Demi Lovato Meets Queen of Soul!

Demi Lovato Meets Queen of Soul!

Demi Lovato poses cheek-to-cheek with Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin outside the Trump International Hotel in NYC on Thursday morning (May 20).

The 17-year-old actress/singer, wearing Rock & Republic‘s “Pandora” nappa leather strappy platform sandal, is in the city to promote her upcoming DCOM Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam with costars the Jonas Brothers.

JJJ met up with Demi earlier in the week and we got to talking about the sign language in the film. She shared with us, “It wasn’t that difficult to learn since there’s not a lot; only about three major signs. I’m more interested in learning Spanish.”

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Credit: DISCIULLO, PPNY, GSNY; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sammie

    Demi can’t dress to save her life.

  • demiisthebest

    Demi is awesome!
    better than you @sammie

  • Vanessafan2010

    Yea shchanged to me too much d makeup gosh! Just be yourself I luv Selena so much more now it use to be the other way around

  • Vanessafan2010

    typo i meant to say she changed!

  • sammie

    she can’t dress better than me.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    demi is soooooo beautiful
    haters please leave her alone..go mind ur own buisness~!!!

  • http://j chelsea

    those shoes again lol..

  • Mika

    Demi’s sense of fashion is .. something.
    The golden hooker skirt and hideous chained up shoes are just hard to look at.

    On the plus side, Demi’s face looks gorgeous and I usually don’t say that. There’s this special glitter in her eyes, real pretty. There’s some intense make up worked in there.

  • darlene

    oh stfu you fashion gurus :P
    she looks fine :)
    beautiful as ever !
    i know she’ll do great tomorrow morning.
    can’t wait.
    & i still can’t believe she met are all time first idol.
    that’s gotta beeee the best feeling in the world:)
    no hate guys…just love ;) lol

  • marilyn

    Gross, enough with those effing ugly shoes!

  • amber

    she needs to add some more color to her wardrobe.
    this black on black on black look is really dull.

  • NeedYouNow

    Like John Mayer said,
    “When people look at you and judge you on what you wanted to wear just ask them back why are you wearing that, guarentee you they’ll shutup” Real Talk.
    Everyone had there own sense of style. No need to be rude and judging.
    I personally admire and respct her for being true to her style and herself. It’s kind of inspring:)

  • jessica

    i honestly dont know whats so wrong about demis outfit. i actually think it looks good. so people need to stop overreacting. her clothes arent that bad.

  • lorettagallo

    absolutely stunning demi! >3

  • Darius

    I think her outfit looks pretty good. Like I said yesterday, the pants and blazer didn’t mesh well. She looks great in the Shorts/Sweater.

    ♡♥♡♥♡ Demi

  • tia

    love her

  • joejonaslover

    OMJ..she is HOT…haters sht up
    @sammie sht the hell up
    demi ur gorgerous

  • eesha

    Demi is GORGEOUS!!!
    and She looks so great and Down To Earth!!!

  • jenny

    @sammie: wow nice to see you’re modest…. you arrogant little beast!!!

  • jenny

    anyways now my rants done and luckily im not a fashion guru (i’m using the term lightly) she looks stunning… she knows what looks good on her and she always dresses to impress

  • britney

    STFU to all you Demi lovers, her outfit does look like sh*t! You guys are such suck ups, you’d probably kiss her a** if she asked you to. Pathetic suck ups!

  • yo

    one of the wort singer (emo demi) meets one of the best( mrs. franklin funny :D

    Have you heared the jonas r soon dead?? On GMT under 500 ppl showed up!

    n that’s cuz of demi or bieber ;)

  • candy

    aint this the same bullshyt she wore getting off the plane two days ago?

    shoes r cute though

  • Ella

    love her shoes! =)

  • cris

    WOW, i was about to say I LOVE HER SHOES, SKIRT AND EVERYTHING she was wearing….

    so I guess you should hate on me too.

    Demi is GORGEOUS, I truly love her… and i love her sence of style, so… yeah, hate on me too


    She´s beyond BEAUTIFUL

  • Andrea


  • Rosie

    Why is everyone focus is in her clothes…
    This girl has Real Talent, and she gorgeous in and outside.
    I dont know why people always judge others by their clothes.
    She is just amazingggg

  • Vanessafan2010

    I dont like demi lovato as much anymore she seem to changed to me and she isn’t that pretty either that’s just like a cake of makeup she puts on just to make it seem that way I luv selena so much better that’s just my opinion…some people change but it’s goot to be yourself sumtimes and they stay the good as same!

  • NeedYouNow

    Beautiful girl:)

  • Sketch

    She’s cute. @Vanessafan2010:
    Leave her alone. the fact that you like Vannessa says it all. Suck out you hater.

  • jenny

    @Vanessafan2010: i remember last year demi posted a pic of herself with no makeup on twitter and she looked gorgeous

  • kk13

    hate me if u want but, i still think she’s awesome! but, she could wear alittle more color.

  • britt

    This isn’t my favorite outfit on Demi, but she has made worse clothing choices than this outfit…but the fact that she got to meet The Queen of Soul is beyond amazing. I am super jealous. :)

    @Sketch: Vanessa has an amazing sense of style compared to Demi. And Vanessa is super talented, I don’t know why some people hate on her. ( I am a fan of Demi, she she has an amazing voice.) But Vanessa is WAY more talented than Demi! Maybe not in the vocal area, but I bet if you compare their sense of style, personality, dance and acting skills, Vanessa would win hands down.

  • Linland

    @sammie: You wish that was true