Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Lovely

Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Lovely

Miley Cyrus makes a stop at Robeks Juice on Wednesday (May 19) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old entertainer had a mini-leopard print theme going on, carrying a clutch, purse and wearing a bra all in the same print.

Yesterday, Miley performed “Can’t Be Tamed” on Dancing with the Stars! Catch her performance here if you missed it.

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus grabbing juice to go…

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miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 01
miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 02
miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 03
miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 04
miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 05
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miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 10
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miley cyrus leopard print robeks juice 12
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  • jenny

    she looks gorgeous in casual clothing

  • LUCY

    She looks totally cute. I love Miley!

  • leticia


  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous

  • Hi

    i love her clothes

  • harley

    I’m really getting tired of her flashing her bra everywhere she goes, it just makes her look immature. She’s pretty, she doesn’t need to flash her bra to get attention.

  • jessica

    @harley: how do you know shes looking for attention? oh grow up. its just her bra. its no big deal.

  • http://j chelsea

    @harley: yeah in almost every post she is flashing it.. but uknow she is 17 she can do whatever she wants right? like its normal for a girl to dress like that uknow? so whatver..her parents are educating her so well:)

  • Mika


    Nice bra. How can anyone seriously say she looks good when her bra is hanging out like that? “oh it’s okay, everyone’s doing it”.
    NO. They’re not. Miley IS trash.

  • amber

    didn’t she already wear this shirt this week??
    someone needs to do her laundry.

  • Vic2763

    That’s a fancy bra, and meant to be seen. Maybe thats not EVERYONES style, but all the good lookin fine young things are allowed to be proud =P.


  • GossipGirl

    @Mika: yep, ur right, that’s why she’s #1 on itunes! Eat Balls Hater ! :)@harley: um yeah, so when Ashley Tisdale shows her bra, she’s doing it for attention to? Love ur logic there.

    MC LOOKS Great

  • jess

    shes matching her bra with her clutch! how cute! lol

  • julia

    she looks just like old times!!!! I love her.

  • Jasmin


    Ashley Tisdale is 24. She’s not a kid like miley.

  • melany

    i love how she looks in this pics!! she is the prettiest girl on earth, lov eher

  • sydney

    miley is still on disney. little kids still look up to her. she should atleast wait to show her bra at around 20 or so. its different with ashley tisdale cause shes like 7 years older than miley. mileys still a teenager and i know shes trying to “grow up” but grown ups dont flash their bra 24/7. if she wants to be more mature then she should dress a little more classy

  • cam


    I agree with you and these other girls saying it is ok & everyone walks around with their bra hanging out are crazy. Not everyone dresses like that. I don’t get why Miley thinks she needs to dress like a hoe & yes people who dress like are doing it for attention. And it if some of you think that is why her song is topping the itunes chart, well that is pathetic. If some of you think the only way Miley can top the charts with her music is to show her bra, then some of you are saying that it is her bra and not her music that she is selling on itunes – what fan really thinks that. The sad part is that Miley has talent and is a pretty girl – no need to cheapen herself. And gossipgirl DON’T bother answering my comment because I don’t give a c–p what you think.

  • good-one

    Miley’s Zen is showing.

  • xoxo.s

    Oh Miley, Your so Classy….ehhmm *cough cough*

  • GossipGirl

    @cam: when we say “EVERYONE DRESSES LIKE THAT” , we don’t literally mean EVERY TEENAGER in the world. We mean, MOST TEENAGERS have done that before so it’s really not that big of a deal. If Miley were a reg teen wearing that, or if she were not Disney (which she isn’t anymore) you all would careless about what she’s wearing@Jasmin: Doesn’t matter, she’s still a Disney kid which means little kids still look up to her. And people, plz stop trying to use age difference to defend people from copiying MC. A copycat is a COPYcat. Who gives a crap about the age difference ? I’m pretty sure even when MC is Tisdale’s age, you all would still be trying to make a big deal out of what she wears. Her clothing choice is her buisness, if u don’t like it, Don;t look at her! No one’s forcing u too.

  • GossipGril

    @sydney: Tisdale is still Disney also. She does Phineas and Ferb and she has a new DCOM as Sharpy Evans in the Works, Plus, a new CW Series called HellCats

  • yo


    wow she’s #1 on ITUNES not billboard ;)

    hahaha she can’t even sing you lil obsessed fans with no friends and hobbys made her famous….

  • ybnguyen

    @GOssipGril : agree w u.
    @harley: she shows her bra not to get attention!..idiot.

  • Ella

    And she’s wearing a converse! hmmmm… ;D

  • Britini95

    Miley isn’t flashing her bra all over the place,it’s showing underneath her shirt. Would you rather she wear NO bra???? Didn’t think so. That’s just the way Miley likes to dress, its her style. If you don’t like it, don’t look at photos of her! There, problem solved!

  • cam


    You said it yo – especially about the fans with no hobbies & live & breathe every second for their idol who does not even know they exist & who could not care less for those obsessed fans, except for when they are putting out a new recored or movie or tour.

  • Sarahc

    Personally I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus. She has a unique voice and all, but I wish she would just use a bit more class. She makes all us teenagers look stupid and slutty. If only there were more Danielle and Kay Panabakers. Those girls had some serious class when they were teens, they should give a lesson to the rest of these teenyboppers.

  • GossipGirl

    @yo: Mc’s single just came out two days ago Dear. And FYI , MC has been #1 on the Billboard before “Party In The USA” , “See You Again”, “The Climb” do those songs Not ring a bell? And yes, us Miley fans do have friends, I’m sorry if everyone in the world hates you. Might be because of ur nasty attitude that needs to be checked . And Don’t worry, MC will soon TAME the Billboards agains just like she did with “Party In The USA” and no, we are not the ones who keep her so famous, u haters are. U love reading her posts, giving her vids ratings and comments, and you lnow just as much about her as her fans do. So yeah, as long as people like u around, MC will KEEP CLIMBING those charts and you, Cam, Pauli and the other jealous haters will be hating on her success like you always do :) Have fun, cuase you’ll be doing it for years to come.

  • rachel

    mileys beautifulllll !!! love her !!!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Oooh, she’s wearing a skimpy t-shirt with her bra strap sticking out, so she’s going to hell. PBBBLLLLLT!! Yeah, right! And if you believe that, than the moon is made of green cheese!

  • sydney

    @GossipGril: ashley isnt a teenager. and besides, ashley doesnt show her bra 24/7. atleast ashley has more class than miley does. if miley says she wants to grow up, well most adults dont usually flash their bra. grown ups have a little more class and sophistication

  • Britini95


    So what’s your hooby? Taking crap about someone you don’t even know? Just because people are defending someone who is judged pretty harshly doesn’t mean they have no friends. Your’e saying stupid stuff to try to further diss Miley :/

  • estefania

    For the same reason she’s getting too old to be doin those things …miley cyrus is beautiful she can act she can sing she’s rich commom stop hatin if u were her you probobly be worse and its not about education but her parents can’t do nothing about how shw wants to dress and so wat if she wears the same shirt twice a week everyone has done it before ok.oh and. One more thiingg. Were are in 2010 idoits common those thigns are normal and telling ur we don’t have life when u are there saying things u miley :)

  • cassy

    I’m pretty embarrased when my bras showing. But this girl coordinates it?