Nikki Reed Covers Saturday Night Magazine

Nikki Reed Covers Saturday Night Magazine

Nikki Reed leans back and chills out on the June 2010 cover of Saturday Night magazine.

The 22-year-old actress opened up to the mag about portraying the ‘most beautiful woman in the world,’ getting close with Elizabeth Reaser and her writing career. Check it:

On coming to terms with Rosalie’s beauty: “It opened up all these questions about what beauty is. It really stressed me out for a long time. It made me more aware of my insecurity. I eventually had to just be ok with what it is — that is that everyone’s beautiful and we’re all beautiful in a different way. There’s no single person on the planet, not Monica Bellucci or Adriana Lima, that is universally the most beautiful person.”

On getting close with the cast: “It depends on where we’re at in our lives (on who she’s closest with). We all get along really well but on this last movie, it just so happened that Elizabeth [Reaser] and I were living literally two steps away from each other. When you came out of my door and took a hard left you were in her room. When I quit smoking that changed who I hung out with in our cast because I got really active and into working out and Elizabeth and Kellan [Lutz] are really active. There was a time when I wanted to sit and smoke cigarettes and play guitar and sing.”

On taping into her talent at an early age: “It was a very unconventional situation. There was no plan. I wasn’t a crazy teenager that was like, ‘I want to be a screenwriter.’ I just do a lot of writing for myself, and I was a precocious child and liked to express my feelings all the time. I was writing about my family and my life and what was going on. Catherine Hardwicke, who dated my father when I was a kid, said, ‘What if we write this movie?’ And we got it made.”

Log onto for more of Nikki‘s interview!

Nikki is also pictured picking up some lunch (salad and fat-free cottage cheese) before heading out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 21). 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Bobby Quillard ; Photos: Saturday Night Magazine, MarvixOnline
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  • jessica

    she’s so cute!!!! love her <3333

  • uh

    I heard from a few people who know friends of hers.. (i dont know or never met nikki) but she and kristin were really close for a long time and I heard that they weren’t close at all anymore and had a “falling out” because of the time she spent with Rob and how Kristen broke it off with her ex Michael (who Nikki was close with too!)

    SOOO I personally, think thats a hidden dig at kristen, who she USED TO hang out with, sing and smoke and play guitar with.


  • M.J

    She always in a nice way express the hate for Kristen and Robert so sad Because they never talk about her in that way is time to move on .

  • yaay

    I try to ignore her stupid digs cos shes (from fan encounters) very nice and kind and if she shes u more then once she remembers u (not many velelbs actually do tha twis do tho)
    Cast and crew members say she funny and welcomin
    I think shes great and very beautiful
    Not given enough credit

  • Joboots


    Can’t you leave private stuff where it is,Uh??

  • janiece

    @uh: yeah you can tell they aren’t as close as they use to be and im sure the micheal/rob thing mya have something to do with that along with other things too, but stuff like that happens with people all the time. you just naturally grow apart, but im sure nikki and kristen are still pleasant with each other just not bff’s. reagardless, i still like them both :) and nikki is gorgeous.

  • Team Rosalie

    I love these pics of Nikki. She looks really relaxed and herself.

    @uh I don’t even know what to say… how about get a life you pathetic gossiping immature loser. Seriously, how old are you? f*cking 10? Sheeesh.

  • C

    It seems like she’s always trying to infer stuff in her interviews, and she comes across as quite childish. She was forever getting digs in at Robert – and I guess that’s out of some kind of resentment that he took her best friend away or something, who knows. All I know is, she’s a grown ass’d woman – and yet extremely immature to keep putting out these sly remarks. She knows the twi fans will know exactly who and what she’s talking about.
    Oh, and yeah — I’m sure HER lifestyle choice is the reason why they aren’t hanging out.

    conceited much? LOL

    …and yeah, I’m sure Elizabeth appreciates knowing your desire to ditch the smokes is why you are gracing her with your presence. LOL

  • nikki’s biggest fan

    She looks amazing! i <3 NIKKI!!!!

  • nikki’s biggest fan

    <3 NIKKI!!!!!

  • nikki’s biggest fan

    She looks beautiful as always!

  • uh

    sorry! I like Nikki .. not kristen and I don’t care what you think because it is my opinion/decision!

    I have no respect for someone who cheats on their boyfriend off set, pretends nothing is going on when he flies out to be with her..

    guess I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. But I think a lot of people know this already, and Michael is a GREAT GUY!!

  • AmAnda

    Robert choose Kristen and that is the end of the story Nikki must be a nice person but nobody own Robert hart and Kristen wasn’t married to Michael so she is free to love who ever she want and tell you the truth Robert always said the reason he made twilight was because of Kristen so Nikki you are a great person but move on with your life is to bad he didn’t love you the way he love her and don’t worry she won’t stay with him for ever she is very smart for him.

  • R.V

    @uh: Kristen wasn’t married to Michael so she can love who ever she want beside Robert always said the reason he make twilight was for her you talk like you know them very well beside Nikki is with Paris and if she doesn’t move on that is her problem she is great but really let go he didn’t love her so lady stop ok they are young and I don’t thing was love betwen Michael and Kristen anymore.

  • Homepage

    love the way they promoted it with “native texans” YES im proud of her, who she is rn

>>>>>>> staging1