Miley Cyrus: Pink Polka Dot Bikini!

Miley Cyrus: Pink Polka Dot Bikini!

Miley Cyrus shows off her bright pink polka-dot bikini as she takes a mini-vacation in Mexico on Monday afternoon (May 24).

The 17-year-old actress made a trip back to the East Coast in Kentucky to help out with Blessings in a Backpack last week.

One of Miley‘s BFFs Ashley Tisdale showed her some love in MTV‘s Music Monday.

Ashley shared about Miley‘s latest hit, “[I love] ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ by Miley Cyrus. I said ‘Music Monday’ because it’s Miley. M-M-M! I think it’s great. It’s got a great beat, it’s got a great hook. I love it.”

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  • victoria

    ugh im jealous of her body! her legs are killer!
    i love her!

  • andrea

    sweeet she’s in mexico!!
    love her

  • kass


  • tayma

    i dont get why people think her body is all that! her thighs are huge…

  • moon

    u look amazing miles…. good vaca/on!!!!

  • fghng

    Shes so skinny! shes in shape! is that a tattoo? on her right upper stomach? her thighs are not huge!

  • amanda

    woo hoo her stomach is so rare and very big and wide is fat on the sides and shes has big hips and cellulite and no ass…. ugly body….

  • tayma

    her tatoo is old news!

  • ashytisdalefan

    @tayma huge? bull crap. And she is in shape and yeah thats a tattoo, she got that a long time ago actually. :)

  • Darius


    and LOL @ billy ray having bigger breasts.

  • amanda

    @tayma i couldn´t be more agree with you!!! @ fghng are you serious? haha do you really think shes skinny? LOL damn maybe youre sooo fat….

  • leticia

    she looks gorgeous wow best body on Disney.

  • candy

    smokin hot. go miley

  • marilyn

    She has a small frame to her body. She can have all the fat she wants on her body and you could hardly tell.

  • Butterfly dreamer

    It seems so dark!

  • taylor

    where’s liam, i wonder? it seems they don’t go much places without each other…./:
    & EW @ her dad.

  • Courtney

    I’m so jealous of her body!

  • emma

    Her body is perfect

  • alice

    I want her face, body, legs ALL!!!!!!

  • tessa


  • jessica

    wow shes got like a perfect body. and aww that was so sweet of ashley to say of miley.

  • Vic2763

    Miles has a nice bikini bod =P
    Does she have a new tat going up bt her breast?

  • poppy

    She reminds me of Lohan before she got way too thin.

  • poppy

    That’s what it is her legs. They seem a bit big for her body. Cankles too.

  • soughtful

    Miley looks like a victoria secret model, she has a gorgeous body. I am jelouse. she really beautiful. she a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Mika

    She doesn’t look that good.

    I thought she’d have a super smokin’ body but it’s not.

  • leticia

    lol mika you can never compliment Miley can you?Your are that jealous?Miley has a smoking bod whether you like her or not you cant deny it.

  • GossipGirl

    What’s hatter? The sun in Mexico ,or MC’s BOD? LMAO! Her figure is AMAZING

  • fghng

    does she have wide hips? or is it just me ? shes still in shape. wish i had her body!



  • DrZen007

    SOOO HOT!!!!!!

  • ciara

    everyone who thinks that she’s skinny n want her body are probably fat cuz miley is kinda fat I’m 17 n the half of her and no I’m not TOO skinny I’m healthy n love to eat but don’t gain weight ;) Miley is fat and doesn’z have a bikini body sorry but the truth

  • Maggie

    Cute body, great legs, but unfortunate looking face. I saw The Last Song and Miley is just not very attractive at all in the face. She won’t last long in the business once her tween fans realize she’s fug and basically talentless.

  • liri92

    wow ashley is sooo sweet.. such a great friend.. miley you should be happy to have such amazing fans.. i wonder if you deserv friends like that?!

  • Kayla

    Omg, i love her body, i wish i had her body, not too skinny and not to curvy, she has amazing legs and a nice stomach, i cant see her belly piercing? hmmmm, But i love her, wish i could be there now, she has the best body ever :)

  • http://0 ndfg

    miley cyrus is

  • ashley

    @fghng: yeah she got it in memory of her friend who died it says just breath.

  • mehdi.j


    so beautiful so cute so fierce!!!!

    love you !!!!!

    what a girl !!!

  • Gaby

    Terrible quality. She has a great ody though.

  • liri92

    ehmm all the guys out there.. miley has a new tattoo on her ear called “LOVE”

  • babybabybaby

    wow she is tall
    lucky ass!

  • DCStarinthemaking

    she looks disgusting as usual

  • suri

    Her body is amazing!

  • natalie

    Miley looks so beautiful

  • rachel

    amazing ! love her :)


    she’s got a nice body, not gonna lie.
    but those man shoulders are killing me O.o

  • soughtful

    she is very sexy and she has a hot body. Looking hot miley, she really tone and I love her curves.

  • soughtful

    everyone who thinks that she’s skinny n want her body are probably fat cuz miley is kinda fat I’m 17 n the half of her and no I’m not TOO skinny I’m healthy n love to eat but don’t gain weight ;) Miley is fat and doesn’z have a bikini body sorry but the truth

    then you must be anorexic looking because miley looks skinny, but she has meat in all the right important place a girl suppose to have. she got hot looking curves, a girl without a tiny waist and thights look like man, miley looks great and she has curves like a guitar in which is what guys like.

  • http://@deebia Debora

    miley linda te amo *—*