Vanessa Hudgens: Jogging, Jogging, Jogging!

Vanessa Hudgens: Jogging, Jogging, Jogging!

Vanessa Hudgens goes jogging with a gal pal on Monday afternoon (May 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

When the 21-year-old High School Musical graduate spotted photographers, she hid her face with her cap and hands!

Earlier this week, Ashley Tisdale mentioned that there will be a secret cameo in her upcoming DCOM movie, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures. Do you think it’s Gabriella Montez???

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens jogging through Beverly Hills…

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vanessa hudgens jogging 01
vanessa hudgens jogging 02
vanessa hudgens jogging 03
vanessa hudgens jogging 04
vanessa hudgens jogging 05
vanessa hudgens jogging 06
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Sam

    owwww.. she is gorgeous!!!

  • maria

    Looks like she’s getting ready for the physical challenge of playing Mimi in RENT!! She looks happy doing such mundane things. Love her spirit!!

  • Carol

    She is so adorable

    I love seeing her smiling <3

    And no I’m pretty sure it isn’t Gabriella Montez

  • Sam

    I’m really sad for beastly

  • Mir!

    I lover girl!

  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so Freking Fine and Gorgeous sexy Vanessa.

  • Mir!

    me encanta jajajajjaa!

  • jessica

    why does she always cover her face? i mean is it really necessary. and she doesnt look that good in these pics. and hopefully it is grabiella. i so wish it was. i love vanessa and ashley. and seeing them together in a movie again would be awesome.

  • Boji

    Secret cameo, huh. Probably her twin bro, but then wishing it will be Gabriella Montez.
    Our girl is bright, energetic and sunny. Her smile could light a thousand bulbs.

  • zanessaloverss123

    finally smiling! working out that’s good. love her legs-

  • mary19

    just love her!

  • nathalia

    finally new photos
    I miss your smile
    vanessa is adorable
    I respect but do not understand some
    people are unhappy with the change of date?
    otimo not think out the same day the movie zac
    simple, we have to wait a little longer

  • pop86

    Vanessa looks great. Who is running with her?

  • Lucy

    She’s SO friggen adorable! Love love love Vanessa

  • Mir!

    Sexy Girl!

  • Mir!

    jajaja i lover sus piernas jajaa!

  • Mir!

    jajaj la adoro”

  • jess!

    she’s so adorable! <3

  • peggy



  • ok

    she looks good

  • Lucy

    she has the best legs in hollywood…heck of anywhere. really tiny but toned with muscle. jealous!

  • cosmos

    She looks gorgeous as always! And good lord woman how I love that smile of yours.

    @nathalia – I think people are upset about the date change of Beastly because all of us have been waiting a long time for this movie to come out. It is one of the most anticipated films of the summer and with not even a hint as to when the new date will be is not right. I do NOT agree with how CBS announced it. There should have been an official press release and it should have been done when all the speculation and rumors started, NOT on facebook and twitter! The announcement was completly unprofessional and I cannot even imagine what exec signed off on it. I can only hope they release a new date ASAP and follow it up by a better written statement and release it to the press. That’s the only way they can get passed it. And hopefully we will get our new date soon.

  • me

    Vanessa is a hottie and I have no idea why she doesn’t just dump the fruit.

    I hate zac Efron

  • jess!

    me too =(

  • gracemarie


    she usually covers her face when she has on no make up Ash does the same thing,

    And she looks great

  • Mir!

    jaja me encanta jajaja!

  • skyhigh95

    She looks beautiful…
    Love her smile on her face, she looks younger!

  • Mir!

    jajaja amo sus piernas jaja!

  • carly

    aw she looks cute, she and zac should go running together =D

  • joy.

    How fit is she !? Yeah, her legs look fantastic. Beautiful with or without make up, my idol !!

  • luly

    beatiful Ilove her legs she is the best.

  • Katty

    My guess is that it is a personal trainer. She has a lot of demanding things to do with Rent and maybe Sucker Punch needs reshoots, although it is early, you never know.

    I think she covers up her face just to make it harder for the paps. Why do they need to take her pic when she is merely working out? She values her privacy, which is a good thing in Hollywood. She doesn’t publicize her life in anyway other than the inevitable, and that helps her keep her personal life hers and less rumors to be made about her in the long run, they won’t have much to go off of. The more she fights to keep her life, the better she’ll have it because she knows who she really is and is keeping her head. I think that is a reason why her and Z have made it this long. They keep their relationship theirs and don’t let the mags run them down, they trust each other and keep each other level headed.

    Anyways, I love V and I can’t wait for her movies, and I wish I could see Rent!!!

  • jess!

    im so sad!

  • http://justjared wynette

    she’s so sexy and fit

  • kirreii

    Aww…she’s so cute! :]
    Props to her dedication to get fit. Me on the other hand… :P

  • kami

    why people saying they’re glad to see her smile? like she hasn’t smiled in the last year or something. did i miss something? or maybe some people can’t think of anything else to say?

  • Anne

    omg, she has such an amazing body!!!!!!
    I wished I looked like her :P

  • annie

    thanks for posting jjj see her smile made me relieve and feel that everything will be alright…….. yay

  • mykamicks

    I appreciates more her face with out make up because real beauty comes out on her.

    That fierce & gorgeous legs makes every women in hollywood freakin out jealous! And that’s my target for this year… lol! Work out work out! work out!

  • soni hannigan

    It would be cool to see Zac and Vanessa running together. We have seen them seperate running, now it is time to see them running together. Love those two.

  • nathalia

    cosmos “22″ 100% agree with you, not the right way,
    But can we trust that “facebook and twitter” we can officially be considered a change of date? I have doubts
    considering the date change, we must think
    who are planning the best for the movie, so best to vanessa
    I think there’s more things involved that maybe the “fans” will never know for sure

    “Jess” 31 do not be sad, I’m sure they know what they do

    Excuse my English
    what makes the love I feel for this girl
    “Speak” a language that is not my

  • Jenn8

    She looks great and seems to be having a good time! There was also this funny witness story who was at the nylon party that said that when Vanessa went to tell zac something, he grabbed her butt and gave her a kiss:)

  • sheila

    @Katty: you’re right. and i think the fight to keep her private life as private as possible pays off. when i am in the grocery store, i never see anything about her or zac or their relationship splashed on tabloid mag covers. they keep a low profile and i’m proud of how she handles herself for being so young. i think its a great testament to how she was raised.

  • kami

    @soni hannigan:

    we have got pics of them jogging together. and i’m sure they do it lots when the paps don’t catch them.

  • kami
  • Kaitee

    luv vanessa !!! she’s my role model:P

  • ZANE

    Run Vanessa! Run!

  • jazmin

    staying fit..gotta love her.

    Thanks for posting.

  • mike

    love Vanessa more news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tata

    Lovely!!! Lovely!!! Lovely!!!
    The most beautiful girl on Earth :)