Zac Efron: Banana Boat Boy

Zac Efron: Banana Boat Boy

Zac Efron hops down onto the deck as he films more scenes for his upcoming flick, Charlie St. Cloud, in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (May 21).

The 22-year-old actor sailed around Indian Arm, preparing for new scenes in the upcoming drama.

Charlie St. Cloud follows a young man who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. In this emotionally charged story, he begins a romantic journey in which he embraces the dark realities of the past while discovering the transformative power of love.

In case you missed it, check out more pics from Zac and costar Amanda Crew filming!

10+ pics inside…

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zac efron banana boat 01
zac efron banana boat 02
zac efron banana boat 03
zac efron banana boat 04
zac efron banana boat 05
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zac efron banana boat 07
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zac efron banana boat 11
zac efron banana boat 12
zac efron banana boat 13

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • tasie123

    who is your favorite : rober pattinson, zac efron, taylor lautner, or chace crawford??


    haha, first!

  • priscilla

    he’se sooo beatiful

  • skyhigh95

    Zac is a very healthy person…

  • Katie

    huh, i didn’t know they were still filming… i saw the trailer for this in the cinema’s the other day. they might be re-filming…. can you explain jjj?

  • beatriz

    want to be that banana <3
    ily zac efron!

  • peggy


    The trailer has nothing to do with the final film. They obviously need to reshoot some scenes before it’s released

  • Bradley B

    He looks good always.

  • Celene

    Wow, I can’t believe they are still reshooting… There must be a lot of stuff they are trying to fix..

  • Bradley B

    Does anyone know How they are flming for because I heard today was the last day.

  • Bradley B

    Does anyone know how long they are filiming for because I heard today was the last day.

  • Tiptoes

    he looks good in the blue shirt…

  • Bradley B

    I bet this a reshoot scene for when Charlie saves Tess.

  • Katty

    @Bradley B:

    Reshoots don’t usually last that long. It is usually only a few scenes that needed redone because of what the final movie is looking like, or just simply a bad shot. They don’t last longer than a few weeks, sometimes less than that. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the final day. Eclipses reshoots didn’t last longer than two weeks when they went back a few weeks ago.

    I cannot wait for this movie! I am so excited! Zac’s acting looks wonderful on the trailer, I am not sure about his and Amanda’s chemistry yet, but it looks okay for far. I am not sure if I even like Amanda yet, I haven’t seen her in many things, only one actually. This movie will either make her or break her with me… can’t wait either way!

  • Bradley B


    Thanks Katty

  • claudia

    Hoootttt…looove hiimm!!!! and i loove the pics of im and amanda, i don’t know why but i already love amanda, i think she’s really cuutee!!!..

    Can’t wait for this moviem i’m so excited!!

  • joy.

    Aw.. he’s still here.. I wish I knew where they were fliming.. =( Anyway, I saw the trailer and wow, Zachary is definitely an amazing actor. Only a small preview for the movie and I was already crying.. =S Charie Tahan is really cute too, he reminds me of Derek from ‘Summerland’ !! ..And yeah.. Zachary looks great in that blue shirt. =D

  • sam

    all u guys are soooo lucky!!!!!! it comes out next month in the us but in the uk where i am, it hits cinemas on october 8th. Well, it’s been moved so many times lets just hope they push the date forward :(

  • L

    Damn it, Zac. WHY are you so pretty?

  • tena

    Zac looks so handsome and i have a feeling this movie will be great :)

  • Mariana

    @sam: Oh God you think your not lucky?? Part of the movies in my coutry just come out something like 6 moths later like 17 again did, oh and “Me and Orsen Wells” haven’t came ou yet, I don’t think it will come out in here, i’ll have to buy the dvd by ebay!! And the date for “Charllie st. Cloud” is not knowed yet and I really want to see it but I gess I’ll have to wait like for the next year or the dvd… It’s pretty boring!!
    Zac’s so hadsome and great actor, Can’t wait to see it!!!
    Kisses, enjoy your selfs!!
    Sorry for my english, is not rally good.

  • aya

    hi is so handsome
    can’t wait for his projects

  • lalaland

    Zac Zac Zac. Soo hot.
    Love the Trailer.
    Hes so cool (:

  • lm

    doesn’t zac have to be back for the movie awards?

  • amy

    @tasie123: ZAC!

    He looks so good <3

  • mona

    Check out the second-to-last photo, there’s a guy in exactly the same clothes as Zac…. stunt double?

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://londonlemming londonlemming

    @peggy: @Bradley B: @Katty: The reason the reshoots have been going on longer is because for some of the shots (sailing ones) the weather conditions have made near impossible to get the shots the need. Also I heard a member of the crew had a heart attack yesterday and was taken to hospital so that will have held up filming.

  • Bradley Bobst


    so are they going to be Filming next week and the week after that or what.

  • hailey

    @tasie123: @tasie123: ZAC EFRON!!! <333

  • nikki

    OMGG zac is sooo freaking hottttt :) EEPPPP

  • justine

    Why does he always have to keep getting hotter, every single day i see him. He’s just so perfect!

  • brad

    My man, looking sharp and so delicious LOL
    i love him with all my heart! XD

  • green bay


    HOTTIE ALERT! lol… i can just lick him!

  • sandy

    @tasie123: Zac Efron girllll! He’s the most perfect most amazingest guy in the ENTIRE world!!!

  • hotttt




  • check it

    Check this cutie pie out! Why does zac have too be sooo dreamy! hE MELTS MY HEART

  • Jick Jack

    @check it: i knowww he melts my heart to! hes just plain out AAAAmazing!

  • asianflower

    the film looks incredible!!! zac is really starting to mature and grow!!! this is a perfect fil for him to change from the child/family type films to more mature , adult films :) can’t wait to see it, but i’ll have , as it will be released on oct 8th in the uk :)

  • cutie pie


  • hailey

    He’s so dang cute hehe.

    i cant wait for this movie!

    zacs gonna be amazing and just sexy.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Saw Zac is on his way home to LA.

  • tina

    No one really cares about this guy anymore except his talentless girlfriend and some delusional fans. Poor Zaccy…….just another pretty face in Hollywood.

  • …………….

    @tina :”shut up She’s far from incompetent.

  • cayden

    Zac doing what he does best..shoving bananas down his throat!

  • Karen


    Did that make you feel better in some way?I hope it did since it actually sounds pretty pathetic. because I don’t think you know that many people—certainly not everyone.

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    he’s gorgeous!
    vanessa is the luckiest girl ever



  • aline

    Beautiful Zac Efron