Ashley Tisdale: Super Secret Cameo in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures

Ashley Tisdale: Super Secret Cameo in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures

Ashley Tisdale is off to Toronto today to get started on very first, own DCOM, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures.

The 24-year-old actress caught up with MTV at the CW Upfronts about some surprises in the film.

Ashley shared about which Wildcat would make an appearance, “I know [Vanessa's] super busy because she’s about to promote her movies and stuff. But we definitely do have a special cameo. You just don’t know which character it is. I do. I just can’t tell you. It’s a secret!”

WHO DO YOU THINK the special cameo is? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jana

    I hope it’s going to be Vanessa…

  • MIa

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s Lucas, since Sharpay and Ryan are twins.

  • Celly

    Hopefully it’s Zac Efron! I’d kill to see him again!

  • amzy

    maybe its zac efron

  • xx

    Zac. Both in Canada~

  • ZJ207

    @MIa: Agreed!
    Lucas has to be in this movie! It wouldn’t make sense if he’s not

    Anyways, I’m sooo excited to see this movie :D
    I’m feeling it’ll be a little different then the other 3 HSMs! :D

  • musicgirl

    i really dont think its vanessa or zac! its probably Lucas!

  • sarah

    definitly Lucas!! cuz he plays Sharpay’s bro’ so for me it’s logic!!

  • Zulick

    It might b Boi for all we know!!!!!

  • Someone

    I bet it’s Zac, since they are pretty close IRL, even tho. he’s busy filming too.
    But I hope it’s Lucas, even tho. he said in an interview from last year that he was comepletely done with disney and would turn down all the offers they could give him..
    I really really hope it’s going to be Lucas, even tho. the chances are little :(

  • Taya


  • shiko

    totally lucas !!!
    ash rocks !!
    luv u!!

  • Zanessalover

    please, not Nessa. I love her, but this movie will be a crap .

  • lucia

    I don’t know, but I would love if Zac makes a cameo :)
    Even tough , I am happy just to see Ashley again!!!

  • oltimer

    My bet is Zac since they are making a big deal out of this cameo stuff. Although, Lucas seems logical I don’t think they’d fuss over it as much. I am happy to see that Vanessa is distancing herself as much as possible from Disney. Don’t want to see her being labeled “Disney girl” anymore.

  • ok

    Zac and Vanessa would never do this. They’re moving on with their careers and working on adult projects, not DCOMS lol

  • Naomi

    Lucas! I hope :)

  • taylor

    I don’t think it’ll be Lucas. I never thought he was really into the Disney thing so I don’t think he would go back for this. I was thinking maybe Kelsi.

  • anny nilsson

    It’s Lucas or Vanessa .
    I think most hat it is lucas beacuse like everybody says that sharpay & ryan are twins soo that wouldn’t be soo surprising if it’s soon comming out that lucas also reaturning :) <3

    yayy an Wildcat reunite <3 <3

  • Trina

    Neither Zac nor Vanessa. That would be a major step down/backward for them since they have moved so far away from Disney and have big movies coming out. It could be any of the other characters who don’t have any upcoming projects.

  • sr

    It’d be nice to see Lucas and Olesya as an engaged couple. Both of their characters are supposed to be at Julliard and their relationship was alluded to in the third movie.


    as much as i want it to be zac and vanessa.
    its probably most defoo lucas coz like sharpay and ryan r twins n shit.
    so yer.

  • nIKE just DO IT

    Probably Lucas, sounds as real as can be anyway i mean think about it Zac and Vanessa are highly engrossed with their upcoming movies in which i hear Zefron has a sex scene (not sure though) and Vanessa playing a prostitute in Sucker punch..(i think?) besides Disney is now long gone for them. its 2010 people sharpay movie or whatever is probably set to release in 2011/2012 or something. So Zanessa out of Disney. I agree with you Trina! (:

  • kami

    probably monique cause she said she wants to. but now everybody is going to be asking zac and vanessa. and of course they’re going to say, yea, maybe, sure, ok um, that would be great and not answer the question.

  • ana

    i think in ZAC he’s in Canada, aww probably lucas too,
    awww definitibly i can’t wait see it :D

  • Carmel

    I hope it’s going to be Lucas cause I love him and miss his character, but I don’t think it’s going to be him. It’s looks like he’s done with the Disney stuff.

