Joe Jonas: I Love Demi Lovato as a Friend

Joe Jonas: I Love Demi Lovato as a Friend

Demi Lovato confirmed her split with Joe Jonas but now more details are surfacing!

Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one,” Joe told People. “I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to break up but I love her as a friend. She’s been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her.”

Let’s hope Joe and Demi continue to be friends, too!

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  • ashytisdalefan

    he is a little idiot for sure. First of all why date in the first place if he likes her as just a friend? Thats so stupid. I hope Demi is okay and hope she finds someone who isnt a douche bag.

  • Cindy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • mrs.nickjonas

    Now I get: he broke up with her! The way she said it I thought it was like something they both agreed! OMG, she is so strong and carrying! Like, some of his ex-girlfriends just started to say bad things about him and she wrote about the break up in a really kind way… I think it’s a little weird what he said, like :” I love her as a friend” He knows her for almost 3 years and he needed 2 months of dating to be sure he didn’t want it? Kinda weird… But, I don’t know, it’s not my business… I just hope they both are ok, and I know that must have been really hard for joe too…

  • Andrea

    @ashytisdalefan: That’s what I thought too, but maybe he went into the relationship liking her as more than a friend. But as the relationship continued, he realized that his feelings weren’t the same as hers. Idk…just a thought

  • mary19

    whatever happens! it is always going to be awkward!!

  • Melissa


  • http://MSmollyms jemilover

    Okay, that makes NO sense yeah Joe just date her if you like her as a friend! Gahhh! Demi find a guy who isn’t anything like Joe and will treat you like a lady!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    Demi wants a gentleman who treats like a queen. She need respect, she needs love, nothing in between ;) just thought it would feel right.. Lyrics from her song “Everything your not”

  • Mika

    Why is there so much hate towards Joe?

    Seriously people, actually read and understand what’s going on before ranting on how joe’s bad.

  • ayen

    lol.. just like the story on Jonas show.. stella & joe!!!

  • leanne

    I think he really loves her to break up with her and care more about their friendship.
    I still think he’s an idiot because he didn’t think about their friendship in the first place. I bet Demi did.

  • grant

    He’s stupid as hell.
    He can’t even speak right.
    In interviews, he’s like ‘…you know… just… umm… to like..”
    Why would you date an idiot, dems.

  • dina

    Really Joe?…. what kind of guy are you? I think you just want to date a girl when you’re really like the person n’ when youre feeling for them is gone… you’d decided to break up with them. I think it’s really dumb.

  • pandora

    Yes some of his ex girlfriend did speak out because they were in love and he hurt them too!! I am sure Taylors next album will have more songs about their break up and think we will hear more from Demi too. Demi has to be a bit careful at the moment because they have the Camp Rock tour coming up and Papa Jonas is her manager. Dumb move on both their parts to date given the problems if it did not work out!!

  • jessica

    @ashytisdalefan: i know right?? wtf. i always knew he liked her as a friend. but yet he came out and dated her. i mean cmon really. i bet it was just for pr.

  • green bay

    yahh and those who said ‘there the new zanessa’
    this is funny

  • j-ann

    wowwww what’s up with all the hating on joe???
    come on people! haven’t you guys started dating a really good friend, and along the way in ur relationship u realize maybe ur friendship is too valuable to hurt? i’ve had that happen before. if i were either joe or demi, i’d rather have him/her as a friend in my life than not have him/her at all.

  • cam

    He always seemed like just friends with Demi, but she had different feelings than him. She is young and should date some more anyway. I mean she is 17, too young for settling down or marriage. Better to break up while dating than to have a marriage end in divorce.
    I’m sure Taylor Swift is completely over their breakup since it was almost 2 years ago. Taylor only wrote one song about it and it was not bad. Really, it is time for everyone else to let go of the joe & taylor break up. They recently talked at an event & seemed to have dropped the past – they can run into each other now and not be uncomfortable.

  • marilyn

    People going against joe need to shut their faces. Joe is a gentlemen and any girl woould be lucky to be with him. And look at who demi has dated in the past, she prob doesn’t want someone like joe. I love joe and good for him for taking action and ending something that didn’t feel real or true to him :)

  • amy



  • skyhigh95

    I don’t want to be bashed but I don’t think Joe is a good boyfriend…
    Taylor Swift was right all along! Don’t get angry with me but I think Joe always break up with his past girlfriends…
    I can see Demi likes Joe but why would Joe broke up with her? Just because things aren’t working out? Joe should now hoe to handle relationships and stuffs. I don’t understand why their relationship can’t be as strong as Brangelina or Zanessa…
    I’m predicting maybe Demi will have a new boyfriend that treats her better.
    At least Kevin and his wife haven’t had divorced yet…

  • mourning4jemi

    Now I hate Joe ! How can he do that to her ? I thought that he was the perfect guy for Demi :( now i feel sad for her …. Those JoBros are really fond of breaking hearts >:[

  • none

    Did anyone really think they were together? This was all a P.R. stunt for the Oceans move and song Make a Wave and now that that is over the relationship is over. It was never a real relationship people so don’t act surprised that it’s over.

