Miley Cyrus and on-again BFF Mandy Jiroux grab lunch at Katsuya restaurant on Saturday (May 22) in Studio, Calif.

Mandy tweeted, “Had a yummy sushi date w Miles.. I have missed that girl! What to do for the rest of this pretty Saturday?”

Later in the day, Miley was seen trying to cool off, picking up an iced beverage from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux‘s reunion…

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: WENN, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • GossipGirl

    About time they get some GIRL TIME with each other! I miss their videos! Thank God they are still friends! For a moment, I was beginning to worry !

  • stella

    naaaw goood as :)

  • Leila

    God! she looks so stunning.. so so jealous, and she looks really tall!

  • Kate

    I HATE Mandy. Miley was much better off without her.

  • lucia

    I am so happy for them

  • blahblahblah

    those boots are ugly

  • ok


  • Hi

    awwwww im so happy(:

  • lyss


  • jane

    i dont like them really but i like mileys hair

  • http://mileycyrus arnold champs oliver

    A eu nem vou escrever menos pois Miley Cyrus merece muito mais que palavras,porem devo dizer isso a ela quando eu for aos EUA nas férias,porem agora eu só vou deixar um beijo bem de leve nos labios.

  • Britini95

    I don’t think they ever stoped being friends,they were just super busy! Didn’t Mandy just finsh touring with her girl group? In Hollywood, if stop hanging out people think you hate each other! Nice to see its all good :)

  • Annie

    Miley’s hair is fab and Mandy is just wanting attention from the paps.

  • victoria

    i love miley and she looks great! but im iffy about mandy, she seems shady :/

  • jessica

    i love mileys hair. i wish i had her hair. its so long and really pretty. mandy and miley also look super pretty. but those boots that shes wearing are ugly. they would have looked better if those buckles were the same color as her boots.

  • spongebob

    @jessica: You just need money, a hair stylist and extensions.

  • vvvvvvvvvvvvv

    AAAAAH Miley’s wearin Vivienne Westwood boots, they are the exact same as mine!!!

  • tessa

    I love Miley and I want her boots

  • billythekid


    Been much speculation and rumor that they stopped being friends for a time. And while that may or may not be true, it was certainly true that they weren’t seen together for many many months. Whatever was going on between them, it’s just as well that it’s in the past and forgotten.

    I don’t think Mandy and her group has done any touring at all. So far as I know they do shows, and are in the process of doing a video. Where all that will lead, no one can tell, though I do know that the main voice in that group is Brooke. We usually know how that ends up IF the group ever gets off the ground :)

  • cane

    miley look just awesome ….and yes i love her hair tooo is amazing whatever say the hattters ….some peolpe are so jelouse..god!!!!

    and mandy mm look fine

  • alice

    Miley looks gorgeous!! I love those boots

  • jenny

    i’m not sure about mandy…. most of the bad things that happened, seemed to happen around Mandy, but if they are friends there is nothing we can do

  • disneygirl

    miley’s hair looks rlly pretty!

  • lalala

    yayy!! miley and mandy are back! ive missed themm. they both look gorgeousss. and haha miley is so tall!! shes in flats and shes taller than mandy who is wearing heels. lmaoo. <3

  • Taya

    MIley and Mandy are beautiful <3

  • Âmÿ Sōldîèr

    Hey, photographer for JustJaredJr., thanks for the high-resolution photos. Zooming in and no blur. Crisp, fine details.

    My love to the Maiden Americans, Mandy and Miley. Wonderful creatures, indeed. ~,~

  • lifesgood

    i used to like mandy, before she bad mouthed miley and demi back in November 2009, thats also when demi unfollowed mandy her brother and that whole gang, seriously mandy has a big mouth and backstabbed her,
    but miley has such a big heart that she’s probably forgiven her i just don’t want miley to get hurt again:( having your best friend talk about you publically really hurt miley, she trusted her!

  • Mika

    I love it when Miley wears pants.

    I know that sounds weird, but I honestly find she’s a million times better if she doesn’t dress trashy.