  • taylor

    you guys, zac would be the LAST person to do it. i mean come, really think about it. and like she said vanessa’s very busy. i’d bet money it’s going to be lucas.

  • Valee

    Zac, Lucas or Chris Warren! my bets are in those 3…but i think Lucas and Chris have more chances to be more related with Sharpay in the other movies…

  • ItsMeeee

    Zacs not even in Canada anymore plus he’s the one who WANTS to get away from Disney so the chances of it being him or slim.
    It would make sense for Zac to say how much he wants to get AWAY from Disney then come back for a cameo that’ll be a step back for him, so you should get it out of your heads that it’s him
    it’s most likely Lucas, Mo or Corbin

  • hsm56

    i don’t now who will make an apperance i hop it’s ether Lucas or vanessa or zac i don’t know yet but i can’t wait to see

  • joy.

    Hm.. I’m not going to take any guesses. But I can’t wait to see who it is. :D

  • heather

    I think it’s Zeke!
    Cause he’s always trying to get Sharpay, so maybe in this movie they will probably end up together.

  • camii

    Ashley basically said that it isn’t Vanessa because she’s too busy..(:
    & just no offence but i really don’t think that there is any way in hell
    that Zac or Vanessa would do it, i mean i get that they are both close with Ashley IRL but they are both too busy & have both obviously moved on from Disney …

    im thinking it’s probably Chad, Zeke
    or Ryan since he IS Sharpay’s brother after all..=)

  • charlene

    lucas. it has to be. he is her twin. i would love that so much….its not nessa as ash said she was busy wi her own stuff and it wouldnt be anybody not invoved with shar. its gott be lucas

  • Lorna

    I would assume Lucas since he is her twin and she was never really friends with Zac and Vanessa in the movie.

  • xoxo

    vancouver and toronto are 5 hrs flying apart you idiot…just cause they are both in Canada wouldnt increase the chances! not saying it wont be zac (whom btw is not in canada anymore) but if he were in canada it wouldnt increase the chances

  • Britt

    It’s not going to be Vanessa nor Zac I’m pretty much sure. They’re both done with Disney and moving on, finally.
    I know that Lucas most likely won’t be in it either, as he’s pretty much over with Disney as well, but I’d love it if it was him, he’s always been my favorite character.
    So that leaves Olesya, Corbin, Chris Warren Jr, and Monique from the main cast. So who knows.
    I can’t picture any of them really being a big deal, but who knows?

  • fan

    In the last part of HSM3, Ryan & Kelsi were the two that won the scholarships to the Julienne Art and Drama Acadamic School, which is located in New York, New York. For that, both Ryan and Kelsi should be attending that school after East High School. Now Sharpay’s movie is supposingly taken place on Broadway, which is also in New York, New York. Therefore, my guest would be Ryan or Kelsi since these two should be already in that city and attending school there. The two logical Wildcats that would be in the Sharpay’s movie should be Lucas and/or Olesya.

  • emmy

    That’s what I think too. Personally, I think Olesya/Kelsi is more likely to appear because she seems more welcoming to doing another Disney flick while Lucas may not.

  • taylor

    no zac’s back in LA.

  • skins

    honestly dont care who it is tbh
    doubt its vanessa nor zac

    and all this shizzle about them moving on Zac Efron is the only one whos proven he’s not singing and dancing and that he has real talent the movies hes doing are like inspirational ive not seen any of the original 6 apart from him do that
    dont get me wrong i love v and ash
    but inreality i think zac is the only one whos got real talent with his acting

  • Destiny

    I agree with the above that it is probably Lucas, as he’s Sharpay’s brother, and it would make sense if it was him. However, I’m not opposed to having Chris Warren Jr. (Zeke) come back either, especially as he stated that he planned to appear in 2 possible sequels after High School Musical 3

  • http://@KUCINGRAMBI Aay

    it would be Lucas, I hope…

  • shel


  • shel

    so EXCİTED

  • shel


  • 7774

    amazing its so perfect

  • 7774

    hope vanessa

  • 7774

    please zac

  • 7774


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