Miley Cyrus performs her new single, “Can’t Be Tamed” on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday’s results show (May 18).

The 17-year-old Disney starlet flapped her wings for the live TV debut of the song!

We think Miley did such a great job with her stand-out performance. We can’t wait to see how this will look in concert! Watch below!!!

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  • tadaa

    she danced great, sounded terrific, looked gorgeous. She is amazing.

  • amber

    omg. this girl can’t sing. -__-

  • http://@zanessafa marília

    love it…and fearless

  • Lei

    I have to be honest, Miley’s great and super talented, but I really don’t like this song.

  • pauli

    ewwwwwwwww she sucks, sound so damn terrific… so embarrasing…. and she cant moved, a big fail!!!

  • fiv

    she a really amazing entertainer. Her new single can’t me tamed is on itunes and am getting it. I like the song is really good. she really beautiful.

  • ceasy

    OF Of course PAULI is one of the first ones on here. Just to let you know PAULI, you are making her more famous when you comment.

  • lucia

    She looked so pretty, but her voice wasn´t really good!
    I think she was a little bit uncomfortable with her high heels…just an opinion!
    I just love her!!

  • eddy

    wow! she looks really gorgeous. I like her imagination. she definately an amazing entertainer. I actually think she the only great thing disney has brought from the girls side. she surpass all the girls they have right now. she is amazing. I like this idea with the extinct aves cyrus. An endangered specie that’s true. Now a days disney is bringing girl who are boring. Miley has the It factor and I haven’t seen no one else have it. she definately an amazing entertainer.

  • stupidfans

    Miley did an awesome job! :) She was pretty good live too, in this song. Btw i really want to chop off her amazing long legs! lol.

  • Soph

    i loooveeeee her here! this isn’t my favorite song of her, i like her better when shes more natural, but she totally rock it there! She sound amazing, and she CAN SING like any other, she’s one of a kind.

  • pauli

    what a awful and awkward performance, sounds so terible… she cant sing live!!!!

  • linda

    hate the song but she actually sounds except she cant dance so she should walk

  • Vicky

    it was horrible.

  • joecool

    @amber: @pauli: That would be you two losers
    with no talent!!!
    Miley did great!!!@Vicky: Oh ya you join the other two in loserville!!!


  • http://justjaredjr lily

    i watch it, i think miley did a great job and she was a little nervous too.

  • chicha

    pero que dice,,,, son los peores criticadores ever!!!
    y lo siento por decirlo….

    pero es mi verdad!!

    por dios nadie, pero nadie… canta tannn rapido, y tan buenisimo como ella, y hasta tratando de bailar….

    por diosss es la mejor, ever… nadie pero nadie la iguala o se compara con ella… ella tanto como su video y performance son unicos!!!

  • jo

    I liked it! Just edgy enough without being too over the top. I thought she sounded good, expect for when she was out of breath then she was just ok. But overall, awesome.

  • halle

    I honestly think that she is trying to mature too quickly, but…. it was a good performance. Sure her voice wasn’t so great but the dancers and stuff made it entertaining.

  • hot mess

    She looked like a 5 dollar whore who can’t sing or dance. Walt rolled over in his grave when he saw that

  • cam


    I’m not crazy about some of the lyrics in that song, but I must say Miley did a great job singing live on DWTS. She was much better live than in the music video. Her voice was actually really good in this song. (& I have not been too much of a fan lately, so that is saying something). As far as her being uncomfortable in the high heels, she may just have been very cautious because she fell on that very same floor when she performed on DWTS last season, I believe it was Fly on the Wall. It’s probably a slippery floor.

  • http://j chelsea


  • Jess

    I really loved it! Seems like she has a bit of a cold, though… but I loved it! She’s a wonderful performer, she moves around the stage free style, does the choreography and relates to the audience. What else can you ask for?

  • amber

    @joecool: grow up.

  • swiftfan

    It’s her first time performing this song live so I wasn’t expecting it to be her best performance but she did good especially taking into consideration all the dancing!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @pauli: would u GTFO already? Don’t be mad bcuz TAMED made ur little Homez idol look like sh*t on the itunes charts!

