Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight: Date Night!

Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight: Date Night!

Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight share a moment in the back of a limo in this new still from a two-part episode of Sonny with a Chance.

In the upcoming episode “Falling for the Falls,” Sonny (Lovato) becomes so addicted to watching Mackenzie Falls, she forgets about a school project. When her costars get upset and question her loyalty to So Random!, Sonny vows to stop watching, but seeks Chad (Knight) out to ask how the Mackenzie Falls story ends. When her inquiry leads to him asking her on a date, Sonny must decide if her So Random! costars will be understanding.

In the second part of the episode, Sonny and Chad have been keeping their relationship a secret for weeks from their fellow So Random! and Mackenzie Falls cast mates.

When the studio decides to end the feud between the two shows, Chad is set up on a date with Tawni (Tiffany Thornton) and ‘Chawni’ quickly becomes the Hollywood “it” couple. Sonny, not a fan of the coupling, shows up at a Mackenzie Falls party with her own special date.

“Falling For The Falls” two-part episode starts on Sunday, June 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

ARE YOU EXCITED to finally see Sonny and Chad together?

20+ stills inside…

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Credit: Randy Holmes, Adam Rose; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • amy

    Sterling looks so much better now (: Sonny & Chad ftwwwww!

  • jfss

    OMFG i can’t wait!!!!!!!!! :D

  • rachael

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveee Channy!! And I ship Taco and Chawni too!! ;D

  • Chante

    ahhhh i love them =)

  • Jasmine P.

    I cannot wait for that! Sterling looks soooo cute! :)

  • JJ

    Can’t wait to see the episode, its going to be really good.

  • Joom

    Aaaah she shows up with a special date?? Wasn’t Joe on set like a couple weeks ago?! Haha would be so much fun:)

  • Sketch

    Sounds good. Cant wait. Sterling looks really good with that hair style, and Demi is stunning, but how come her skin is still pale here? I thought she was tanned?

  • shut up and let me go

    awww sooo cuteeee (sterling) this episode sounds rly funny

  • Meee

    Omg I been waiting for this episode!!! Yey finally wonder who she will bring

  • tia

    demi is beautiful!!! love her!!
    and love SWAC

  • jenny

    Sonny and Chad = AMAZING Onscreen couple

    Joe and Demi = Hottest New Hollywood Couple

  • stef

    yes finally <3!!

  • mica

    aww.. cant wait! :D

    I like Channy, but Jemi pawns them! haha.. just saying.. :)

  • cris


    Looks amazing! but june 13?? its like a month from now!
    I like Channy!
    Demi and Sterling make a good onsceern couple.
    (Jemi owns it btw)

  • Robyn
  • sherri

    demi is prettier with her brown hair and bangs, the black hair make her look too pale and the fake tanner looks terrible. but whatever makes her happy.

  • Christine

    Omg, would you guys shut up about Jemi!? Seriously, they have absolutely nothing to do with this show, so no one cares if they “pawn Channy” or whatever (which they don’t, btw). Just save it for the Camp Rock threads and let SWAC fans enjoy this. Thanks and goodbye.

  • Jenna

    woooooohoooo! June 13 is my BDay, I love Sonny With a Chance

  • ilovedisney

    Such a cute on screen couple! I love them! :) I agree with mica and cris, but I cannot wait for this epi! <3333333

  • V

    @Christine: I absolutely agree! This has nothing to do with Jemi, this is about Channy. And “Jemi” looks like brother and sister, so its weird.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR. smile 1,000 Smiles

    It`s about time that Chad & Sonny got together, I can`t wait to see this episode! I really love the CHAD IS A FOOL FOR SONNY picture, it is so cute :) Sonny & Chad Forever!!!!!

  • ramona


    i love you so much for making that comment. TOTALLY AGREE
    that being said, I can’t wait for June 13th && 20th.
    Demi’s and Sterling’s on-screen chemistry is sizzling, so I’m sure the Channy plotline will elevate SWAC to a whole new level of awesome :)

  • Britini95

    I think we all knew this would happen! Ya know when two people act like they hate eachother it really means they are madly in love? And leave it to Tawni to ruin it(even though for once it wasn’t her idea)! I’m excitied for the episode!

  • lexi

    yay! :] i cant wait to see them together! i wish demi not dating w joe jonas! demi and sterling knight so cute couple in the world!

