Robert Pattinson Goes To The Circus

Robert Pattinson Goes To The Circus

Robert Pattinson stretches out as he starts filming on Water for Elephants in Fillmore, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (May 20).

Water for Elephants is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson, Hal Holbrook), a ninety or ninety-three year-old man who lives in a nursing home. As the memories begin, Jacob is twenty-three years old and preparing for his final exams as a Cornell University veterinary student when he receives the news that his parents were killed in a car accident.

After learning his parents were all but broke, Jacob jumps on a train only to learn it is a circus train. When the owner of the circus, Uncle Al, learns of his training as a vet, he is hired to care for the circus animals.

Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, and Mark Povinelli also star.

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Credit: RADCLIFFE/MATEI; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • ka5te

    Hot……but Efron is hotter…hahaha..peace

  • commentor

    WFE will be boring. robert is not that good of an actor. never thought a circus man should be that dorty looking.

  • Legion

    How old are you, commentor? 12? Never thought a circus man should be that dorty [sic] looking? This movie/story is set back in the 1930s. You remember the Great Depression, right? Or haven’t you covered that in your US History class yet? Jesus H. Christ! Since you seem to be wholly ignorant of what you’re commenting about, let me enlighten you. A great deal of the US didn’t even have indoor plumbing yet and this story is set in a two-bit *travelling* circus. FFS, he’s the circus’s veterinarian who has to travel in a converted animal pen! Of course he’s going to be filthy! OMG, *think* before you write — that way, we might not recognize just how ignorant you are. Oh, wait! Too effin’ late! As for Robert’s acting, I think he’s doing just fine and I see him only improving as he takes on more and more roles. Praise Jesus that Hollywood bigwigs see the same thing I do.

    And ka5te, Zac Efron may be hot, but Robert is thermonuclear. Point of fact, there is no one hotter on this little blue marble of ours.

  • sue

    The film script is amazing. i cant wait to see Pattinson in thsi wonderful film.

  • ruthie

    Can’t wait for the film. I love the book. I can so picture him as Jacob Jancowski. In fact I think they did a great job of casting all the way around.

  • Nikki

    Rob is sexy and this movie will rock!!! The book is AMAZING!!

  • mellany

    OKAY!!! He has officially made my day!
    Look at that beautiful man!
    I will be at that premiere that’s for sure :)

  • marie

    I can’t wait for Water for Elephants and Rob look so hot!!!

  • Ella

    Infairness, the hair fits him.. ;)

  • vanessa

    wow! the hottest young actor today!!! Rob will steal our hearts again in Water for Elephants :)

  • Amalie

    He is adorable.

    WFE will be epic. I loved the book.

  • amy

    @ka5te: i agree with you! (:

  • kat


    fail comment is fail. how old are you btw…?

    He looks amazing. So excited for this movie!

  • sora

    pff Zac wishes he was hotter than Rob.

  • yaay

    If I survive Bel Ami (it will take half of me) I WONT survive WFE
    (it will take the ova half of me)
    Rob will kill me he doesnt even know wat he does to some of us poor guy
    Ooooo and his hair?! I LOVE it it suits him
    And it WILL grow back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3

  • monica


    ‘If I survive Bel Ami (it will take half of me) I WONT survive WFE’ THIS!!!

    I’m soooooo excited about WFE!
    RoB looks sooooo adorable <3

  • brenna

    There is a terrific book behind this movie, you should read it :)

  • bianca

    Gotta say I love this Hair Style…best he has ever had!

  • jessica

    damn he looks so much hotter with that haircut. i cant believe im saying that but he does.

  • commentor

    oh get over it, he’s a lousy actor..Remember Me tanked and no one is coming to see him in movie about circus animals. YAWN…he’s only popular because of Twilight films..but Twilight fans ONLY like Twilight..not him. Where was all his audience for his RM. hiding out?

  • lil


    .I totally agree with everything you said

  • Charli

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob does NOT grow his hair back. He might do like Kristen did and use a wig for Edward. that way in real life he can look different than the character and remind folks that they are not the same (and perhaps end this whole tabloid fodder nonsense of treating him like he is and pairing him with Kristen as ‘soul mates’ and ‘true loves’ even after he said in Vanity Fair last December that they are not and never were dating)

  • commentor

    oh my.. mr. know it all legion. by dorty i mean dismal, sulky, or sullen. not dirty.. you dont have to put [sic] because dorty is an accepted word. XD

  • Tanja

    This movie script sure sounds very interesting! I`m going to see it for sure!

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    he look’s so cute when he’s stretching!

  • mrs.efron

    r-patz is hot. but still, zefron is waaaayy hotter!

  • Kaitee

    lol…he’s cute when he stretches:P
    i do think Robert’s hot…but i have to say that Efron is hotter…..sry..but its true!!

  • Evie

    Zefron is too pretty. He isn’t masculine enough!

  • Karen

    I agree that Zefron used to be too pretty………but if u have seen any recent pictures you’ll notice that he is def. not pretty….he smoking hot !!
    i hate to say it but i think he’s even hotter than R-Patz:(
    even tho i luv rob.

  • Valerie

    I agree….i think Zac Efron is quite a bit hotter!!

  • Lisa

    I’m a huge R-Patz fan!!! i luv him so much:P
    but Efron is hotter….even tho i don’t like him.
    but it shouldn’t matter who’s hotter….Luv Rob!!