Demi Lovato Confirms Splits with Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato Confirms Splits with Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have officially called it quits.

“There are so many crazy rumors flying around today,” Demi tweeted moments ago. “I’d like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn’t over the phone.”

She continued, “Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans. Just thought you guys should know this.”

Awww. JJJ is extremely sad that Jemi broke up but we wish them both the best!

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  • laia

    oh well, guess they’re not the next zanessa. first?

  • laia


  • tiff

    Wtf?? they were never going to work out obviously but why did they date in the first place doesn’t everyone already know that joe isnt the relationship typemore like a ho3

  • fghng

    shes so brave to do that. that was short. its gonna be awkward for them now. they’re better off as friends anyways but i love them together too!

  • http://j chelsea

    @laia: don’t compare this 2month couple with a 4 years couple okay? and yeah everyone knew (except hardcore jemi fans) that they wouldn’t last, the saddest thing is that they spoiled their friendship because they dated. it will never be the same and it will be awkward for them now that they will tour together ALL summer

  • gise20

    awwww! no!!! but anyway if both are happpy doesnt matter! well now joe is single! sooo here i go for u joe! hahahahha XD

  • Marilyn

    Leave Joe alone. Girls are so caddy. Calm Down. However, although I did not love them together..I trusted her with him. There are only a select amount of famous girls I would trust, selena and taylor. One prob. won’t happen, and one already happened. So now I have to worry about Joe getting together with some hussy. Joe, please just take a break.

  • candy

    thank goodness, now lets wait for all the ridiculous jo bros fans to defend joe and worship him like he’s god, even though he is starting to become a douche. I mean they were together like 2 maybe 3 months? Im sure everyone can guess who broke up with who…i almost feel sorry for the girl, she looked like she was enjoying all the new publicity.

  • Drew

    oddly, this sort of validates the relationship in a way. it clearly wasn’t all for PR considering this is about the worst timing ever. sad.

    anyway, much love for them both. power through all the hate that will surely be tossed around over the next few days.

  • skyhigh95

    Aw, so sad :( ….
    And I thought there gonna be the next zanessa (Who had a 4 year relationship)

  • SSR

    awww… i heard about it at perez hilton but didnt believe it…but it was true…. i heard joe used his dad to break up…is that part true??? well whateva it is i love you demi and i m happy u 2 are still frnds :)

  • candy

    and honestly, its not really fair to ur best friend to do a trial run relationship like that. if he’s not sure about what he wants he need to just stay single. now her little heart is broke and he’ll be dating some other random next week. unless it was just a stunt to try and get folks to watch camp rock….

  • Viccko

    Demi is a stronger woman!! I wonder…what it’s happening with joe and nick’s relationships? Demi would start dating sterling knight, they look so cute in Sonny and joe will be jealous. It will be a good lesson for the heartbreaker (joe)

  • joceelyynn

    we all knew it wouldn’t last, any joe’s relashionship last…

  • oopsie

    I feel like my sister’s marriage just broke up or something. This is a sad day. I hope they will work things out on the tour. If they were in a real committed relationship, I’m sure whatever squabble they had they could’ve got past it… Just a week ago they were saying how awesome it was to be on tour with eachother. :((

    Don’t forget the past, Jemi!!!! Don’t lose it all!!!

  • diane n.

    well… i kinda saw this coming.
    she always looked more into him then he was into her.
    touring is probably going to be majorly awkward.

  • Katiesavestheplanet

    @oopsie I totally agree and I think it’s super super sad… I’m gonna cry… :( but knowing them they won’t bead at each other for long and I hope this won’t change things for the tour…

  • candy

    @oopsie- r u crazy?

  • Amanda

    i knew this day would come :)
    they being together was to strange for me

  • Viccko

    At this rate, Joe will become the bachelor uncle joe while Demi will become a sexy woman and go hold hands with hot guy. Game lost for Joe

  • ashytisdalefan


  • kayla

    i think she was too clingy and young for him. they seem better as friends. did people really think they would last 4 years like zanessa? yea right!

  • http://@whatislove_jemi lina

    im still crying
    great to know that demi is the bigger person for fessing up first

    jemi2.0 – theyre still going on tour together
    i hope their relationship will rekindle. thats just my opinion!

  • gen


  • none

    Did anyone really think they were together? This was all a P.R. stunt for the Oceans move and song Make a Wave and now that that is over the relationship is over. It was never a real relationship people so don’t act surprised that it’s over.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    wow I saw this coming like the day I found out..
    I mean, I was excited at first, but then I got tired of seeing them three times a day..
    and everyone’s right, what Joe’s relationship has last?
    I feel sorry for all the girls that have their heartbroken by this guy..

  • Amy

    Joe sucks so bad.

  • boring

    well heard this on twitter i was shoked. But we already know that joe was the one who broke up with demii and demi with heartbroken because of joe . like come on poor demi i bet you guys that maybe joe gose out with chelsea. Now that they going on tour together wow worst imagen how dose demi feel about this sad an cryin but demi you are STRONG GIRL dont let JOE JONAS make you feel bad


  • Mandy

    if i told u i was histerical crying rite now, would u think im crazy? if so im the craziest person in the world because i’m histerical crying :’( i can’t believe it’s over :’(

  • candy

    starting to like joe less and less.


    They were cute and all, but they weren’t going to last.

  • boring


  • joy.

    ..Not surprised.. they’ve been best friends for so long, I guess they decided to give them a try, but they’re better off as friends. ..Plus, I think Demi can do better.