  • Inna

    NO. I’m really sad. But maybe this is for the better. I’m just dissapointed that the great friendship they had will be strained no matter how hard they try to make it all go back to how it was before. Its different now, and there’s no way to change that. I wish them the best.

    I loved Jemi soo much :((

    Joe’s kinda a serial dater anyway. :|

  • Inna


    as much as i hate to say, i would say this is definitely possible.

    i hate it when celebs stoop that low as to fake date someone just for the hype.

    very disappointed, I really was (still am?) a huge fan of both. They kinda let me, and I’m sure a lot of other fans, down.

  • jess

    oh please! stop with this stupid hate! Joe is amazing and he still friends with Demi! just caus he broke up with her doens’t mean he is an idiot… that happens in every fucking relationship!!! so just get over it

  • Daniyah

    @green bay:



    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!! <3

  • http://j chelsea

    joe you can do better;)

  • GossipGirl

    at least they’re still friends! I think both sides are very strong people! Demi for bringing it outt to the public so that people can stop preading nasty rumors on Joe. And for JOE for keeping his friendship w/ Demi strong. Both sides are amazing as I can see it.

  • karla

    omg, i really love joe but he is making a mistake cause demi is amazing, and i think she loves him so much ! so bad, breakups are never good, hope the can steel be friends ;) !

  • itsmeagain

    I kind of saw this from a longshot. I mean come on now! Love Jemi and all , but it was obvious this was coming. Also, has anybody notice a pattern between the Jonas Brothers love life?

    Nick Jonas
    Breaks Up with Miley after the BOBW TOUR
    Burning Up Video is released-Nick Starts to date Selena.
    Burning Up Tour is over
    Nick Dumps Selena
    June 2009 comes
    Before The Storm is released
    Nick is eeing Miley again
    “Send It On” is released
    JT TOUR is over
    Nick avoids Miley again
    Nick’s solo album comes out
    Nick starts seeing Selena again
    As Soon as his promotional tour is over
    He Dumps Selena again

    am I the only here who feels as though all relationships b/t the Jo Bros, Demi, Miley, and Selena were all publicity stunts?

  • cris

    WHO CARES about the stupid tour….
    Demi must be DESTROIED she was folling for him BIG time,
    and im sure hes pretty sad too.
    If he really means all that “he loves her as a friend” then he should know… things wont be the same in a LONG time.
    Spetially now she has to tour with them for half of a year.

    I think Demi should quit the tour, for her own good.
    But whatever makes her happy.

    If they get back… Good cuz they were really happy with each other, but now that he have said “I broke up with her” wow… it must be really hard. (for demi)

  • Isa

    Ok Im a disspointed aswell Im sorry I can help it, even though deep in my heart I knew it wouldnt last long I didnt expect this from Joe, come on he is not a teen anymore “I break up with her” aja and what? u should said “and also broked her heart” because that is for sure. I just hope that she is ok and remember karma always turns back, wonder why Camilla Belle dumped him…


    What’s with all the hype? It was obvious they weren’t going to last if they started off as best friends for years. I think Joe made the right decision. Maybe he liked at the start more than an friend but as it went on, he realized that he missed they way they use to be. I’ve been in that position and it’s hard. I think Demi was too naive and Joe wasn’t ready.

    && “The new Zanessa” please, no one can touch Zanessa. Just Saying.

  • Drew

    i think the mistake was made in going so public with their relationship. i think they actually dated. had a fling. i don’t think it was all for PR. i just think it was SEVERELY EXPLOITED by their handlers and disney and frankly, themselves.

    demi spoke about it a lot, but the girl is 17 and she was smitten. joe’s relationships may not have lasted, but he’s 20. most people date before they’re 20 and very few of those relationships last. i don’t think either one of them should be pegged as the bad guy.

    I HOPE THEY BOTH LEARN TO PROTECT THEMSELVES BETTER. and of course, i hope and expect they will remain close.

