Joe Jonas: Four Seasons Stud

Joe Jonas: Four Seasons Stud

Joe Jonas picks up a cup of joe after stopping off at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon (May 25).

The 20-year-old musician and a pal headed back to his car after wards and headed over to Umami Burger for a bite to eat. Yummy!

It was just announced yesterday that Joe and Demi Lovato had parted ways romantically. Joe released his own statement to People moments later.

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  • karidd


  • jill

    haha “joe had a cup of joe” nice one xD

  • Will

    so hot

  • Jessica

    He’s hot. I hate to say it, and as much as I love him & Demi, a break-up does him good. ;)

  • kayla

    he is too cute

  • Mary


  • jess

    what’s wrong with Joe?!?! is it possoble that he got SEXIER?!?!
    too much for me… Joe is killing me

  • rikki

    @jill: this made me LOL because JJJ always messes up with his name. except usually it says “Nick, Joe, and Joe” haha !

  • sgj

    he looks sooooo good!! he got a hair cut, perfection!!

  • marilyn

    He is amazing. I say this out of my love for him, he’s looking kinda big. I miss his skinnier days. Don’t get me wrong though he’s still beautiful and the most wonderful man in the world. An don’t forget it joe ;)

  • kiki

    I love joe but really, he needs to shave!

  • jess

    @marilyn: you know he works out right?!?! he is more buff now,just it…

  • sgj

    I think he’s looking thinner and should put on some weight.. but still gorgeous

  • tisdale

    #teamdemi what a d-bag! sending your dad to break up with demi over the phone? grow a pair

  • Michael Usling

    that’s Martin Barlan from Disney Channel France!
    joe and him were talking on twitter

  • Amanda

    ‘Joe Jonas having a cup of joe…’ hahahahahahaha! I dont anyone can get sexier than this! But he has become beyond sexy now! Awesome haircut! But the Joe having a cup of JOE! cracked me up!

  • lucia

    he is incredible and I love him
    he has all my support

  • halle

    He is fickle. He can’t decide which girls he likes as friends or as girlfriends.

  • i support joe & demi

    @tisdale ok you need to get your facts straight or follow the right ppl on twitter demi said so herself that thats not how he broke up w/her and that they are still good friends so chill ok get your facts straight b4 you rat on other ppl

    oh thanks :P

  • stupidfans

    lol joe having a cup of joe. ughhh he looks tooo gooood to function !!!!

  • Gaby

    Wow, it’s weird without the glasses but he’s still so sexy.

  • pandora

    Is Joe looking better to everyone now he is SINGLE again?

  • Gaby

    I love his scruff too. Smexy 5 o’clock shadow!

  • ^_^

    Joe having a cup of Joe! LOL He’s looks hot but the needs to shave…lol still LOVE HIM! :p

  • joejonaslover

    can sum1 possibly bcum more sexier?
    ooo god!!
    he is soooooo effin hot!!!
    i died…savee mee!!

  • Aline

    Why Martin is in the USA? He should have stayed in Paris, I don’t like seeinh him with the JB! Yes in France we don’t like Martin!!

  • lucy

    Never mind Joe Jonas – what about his friend. hes good looking guy ;)


    Love him… but it’s kinda lonely with out Demi when I see him :(

  • jonaslove

    HOTTIE!!!! I love it when he wears that white tee
    Joe, marry me??!!

  • amy

    That’s a rumor that some website started. Mr. Jonas would never do that and neither would Joe.

  • Ella

    Lookin’ handsome Joseph?! But seriously, he needs to shave. And is this a possible way of a new start? Shorter hair and without the nerd glasses. I love him in every thing he does. Support Joseph Adam all the way!! <3

  • jenn

    I thought it was sort of cruddy for him to tell the world he broke up with her.. I mean, that should’ve remained private. Why do men have to show their true selves when things like this happen? I think that was just TMI..but of course, make yourself look like you’re too good. I like Demi and that wasn’t necessary. Just like I like TSwift and being dumped over the phone was so dumb. Grow up Joe

  • candy


  • Meel De Jonas!

    He’s so much pretty y wished tu he the best life!

  • DelilaJune

    The “Pal” is Martin Barlan an actor from Disney Channel France (not a very good one to be honest…)

  • meg

    @tisdale: Umm .. joe never let his dad break up w. her did you read demi tweet she clear all the rumors up. their still friends!

  • shamilah

    OMJ Ohhhhhh hello JOE JONASSSS <3
    sooo GORGEOUS & loving his hair cut he looks hotter than ever ;)
    he looks nice & happy – love you joe

  • joejonasismine.

    i love joe jonas more than life itself seriously. i want to marry him. HE LOOKS SO HOT! JOE MARRY MEEEE <3

  • Rebecca

    Yep- he looks good with shorter hair and without the glasses. It makes him look more sexier and more mature. And I also love the scruff, too. MAKES HIM EVEN LOOK EVEN MORE HOTTER, MORE GORGEOUS AND MORE SEXIER ALL AT THE SAME TIME!But I have to agree, he needs to get a razor and shave!

  • joejonaslover

    haha yup!he HAS to shave!but man he is sexxxxxyyy