  • karla

    she did amazing, people grow up !

  • DANY

    She is amazing, I really love the song and she dance very good ……

    Miley es increible, amo la cancion, ademas bailo muy bien osea una exelente artita realmente la felicito…..

  • jess

    LOVE IT!!!

  • amy

    Not my favoite of her songs, but Miley’s performance was great.

  • good-one

    Miley and company delivered the goods. She’ll likely get additional mileage with that song.

  • harley

    I don’t like the song at all, but she did sound good. And I liked how her hair looked before it got messed up.

  • Lili


    but i must say the dancers were pretty awesome…


  • Yazmin

    U may said what ever you like but miley is getting so much good… This is. A performance no like the typical of the starts of Disney Like selena….. Go on miley the real fans support u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    I thought it was a great performance!

  • lyss

    Friggen love her.

  • lisa

    rock on miley, she was great

  • aspha

    sick or not she is but a real performer on stage especially that live singing thing. @ 17 she really works out her body.

  • d

    f****** sucked ballls
    she aint good at all shoot i can do better then tht im very sad but i was expectin a lil better not tht much bc she not a true star but still

  • Claudia

    I was some of the people who thought that maybe the video wasn’t appropiate for fer, but never said she did wrong, the video was awesome and if she wanted to do it, it’s up to her. I’m not a fan of her and i didn’t like the song that much, but with this performance she made me loove the song and think she’s great!
    Not her fan yet, but she did an excelent job, i’n not a professional at music, so it’s just my opinion, if some people didn’t like it, it’s their opinion, but i enjoyed it..!

  • Nataline

    that was a good performance, but i still hate that song

  • rachel

    amazing !!!!!! mileyyyyyyyyyyyy !11111111111 love you !

  • Liz.

    @joecool: Yeah, because calling people loser for thei opinion is really mature. -_-

    It wasn’t that great. Dancing and everything was good but she is not a fantastic singer. At all. :/ I can’t wait for her to start doing more serious acting and leave the music alone. :)

  • Shir

    I don’t love the song, BUT she did great with the performance. She translated the music video to live telev television very well!

  • Payla

    If anybody is judging her ability to sing well live by this performance I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve heard her many, many times before throughout her career, and she’s got some power pipes for sure. But, I’m sure the combination of the tightness of her bustier, the dancing, the style of singing in the song, the speed of it etc. contributed to her clearly being out of breath, but she was still great. I’m impressed that she sang so clear during the bridge given those straining dance moves. You can tell at the end that is was really taxing by how heavy she was breathing. I think she did great, sounded like the recording, and did her best. It’s tough being up there even if you’re Miley Cyrus.

  • Lucy

    It’s really not a GREAT song, but I see what she’s trying to do and it’s a good dance track & quite different to anything she’s done before.

    I think she sounds fantastic live – I certainly couldn’t sing whilst doing all that dancing as well as my nerves etc. Yet her voice is still powerful & mostly pitch perfect.

    I am more of a fan of her old stuff (Bottom of the Ocean, 7 Things & even When I Look at You) – they just felt more truthful and relatable. But this song is definitely catchy & she’s aiming to go a certain way…personally I think it’d be better if she branched away from people like Ke$ha & Lady Gaga (which this song reminds me of) but love her all the same & think she’s phenomenal.

  • Rzkvtwi

    It is like she lip sync… (sing) so fake :)

  • cassy

    she’s proven she’s an official ho. even i can’t get over it

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @cassy: if she’s an ho, than Gaga, Beyonce, Xtina, and Brit must be SIUTS both XTINA and Brit were the same afge as MC when they started doing theses kinds of performances and look where they are now. They’re one of the hottest acts out! And for Godsakes people, stop comparing her to Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga did not invent the idea of Dancing in costumes and bird cages. All that started with Madonna, and then Brit, and Xtina! Stop crediting Gaga for something that is NOT HER STYLE.

  • jenny

    lets put it this way for idiots like some of you commenting…. the song is full of autotune so even if you had the best vocalist in the world it wouldnt have sounded that good

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