  • Amy Soldier

    All you Bozos posting here, listen: I’m mergatroidal on YouTube. I want to accomplish a wonderful thing with our Miley “Maiden America” Cyrus. Visit and peruse my YT channel to understand what I want to do and what needs to be done to groom Miley for this task, this mission. I have a friend attempting to capture the heart and mind of the Maiden, and by doing so to bring her and all the resources of Disney to focus, engage and bear upon a most fascinating objective. Fellas, for the next several years keep your eyes on this firecracker Miley Cyrus. If you see a future opportunity opening up for her that brings us further along upon this quest we’ve embarked upon, and if you can then supply some gasoline to keep the engines running …, to supply the wind to billow our sails for a time, … well, if we in the West do this sooner than later then the world will be a better place. And it was you, an unknown behind the scenes character who helped bring our beloved Miley Cyrus into the history books of tomorrow. Think about it, anywho’s. Keep it in the back of your mind. Miley Cyrus is truly heaven sent. Let’s prove it so. (I’m as serious as cancer …)

  • jane

    yea all u need is extentions

  • .

    @lifesgood: whatd she say about them???

  • Emmapuma

    I kinda like Mandy… Seems like she was the only one who was there for miley in ’08 when so many ppl turned against her.

  • Tiffany

    not really feeling the boots but love her hair

  • mileylover

    OMG i miss miley&mandy show :’(


    i hope selena and demi could do this to. =)

  • emma

    Miley looks so stunning!!

    I love her clothes and boots in this pic

  • leticia


  • Kanani

    In these pictures, it seems like Mandy’s paying more attention to the paps than to Miley. She just kept looking at the cameras. Idk. I don’t have a good feeling about Mandy, never have. It seems like she’s just friends with Miley for fame.

  • Menna

    I LOVE Mandy’s ankle boots….very cute…

    can’t say the same about Miley’s.

  • wow


    You are right about mandy being the only one who stuck by Miley back then & itseems that “friends” like Demi who is the real coat tail rider caused some trouble because Demi is the jealous one – ticked off at Selena’s friendship with Taylor. Also Demi bad mouthed Mandy & her brother on twitter and now she has done the same on at least 2 interviews about Selena. People will soon see the real trouble seems to be conected to Demi who would be nothing without the Jonas Brothers who took her on tour as their opening act, who wrote songs with her for her first & 2nd album & who she is again touring with & would not be going to White House Press dinners, etc. except for her association with the Jonas’.

  • itsmeagain

    @wow: PLZ STFU Selena Stan!
    Demi would be bigger than both the JONAS BROTHERS and Miley Cyrus if she weren’t discovered by Disney! Selena and the JBs are the COAT TAIL RIDERS here since both of them are only FAMOUS cuz of MILEY and both camps have to USE MILEY FOR PROMOTION. I hate that you Selena stans think that it’s something DEMI DID that broke their FRIENDSHIP. None if you STANS have REAL PROOF and were not PRESENT when the INCIDENT took place so there for , none of U STANS can say SlHT about DEMI ! You guys are SO BLINDED BY SELENA I swear, y’all look at that BlTCH like she’s some kind of GODDESS from the HEAVENS

  • rachel

    @arnold champs oliver:
    ei arnold como vai ?
    quando vc for aos EUA mande um beijo e um abraço de nos Brasileiros para a miley para ela saber que realmente nos a amamos aqui !
    mileys gorgeous !!!!! love you miley4ever :)
    miley&mandy rock!

  • hana

    my godness miley gets even hotter by the second haha i love her to death she is like waaaay prettier then mandy. just saying haha [:

  • wow


    Wrong! I am not a Selena fanatic fan, but I do like Selena (no reason not to) and you obviously are a Demi fanatic fan that is blind. Like I said time will show Demi for what she is. You are so wrong about the Jonas Brothers – they were already famous before the HM show appearance & their first Hollywood Records cd was released before the HM show apperance & if anyone made Jonas Famous it was Disney AS DISNEY also made Miley famous. Disney alway pairs up the newer acts with the older acts, that is why Miley was the opening act for The Cheetah Girls and Aly & AJ when she was brand new to Disney.
    Like I said, Mandy was the only true friend to Miley in her time of need, and I like Mandy for that. Mandy seems like a genuinely nice person.

  • Meghan

    her hair is so fake, all there is to her hair is extensions and they look fried. xD

  • mulletguy

    Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux are like sisters and I’m so happy they’re both back together as BFF. Awwww

  • Kaayla!

    Mandy is not a good influence on miley….. not good.




  • stephen farrier

    miley and mandy now back together

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