  • AJ

    Today has been such a crazy day. Seriously with all these rumors spreading; joe being a father, papa jonas ending joe and demi’s relationship, demi dating wilmer!?! like seriously who comes up with these?! Its just amazing how its all happeninig to them. I feel sooo sad because of it and also that there is no more Jemi:( I just soo wish that they would work things out during the tour because they will practically spend 24/7 with each other. Just wish the best for them. Jemi always. :)

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I think my opinion is just like everybo else’s… We all knew they wouldn’t last… I don’t know why they started dating in the first place, but now that they broke up I know it wasn’t for media, because camp rock 2 hadn’t premiere yet and they didn’t start the tour… So, it just wasn’t meant to be… Hope the tour will be great for both, even though it will be a little awkward

  • demi-lovato

    Just because me and joe broke up, doesnt mean you need to get all crazy about it. It also was kind of strange having a couple in camp rock and in real life. Even though me and joe split we are still very good friends.

  • mary19

    this is crazy!! it´s true!! joe´s relationships had never lasted!! i dont know what´s wrong with him!! i kind of saw it coming! but not that soon.. :(

  • http://MSmollyms jemilover

    I thought at first it was a publicity stunt before all the PDA, but now I think it might have all been a publicity stunt. I would be happier if it was than her getting her heart broken. But I couldn’t imagine Demi lying to her fans like that. I seriously cried when I saw this but maye it’s for the best. I mean she fell to hard to fast but it was better to get it over with before she fell even harder. I used to like Joe and I was on Team Joe for the Jaylor part but I seriously think he crossed the line with this one.

  • amy

    Key word publicity. Demi wanted the publicity & she pushed the envelope by talking too much. It always seemed that Demi wanted this to be a relationship and Joe wanted a friendship. Joe always looked uncomfortable once Demi started talking. Joe never did any of the talking about their “relationship”. Come on she is 17 & he is almost 21, and she behaved like a school girl her age, but he is a man. Did anyone really believe this would last. I really don’t see Joe as the bad guy in this. Neither are to blame, it just was not meant to be. I did think he was cold in the way he broke up with Taylor, but they were too young then & it probably would not have worked out either. Demi seems ok & not really that broken up – that should prove that this was just a friendship. It is never a good idea to date someone you work with or whose father is one of your managers.
    I firmly believe that once Joe finds his soulmate he will be commited for life and will have a great marriage like his parents. He has a great example in them.

  • Emily

    This is weird. I mean, I’m not a fan of Demi or Joe’s. But I did expect them to be together for a while. I thought it was weird, but cute, when they got together. They made a huge deal about it. I feel like Demi, who’s younger than Joe, fell harder than Joe fell for Demi, and it just didn’t work out. I was surprised they made it so public in the beginning. Considering Joe kept it pretty private with Swift, and they went out for a long time, and he kept it private with Camille. I think Joe and Demi both need to stop dating for a while. Joe first with Taylor, then Camille, then Demi, yeah? And Demi with Trace. I don’t know. Oh well. They seemed so happy. I think they’re better off as friends.

    Well, this should prove to be an interesting tour, no?

  • jessica

    well it was for pr to begin with. and team nick and selena all the way. they are at least mature and dont blab there mouths to interviewers.

  • leanne

    He’s a dumbass anyway.
    Demi, go find someone who really acts his age.
    Cause these little joe teenies think his randomness is cute,
    well guess what, it’s not.

  • Shauna

    This guy is so desperate,
    that he dated her even though he only loves her as a friend.
    Stop trying to defend him,
    he has MAJOR flaws.

  • emma

    why is it that celebrities now can’t even stay in a relationship for more than a month? I miss the times when celebrities stayed in relationships for years and got married and had kids. I honestly don;t think they’re smart enough to date ( and i dont just mean demi and joe ) it seems to happen all the time:
    1. Miley and Nick
    2. Miley and Justin
    3. Miley and Lucas
    4. Selena and Nick
    5. Selena and Taylor
    6. Taylor and Taylor
    7. Taylor and Joe
    That’s why im glad to be a Zac and Vanessa fan. at least they’re sending a good message to younger kids about keeping a relationship. i always sort of though the whole Jemi thing was all publicity and i thought it would end after Camp rock 2, but i guess they just want more press for their tour… afterall, for people believing their relationship was real, the whole break up thing would make them a lot more interesting :\

  • jessica

    @emma: what are you talking about? miley and nick stayed together for almost 2 years. and the others were basically werent even real to begin with. some of them not all.

  • Inna

    NO :(
    super sad, they were so cute together. i guess some things just aren’t meant to be.

    OT, but Zac & Vanessa must have something super special. You don’t spend over 5 years w/ someone unless you really love them.

    Jemi :(((

  • xo

    I don’t get why ppl are hating on Joe? You guys DON’T KNOW HIM! OR ANY CELEB their completly different ppl from what we see! we will never know their “real life” unless u and me become famous too just because u know their favorite color or where they shop it doesn’t mean we know every single detail obout them…..stop it like i always tell ppl who are hating on someone “imagen being in their shoes” demi’s not the only one whos upset he is too.

  • skyhigh95

    @emma: You are right…I don’t know why other disney channel couple can’t last for a year! The only couple I’ve seen that lasted for a year was Miley and Nick(But broke up after 2 years) and Zac and Vanessa(Still going strong)…
    Demi can date her co-star Sterling though…This buzz about Jemi break up thing is the biggest buzz today…

  • Daniyah


    it was probably just a publicity stunt,
    Zanessa forever!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    wow that a shocked! i am so sorry to hear about them. well i am glad that they will remains good friends. they will both be touring together this summer!. do you think that demi will pulled out of the tour with the jonas brothers??.