Jonas Brothers: LET'S GO METS!

Jonas Brothers: LET'S GO METS!

Nick Jonas and big bro Joe Jonas check out the baseball game at NYC’s Citi Field on Saturday (May 22).

The Mets beat the Yankees 5-3. Glee‘s Matthew Morrison opened up the game by singing the national anthem!

Earlier in the day, Joe was seen eating at one of his favorite Soho eateries, Cafe Habana. Later in the day, Kevin joined Nick and Joe for a pic with basketball legend Magic Johnson. “So awesome,” Nick tweeted.

15+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers watching a baseball game…

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Credit: Ron Asadorian, George Napolitano/Filmmagic; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • cris

    awww. Joe and Nick are great, I love how these two spend so much time together!

    how long are they going to stay in NY?

    and why keving isnt with them? he sure is with his wife haha

  • cris

    Joe… new hair cut? mmm

  • Jessica


    I think he had just gotten a haircut! He just didn’t have it gelled! He was wearing a hat, so he probably figured he didn’t need to fix it up! He looks good anyway! :) I love when Nick & Joe hang-out together! That hug picture just about killed me! They are so precious!

  • whatgoesaround

    I didn’t think Joe was allowed to be out without Demi, what gives? ;)

    He looks happier than I’ve seen him in a while…just sayin’.

  • darlene

    Joe looks …different? idk, it’s cool. and i’ve been on this fricken ROLLERCOASTER of rumors “joes in chile” oh wait. “fail, joe is not in Chile” ..then “radio confirms, joe is heading to Chile” and now, “joe at mets game.” WOW. i gotta stop believing bull on Oceanup. oh well, my fault. but man! did yall see a Demi fan video of all the people outside her hotel! sheesh, it was EPIC crazy. Tiffanyt thorton tweeted it. she’s such a sweethear:) anyway, that’s just what i felt like sharing. ahhaa, LOVE DEMI :)

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    I don’t think they’d be saying, Let’s Go Mets, since their favourite team is the Yankees. Js.

  • jonaslover988979

    uhh i think it should be “lets go yankees” cuz thats their FAVORITE baseball team…. :)

  • jessica

    joe looks weird but nick looks hot.

  • Drew

    what handsome lads. joe looks skinny. less ripped recently than he was before, but still a cutie. and you gotta love nick.

    i love how the two middle bros are like, inseparable.

  • joejonaslover

    omj..joe looks diff but hot!!

  • Bethany


    Cris, Kevin is with his wife. I miss seeing more of him.

  • kintje

    wooooow nick’s sunglasess it’s very totally same like meeee OMG !! i can’t wait the concertt !

  • meg

    umm it’s called hat hair .. still love you joe <3

  • jess

    Joe you hair looks weird! but it’s probably because of the hat! and to someone who is saying Joe looks less ripped… well I think you didn’t saw his pictures at the grove! he looks the same to me

  • Jess

    Now that that is sorted…

    “Let’s go Mets!”
    Lol no, let’s go Yankees. And the boys are Yankees fans also, so this title is quite insulting.
    Tsk tsk.

  • marilyn

    So I don’t like joes hair when it is in the short/long stage. I want it grown out like the old days. And for goodness sakes, SHAVE BOY! Other than that, his outfil looks good;) and nick looks very nice, hot even

  • grub
  • Bethany


    Marilyn, yes shave. I think Kevin is the only one that can pull off facial hair

  • Bari

    I got to meet them at the game. They were so sweet and they looked so cute!

  • Bari

    @disneytwilightfutbol: FYI The mets were playing the yankees so they were there as yankee fans

  • amy

    i hope Joe gets over this experiment with facial hair thing soon…
    Other than that they both look good (:

  • Eric Shinn

    I love the Stevie Wonder look they are sporting!!!!!

  • JC

    awwww!I don’t like Joe’s hair!!! I like the one which it stands a bit or whatever it is. But I just don’t like it. I’m looking forward to Joe’s solo album…. :))

  • Jenny

    Great pictures. Nick always looks so cute. Joe looks good too, except the facial hair.

  • Ella

    what’s up with Joe’s hair?! Don’t like it.. He should put gel/wax in it for the Joehawk!

  • val!


  • Mika

    Cutest brothers ever.

  • Cameilaz

    Hi follow if you serouisly love Nick Jonas :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Okkkk

    I don’t understand why it says “let’s go mets as the caption” the boys are Yankee fans and were their to support them not the mets. That’s just where the game was held. They should really change the caption!

  • dahlia76

    I luv the JoBros(especially joe), luv the Yankees(it should be Yankees),everything works out

  • miaka

    I feel like KILLING JOE!!!!!!!!! i was hoping he would grow his hair back so he would look hot again. but the idiot cut it AGAIN!!!! he looks like the ugliest jonas brother at the moment!!!! he also needs to shave, man. i still love him, though, great person. my favourite celeb

  • Jemm

    i love joe before but now i lov nick more..

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