  • mandy

    I have waited for this episode since the first time I heard the season 2 is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Channy :)
    sterling and demi really have a great chemistry
    that’s why people can’t wait for see thisXD

  • jessica

    you know i think tawni and chad have alot more chemistry then sonny and chad. but whatever.

  • channy

    @Joom: omg yeah!!!!!!!! imagine it is JOE!!!! omg it would be like the best episode!!!!!! and also demi said he guest starred so omg yeah!!!!

  • paula

    I agree christine! All u jemi fans need 2 beat it, cuz no one cares about ur stupid couple!! it’s all about channy here, as it should be!! But demi and sterling have awesome chemistry, they pretty much make the show. No one else can do sonny and chad as great as they do!!

  • dumm

    iam loving sterling’s hair cut i hope he wears it as it was in starstruck aswell.

    they are soo cute together!

  • Autumn

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Channy :D

  • bonpetite


    more tidbits..channy<3

    my favorite on-screen couple!!!!

  • smartha

    CHAD IS A FOOL FOR SONNY!! wonder??
    the pictures give me thrilled and i desperately want to know what will happen!!!
    but JUNE 13 is too long to

  • kat

    OMG!! can i say that i seriously squealed when I saw these! Channy = <3 <3 lot’s of it <3 <3 LOVE Sterling’s new haircut he looks so hot!

  • Avery Callaghan

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this to happen since Sonny met Chad in a fat suit! Not really a Disney fan, but I love SWAC. It’s about the only thing I look forward to in Disney nowadays.

  • darlene

    omg, demi is seriously hilarious in all her upcoming SWAC season 2 episodes. i was watching online, and i couldn’t stop laughing lol :) she is just great! Love the SWAC cast too. they are all just funny……and not to mention…HOT ;)

  • j-ann

    i TOTALLY agree with @Christine and @V, im sorry Jemi fans, but as much as i like joe and demi, i don’t really like joe and demi dating. they DO look like brother and sister. joe looks good with chelsea (even though she may have a bf already) they still look cute together. and demi looks good with sterling…on screen or off. or she looks good with a guy her OWN AGE. no offense to demi i still love her, i’ll be seeing them in concert :)

  • j-ann

    oh yea no offense to @jessica, how does tawni and chad have more chemistry??? they barely have scenes together.

  • allie


  • Hayley

    YAY i’m so happy and excited!!!!!!!

  • pandora

    Agree Joe and Demi fool around and tease each other like brother and sister. Not always possible to change that if the passion and excitement is not there in the first place it never happens. Think Amelia and Camilla were his real loves and he lost them both so hangs with Demi.

  • evielou8

    ahhh i cant wait!! sonny and chad are a good couple :D

  • Sania

    OMG i cant believe this :) its gonna b the best ep of sonny with a chance EVEER (:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  • Emma

    wooooooooooooooooow!!!sooooooooooooooooo excited for the episode

  • Krissy

    FINALLY it’s about time :)
    Channy = HOT couple<3

    Also for all the fans who are debating which couple should be together – just stop already. I mean you guys are fighting over a couple that’s not real over a couple that is real. Just look at the facts and see what’s true.
    CHANNY – amazing chemistry on set and off set.
    JEMI – best friends, steaming hot chemistry and now finally a couple.
    ADMIT it, demi shows great presence with the people she’s with and not with – which proves she’s a great actress and a heck of a catch to be around.

    Also, on youtube there is a video of Chad asking Sonny out. Sorry for the spoilers, but if your a Channy fan, you should check it out :)

  • Christine


    No one is debating anything!! Some of us just simply don’t care about Jemi, don’t see what the big deal is about them and don’t understand why they have to be brought up in a topic that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!!! God, I can’t wait until Jemi is over and their fans go away!!

  • peacegirl123

    Yayyyyy! I can’t wait! Demi Lovato is wayyyyyyy more beautiful than Selena!!! MY OPINION. Also idk why people keep comparing them two. Demi is more natural. I’m not a Selena hater, I’m just saying. I love them both and Miley!!!!!!!!!

  • dorissa

    OMFG!!!! finally!!! ive been waiting for this episode for ever!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    ohmygosh i can’t WAIT! ive been waiting for sonny and chad to become a couple forever! finally!!! i hope they kiss!!! and STAY a couple! what’s up with tawni and chad becoming a couple? don’t ruin everything, tawni!

  • Emily Jane

    ive been waiting for these 2 episodes 4 like 4ever and finally there coming.

    is it true that SWAC is getting canceled because it said on wiki but now its gone so maby somebody just edited it