Joe Jonas SOLO ALBUM in the Works -- EXCLUSIVE

Joe Jonas SOLO ALBUM in the Works -- EXCLUSIVE

Joe Jonas is working on a solo album, has confirmed.

“Yeah, there’s nothing to hide,” the 20-year-old Jonas Brother EXCLUSIVELY told JJJ yesterday in New York City while promoting Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. “We’re just waiting for the right timing. There’s a lot of Jonas stuff going on this year, so once there’s a place for that record, we’ll release it. You’ll hear a lot of new music from us… On first!”

JJJ is SOOOOOOO excited to hear solo music from Joe Jonas. Check back tomorrow to see what kind of music Joe has been working on!

ARE YOU EXCITED for Joe’s solo album?????

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • coco

    WOW!!!! that’s awesome!!! Good for him!!!!

  • nathalia


  • bruno


  • MariaFromGREECE!

    really excited !!! I love you Joe <3


    JOE D: oh myyyy god. i dont know what to think.

  • http://twitter Marium

    OMJ I can’t wait to hear joe solo album i <3 joe

  • Clémentine

    OMJ !!!!! SO excited !!!!


    Yes! Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yes Joe!!!

  • shaunae

    HELL YEAH! My uncle who works for hollywood records told me about this. its going to be soooo much better than nicks! GO JOE!

  • michelle

    Poor Kevin will be left in the dust, won’t he?

    A shame. He’s the best one.

  • shamilah

    OMJ!!!!! I CAN WAIT ;) yayyy JoeJonas<3
    i’m soo Excited now. btw that pic is Hawwwt

  • ella

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!
    is what we were waiting for!!!!!!!!

  • S

    He makes me so proud! I cant wait to hear his solo songs, I wonder what they will sound like.

  • mrsjjonas

    yay! so excited!

  • Kimberley_jb9

    This is AMAZING news cant wait to hear his own music!!!!!

  • Ashley

    i can’t wiat *.* omg

  • Hi


  • http://deleted fAN


  • jessica

    wow why is he gonna release a solo album when his brother just released his? i mean cmon on. its just weird. and honestly he cant sing that well. nick is the only one that can actually have a successful solo career. well not successful because his album didnt do so great either. but still. he should just leave the solo shit to nick.

  • Joickxlove


  • jossi

    this is cool!i hope its better then nick!!

  • ALE




  • amy

    There’s really no need in this, I love joe but I feel he’s doing it to just stay relevant. Ill still probably buy it though!

  • amy

    im sooo excited!! that sounds awesome!! :)

  • http://ksa layla

    I’m very excited

    I Love you joe

  • *LINDS*

    YESSSSSS!! : ) He’s FINALLY confirming it.
    Hopefully we won’t have to wait TOO long, & I pray after it releases, he at least does a mini tour for it like Nick did.
    I can’t even describe just how seriously excited I am about this!! : D

  • http://j chelsea

    that’s cool.. but jobros going solo it’s still weird for me

  • jenny

    WOW i cant wait for it Joe’s my fav JB so i cant wait

  • Joe rocks


    Joe’s album will be a ‘relevant’ as one his brother put out, so yeah there is a lot of ‘sense’ to it.

  • jjjjjj

    Jonas brother should end up, seriously why do they continue together? Just for kevin? I think it’s so selfish, if they have a GROUP it should be that… why do they need to have a solo album?
    I don’t hate them but seriously think about it, the jonas brothers shouldn’t exist then…

  • marilyn

    Well I’m sure I will love the music..but I don’t understand why they can’t put their music together and release “jonas brothers” albums. Nick could have put his music on it incorporporating his brothers in it and joe could do the same . Blahhhh

  • jonaslove

    OMG!!!! I LOVE YOU JOE!!! And definitely supporting him and buying it :) I love them all but Joe is my favourite plus I love his voice the most it’s so deep and soothing :)

  • Sarah

    omg Im so excited!!!! i cant wait to hear joe’s album ahh i Cant wait!!!

  • karina

    OF COOOOOURSE! cant wait!

  • pandora

    Yah Joe finally some good Jonas news!!!! Now lets get this Disney Camp Rock crap done so you guys can get onto some real music and show the doubters that you have to talent to spread out from Disney and become real artists.

  • http://@amyc1014 Amyc1014

    Am I excited? Uhhhh yah! Is that even a question!!!
    Lol there’s alot of amys here!
    I <3 U JOSEPH ADAM JONAS!!!!!!!! Muahh

  • lizzie


    This time, they’ll be official.

  • gabi

    I can’t wait! omg I’ve been waiting this for so loong!
    glad that is true =)))
    Joseph I love you and I can’t wait to hear your music

  • SJS

    YES! I love Joe’s voice. He has a unique voice, but it’s still strong enough to give solid vocals. I adore Nick, but i’m not as big a fan of his vocals as I am of his song writing skills. I can’t wait to hear what Joe’s musical style will be. :)

  • Drew

    i’m SO excited. love all of jb, but joe has become a really standout vocalist. can’t wait to hear what his solo stuff sounds like. way to go, four eyes!

  • damien

    I doubt Disney would let him make good music, which sucks, because I’ve heard that the Jonas Brothers actually have great taste in music.

  • Suzy Potter

    Oh Gosh! I love Joe! But I still prefer Jonas Brithers together.. however, for sure the album will be cool.. can’t wait!

  • Suzy Potter

    Oh Gosh! I love Joe! But I still prefer The Jonas together. However, for sure the album will be coll.. can’t wait!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Yeah! I will support Joe as I did with Nick´s solo album… GO ALL THE WAY JOE!!

  • kym

    No No No No No No No NO!!!!!!!! :(
    this maked me so sad, like first nick and now joe
    f1) wat about kevin- just sinking more and more into the back
    2) eventually they r gonna stop using this “side project” thing as an excuse
    3)jonas brother r nothing unless they r together

  • Amanda

    YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!

  • gabi..

    woww these guyzz r really awasomee! they’re very talented! :D

  • Karina

    Joe is only doing this to try and show up his brother. Nick is way more talented than Joe. Joe had to do all his writing with someone else. He doesn’t really have that much musical talent. Joe is just insecure and selfish. I won’t be buying this album.

  • Jessica

    I don’t get why if Backstreet Boys can do it, why can’t Jonas Brothers? Brian and Nick have released solo albums, not sure about anyone else in BSB, and yet they are still together and still do tours and music as BSB. Sometimes a singer in a group has a song in their head that they want to get out, but feels it’s not quite right for the group-like Nick did with The Administration songs-so they do some solo work, but it doesn’t mean they’re breaking up or anything! They are BROTHERS first and foremost, and they will always be together as brothers and will tour and do music as brothers, but I don’t think it hurts them or their careers if they’d like to do solo, side projects.

  • ^_^


>>>>>>> staging1