tired, but pretty and happy.
    Cannot believe anyone would hate on this girl, she has an amazing spirit despite all the pressures she has to cope with at such a young age. Totes inspired by her strength.

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous!!

  • Sarah

    She looks great =) I wonder what book she’s reading.

  • Gabrielle

    she looks really pretty as always, but i wish disney would move up the date for camp rock 2 cause september 3rd is too long to wait and not even that much summer anymore

  • Caro

    Ahh I really can’t wait for camp rock 2!!
    “JEMI fans won’t be disapointed”
    Well… Jemi fan here!!
    love them both!

  • Evelyn

    @Gabrielle: I know, me too, man why did they decide to premiere it in September anyway? They should have made the premiere date in the end if June or sometime in July

  • shannon :)

    its pouring raining in ny sweetheart prob shouldnt have worn shorts

  • Tiffany

    what book is she reading?

  • candy

    yuck, she really needs a fashion haul. Anyone who thinks black boots with BLACK LEATHER shorts and a cheap-lookin patterned forever 21 blouse is insane. Demi its may, i dare u to wear anything other than leather and puke grey.

  • Cris

    @candy: ok, FYI just shallow people are all “YOU CANT WEAR THAT, WITH THAT”
    im telling you, it looks GOOD, and thats enough, gosh! who cares if shes wearing black leather with a forever 21 blouse. “Thats just her”

    Ok haters, are haters… I just cant get why people were ALL about how “jemi should be together” and now suddendly they hate HER, becuz they love HIM, but hate her, its freaking annoying.

    I love her, shes amazing And i dont care what everyone might say (im not reading it anyways)

  • Shibby!

    She’s reading the same book as I am, how weird! Its called, If I stay.


    she’s soooo beautiful!♥ hey! more jemi PLEASE♥

  • Cris

    I think shes reading one from Nicholas Sparks…
    Im guessing though, I think I saw the back somewhere.

  • Lyss

    She looked Beautiful. awww :) and I actually love what she’s wearing. some Haters just had to criticize what’s she’s wearing. God Grow up. let her do what she want.

  • bella

    demi she is the best
    I love camp rock 2
    demi she is beautifull

  • stupidfans

    Demi’s amazing. She’s a very strong girl. There are many haters out there but then she is surrounded with amazing family and friends that’ll support and help her. :)

  • http://j chelsea

    @amber: me too

  • coolio

    Demi is flawless. Love how strong she is and how real she is. If she’s happy she will show it and if she is mad she will show it. She does not put up a front what she think people want.

  • darlene

    Demi has a strong support system aka her FAMILY, the JONAS family, close friends, and of course the LOYAL fans. What haters say, will only make her stronger.

    Other than that, i agree with majority of you on this post..She looks beautiful after a few days w/o sleep :) and what book is she reading?! oh well , just know..WE LOVE DEMI & support her no matter what. All her hard work is paying off. She DESERVES to be happy :)

    & i know she already is ;)

    anyway..i’m done PREACHING the truth :) don’t waste your time trying to tell me otherwise. idc. i’m just another fan in the crowd.
    LOVE ya demi :)

  • candy

    aint nobody hatin on demi. Why every time somebody make a comment that doesnt say that shes perfect like all of u say, it’s hate? I actually like demi. I just wish she would dress like herself. she needs to find a stylist that gets her and choose clothing that flatters her not make her look pedestrian. But i think she’s beautiful just needs to upgrade her wardrobe a bit

  • julia

    does anyone know what book she’s reading?

  • pandora

    Dont hate her just want to see the end of Camp Lame and all the PR and want her to shut up about her and Joe. OK we know you are dating but dont have to gush to any and everyone like a silly starstruck kid – oh but you are a starstruck kid. Joe needs to go back to dating classy women his own age.

  • darlene


    OH stfu.
    i’m guessing you’ve never been in a really GOOD relationship..cause that’s what it does to you..
    it’s life babe, deal with it.
    you must be an old fuck huh?
    gosh woman, Joe don’t like old ladies like yourself!


    idc what you say cause DEMI is great.

  • lorettagallo

    You are are lovely as always Demi! you are my world pls. keep rockin it! JIME rules!!!! >3

  • La

    I’m pretty sure Demi/JB are in town to promote the upcoming tour, not “Camp Rock 2″. Not yet.

  • sherri

    you can tell she’s still wearing makeup. where are her freckles? her eyes are less pronounced w/o eye decor.

  • nessa

    umm these aren’t hd camera’s, but u can totally tell that she isn’t wearing make up.. besides she has flawless skin!

  • Emma

    Demi is really awesome…she looks gorgeous.i really like that she is not afraid to be herself…thats really wonderfu about her and that adds to her beauty.i don’t know what reason people have to not like her…well maybe they have their own perspective..but i love her and she and joe rock together…really JEMI roxxxx!!!i just don’t understand why they are making us to wait till september..its toooooooooooooooooooooooo long.they should really have a premiere around end of june or the early july,,,that will be really awesome

    and i love that”JEMI fans won’t be disappointed”…its going to be really amazing..
    waiting eagerly for CR2..

  • caoimhe

    demi is officially amazing! She is so sweet and down to earth! She may be famous but we call tell that she is a REAL person!
    I am so happy for her and Joe and I can’t wait for CR2!
    even we her teenages years are over and disney moves on from her, she is going to have an awesome long career ahead of her! Seeing her in Greys was so awesomee. this girl is going to go farr!
    Love you Demi!

  • ^_^

    She’s so pretty! :)) She looks a bit tired though.. GOOD FOR YOU GUYS! you saw Camp Rock 2 already! Jemi fans won’t be disappointed? well, I’m a Jemi fan, and now I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

  • jess!


  • jess!

    love demiii

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    She look beautiful

  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • http://deleted/ Karii

    love demi