Robert Pattinson Gets Head Lice, Shaves Head!

Robert Pattinson Gets Head Lice, Shaves Head!

Robert Pattison talks about his new haircut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (May 19).

The 24-year-old Twilight star joked, “I got a terrible infestation of nits (head lice) and I had to shave it all off!”

Rob laughed, “No, I’m doing a film starting on Thursday (in Los Angeles). It’s about a circus in the 1930′s called Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon.”

Thank goodness he was joking about the head lice!!!

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., Flynetonline
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  • caroline

    he’s really cute like usual..he’s soo funny, he always making jokes but check tomorrow in all the tabloids saying that Rob have lice LOL.

  • green bay

    He so odd.. just like ALL twilight people!

  • jessica

    damn i dont want to say this but he actually looks much better with that haircut. actually i think he looks actually cute. damn wow i never said that before, lol.

  • stephanie rose

    ohhhhhhhhh shittt rob what have you done,
    dont know if i like it,
    i like guys with relatively long hair- well around the sholder, like surfers :D

  • harley

    He looks really cute. And wow, he is always working on a movie! I love Reese Witherspoon, though, so I hope it’s good.

  • Very Jess

    I love him! So sexy really cut!

  • gabby

    i love this man ! is soooooooo hot !
    i like it :D i love so much rob (L)

  • ruby

    G*D DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES SSOOOOOO HOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

    he would say something like that??!!! so hot!!!!!

  • kylie

    aww he’s so adorable!

  • mellany

    He is so funny! I love him

  • Hilary

    he’s so disgusting

  • Mimi

    Rob is so funny and adorable.

  • nathalia

    he’s sooooo cute but i miss his longer hair :(

  • amy

    Not feeling his new hair looked better longer. And I really don’t get his weird humour, its just kinda odd to me lol!

  • N.

    JJ, I hardly ever see anything about Jackson Rathbone, or his band 100 Monkeys on your main site. Occasionally here on JJ, Jr. so I guess that’s something. But I do have 42 new (and pretty awesome!) photos from the March 4 100 Monkeys show in Madison, Wi, now up at my site.

    Can you add it in your next round of links, please? :-)

  • Liz vega

    Hello i like the movies of robert

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    tut robert, i loved your hair!
    and i still do, your b e a u t i f u l , and i love you!

  • http://Misswanziler Miss wanziler

    ewww wat da ???? tut tut i used to hate ur hair majoirly and now i have a reason to puke!!!!

  • Nathanial Mikovec

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