  • candy

    no it doesnt happen in every relationship! Joe is not 17 hes 20 and he dont act like it. i know guys aren’t the most mature but he just seems like he just break up with girls when he feel like it. I CAN’T STAND THESE FREAKIN JO BRO FANS DEFENDING EVERY THING THIS DOUCHE DOES. He dont have a reason to break up, he just got tired of her and he felt like it. Its stupid to think that he’s sparing her feelings and he’s a selfish bastard. If he really wanted to spare her feelings, do her a favor DON’T DATE UR BEST FRIEND JUST BECUZ U FEEL LIKE IT, THEN BREAK UP JUST BECUZ U FEEL LIKE IT.


  • Inna


    drew, I agree completely. Not to bring anything else into this that doesn’t need to to be but, for example I think Zac & Vanessa have lasted so long because they took it step by step. & they keep everything private, very rarely do they ever mention their relationship publicly. Because that’s their business & their business only. They keep to themselves because they know what they think about each other in their relationship is all that matters. To add the pressures of media & fan-mania can really put a strain on such a fresh, new, experimental relationship. I really think coming out so publicly, so soon was what caused for their relationship to crumble in the end.

    In the end, I just wish them the best. I hope they still remain to be very good friends. (:

  • Marjo

    i really thouth they would last at least till camp rock 2.. :/

  • sara

    @Mika: totally agreed!!! i love Jemi but i love them as friends even more, their just regular people and i dont see why everyone takes sides when celebs break up! omg, i mean would you act this way towards people at your own school?

  • Laura

    @ashytisdalefan: I couldn’t have said it better myself.JEMI was just pure PR.

  • W

    They didn’t even last as long as I thought they would…

  • Amy

    Joe’s a dumbass. I hope Demi never dates him again.

  • Charlee

    Wow, so many perfect, self-righteous people in here commenting. It always amazes me that it never occurs to people that you do not have the full story… you will never have the full story… and honestly, why the dating history of a 17 and 20 year old affects you so much is beyond me.
    They dated, they broke up… just like a large perecentage of 17-20 year olds everywhere.

  • Gaby

    OMG!!!! I DIDN’T KNOW THEY BROKE UP UNTIL NOW. Geez. And they still have to go on tour together. But honestly people, THAT HAPPENS. SOMETIMES YOU GO INTO A REATIONSHIP AND YOU FIGURE OUT YOU’RE BETTER OFF AS FRIENDS. And now there won’t be the WHAT IF factor. They tried and it didn’t work out. So what if Joe broke it off. It may have saved the friendship. Rather than going on for a year knowing it wasn’t going to work in the end.

  • j-ann

    OMG…..when is all this hate going to stop???? seriously??? they knew what they were gonna get themselves into when they decided to start dating, and they were prepared for whatever good OR bad might happen. but they have both said that nothing can break their friendship. couples fall out of relationships all the time. PLUS, yea he’s 20 and she’s 17, it’s not like they were gonna get married anytime soon, geez people it’s not like they’re almost 30. they both got plenty of time to have relationships and committ.

    —-out of subject—- is it just me or did all these negativeness start AFTER joe and chelsea shot those kissing scenes for JONAS L.A…..hmmmm just interesting to me. idk about you guys but i think they’d make a cute couple, just my opinion.

    But back to joe and demi: Look, i think you haters should STOP hating joe cuz he didn’t do anything wrong. can you really hate a guy for ending a relationship to keep his friendshio safe??? come on guys have some respect. Again, they’re still young, they have plenty of time to get back together or move on and see other people. Maybe it is best for them to just stay single right now. They broke up, BUT they’re still going to be friends.

  • j-ann

    P.S. OH and i think it’s really STUPID and IMMATURE for people to stop following joe on twitter just cuz he broke up with demi. those people should be ashamed of themselves and GROW UP!

  • mai

    I just think he needs to make up his mind. ;/

  • Britini95

    don’t mean to hate, but why did Joe say that he broke up with Demi? Did he have to say that, to tell the world you dumped her? He said he would rather be friends. I hoped Demi doesn’t get all depresed again. After she broke up with Trace Cyrus, she seemed pretty sad. I think they may have lasted longer if they didn’t go so public so quickly, and if Demi wasn’t so gushy about it. Because they were friends for 3 years, they probably assumed that they knew eachother well enough to just jump into the relationship. There’s this MTV interview video online now, and you can literally SEE the akwardness and tension. It hasn’t been to long, after they have time to heal, I’m sure they’re go back to being Bff’s. I wish them BOTH the best. I can’t image what it’s like to deal with such a painful breakup in front of all the world.

  • cassy

    i hope she cried and he saw her face melt off :D

  • pandora

    Be fair Joe is not a serial dater he has had a least two long term relationships that we know of with Camilla and Amelia. Thats pretty good for a young guy most I know dont date anyone for that long!! That said I dont think he handles relationships well and dont think he has done the right thing by Demi should have just stayed friends and not let her believe they could be more. Breaking another girls heart Joe!!