Charice: I Won't Be on Glee!

Charice: I Won't Be on Glee!


Sorry fans, despite what you may have heard through the internet rumor mills, Charice will not be on Glee as a series regular.

The 18-year-old Filipina powerhouse posted on her Twitter, “I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee… How i wish! haha”

The news was first reported by Philippine Daily Inquirer, who apparently got a confirmation from Charice‘s Phillipines manager about the role.


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  • gwen

    Charice on Glee? Definitely. Well, I hope the buzz and frenzy online over the Charice Glee rumor will catch the Glee producers’ attention and actually cast her for a regular part. There is a demand for her to be in the show!

  • JAzzY

    She’s a great singer but I think glee is already better and it doesn’t really need her. I’m not saying this to be mean but I just think adding a new character is not necessary at all:) good luck on her career though:)

  • krista0

    i luv glee and i luv charice. i sure wish her to appear on glee!

  • Inna

    DAMN. that would have been amazing!

    maybe in the future!!! (:

  • phew…

    No offense… but thank goodness shes not on the show! Shes too DIVA

  • Robert

    at least she should be there as a guest!

    She sounds amazing!

  • http://charicemania dahlia33

    I am so disappointed. Love this girl to death and I know Charice can act too.


    Charice on Glee as a guest would be so AMAZING! This girl can sing!

  • aqua_rius

    YES! I’d like to see Charice on Glee! I think she’ll be awesome and an interesting and great addition to the cast. And… she has that VOICE that she can do a lot with. Also, she can play instruments, dance and act. She’s multi-talented! What more does Glee want for?

  • dadvor

    I absolutely would like to see Charice on Glee. The rest of the world needs to see what this girl can do. Her voice is just so BEAUTIFUL.

  • crystal

    charice is unbelievable singer.fierce little one

  • bl

    ughh thank goodness. i can’t stand her.

  • http://@politicstech jwk

    Ohh, that’s too bad. I have not watched Glee, but if Charice will be there as a regular cast or even as a guest only, I will surely watch the show.

  • vincent

    oh DEFINITELY YES!!! It would be really nice to have her on the show.

  • biikaa

    ABSOLUTLY!!!!! man i was hoping this rumor was true!! to bad, hopefully in the future?!?!?

  • http://@Texas4460 Nona

    JJJ, if I have the power I will give Charice a slot or a part on this TV-series Glee…but …I am only a very small voice in the wilderness. i don’t watch Glee but if Charice will be there, definitely I would. I am hoping that she will be given a chance to be on GLEE.

  • susie gehring

    I hope you can promote her joining the show!! I would start watching the show if she is in it!!!

  • susie gehring

    I hope she can be a guest. I will watch the show if she is in.

  • Nyc4life

    Too bad it isn’t true. Stupid manager from the Philippines. They should fire her a**. Charice is so talented. Hopefully they get her on there just to guest…at least.

  • kaye

    would love to see charice on glee! that would be awesome!

  • Jaja

    That’s a good thing, because she doesn’t need it :)

  • Reggie


  • brunai14


    excuse me. . if your mad to charice manager . .just to her manager not on philippines thanks . .

  • Cristinahunt

    Charice being on Glee will be a step down for her. She’s already bigger than Glee. perhaps as a guest star or as a “theme” for the week, but not as a regular.

  • cath

    Glee should at least have her as a guest!!! She can do a helluva lot (different genres) with that voice.

  • Ella

    Whoa! But maybe, she’ll have a very big show soon!! =)

  • Wedgie

    I stopped watching Glee but I’ll start watching it again when Charice goes on! :)

  • Pdaz

    Glee will have a bigger rating if Charice get’s on that show.

  • anonymous

    This girl tries too hard. It is annoying. She colors her hair blond, wears contact lenses to look caucasian. Obviously is not proud of her skin and looks. Her handlers try to make a hype by spreading rumors about being in Glee and also that Justin Bieber is courting her. Oh pls stop. This might lead to her downfall..Oh so cheesy gimmicks…Bieber to like her.illusions

  • alex

    Charice’s potential and future is far greater than glee, no offense to the gleeks or the glee cast. Glee would be a step backward in terms of artistic freedom, but it would be amazing exposure for her. Glee would also allow Cha to do her favorite things ie. sing, dance, act.. it’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

  • amanda

    Charice as a regular cast on Glee??? Noooo! Sh doesn’t need to! As a special guest??? YES!

  • undeniable

    if charice will be on glee, i will watch it, but if not……. i’m sorry.

  • http://luv2dance luv2dance

    oh she will do great!!!! I’m not a fan of glee but if charice is in it..i will surely watch it. glee needs someone with real talent and charice has the total package.

  • cardcrusher

    Glee doesn’t need Charice. In addition, the show is hot ATM. It can get bigger musicians and actors to do guest appearances.

  • gigi2728

    I haven’t watch glee but i will watch it if Charice is on it… she is an awesome singer.

  • Styles

    Cardcrusher don’t you have a life? My office mates and I see you all over the net using different screen names sharing negative conversations and/or comments with yourself as it pertains to Charice. I guess you do this because you are under the delusion that your opinions matter and that you can fool the public in believing your negative opinions of Charice have support. Wow! – That is too funny. You really should get some medication for this problem – lol.

    With respect to Charice being on Glee, I think a guest roll would be cool. To be slotted in as a main cast member might be counterproductive in the context of her very promising singing career.
    (just my thoughts).

  • cardcrusher

    Since somebody else here mentioned sock puppetry, please be aware that Charice fans have been known to use sock puppetry to promote Charice. They have been caught leaving multiple comments under different names, and worse, it’s condoned by fellow Charice fans.. I have proof (with screenshots and links) on my blog.

    If one has to make an allegation, that person better be able to provide some proof.

    Somebody mentioned that Charice has a “very promising singing career”. The charts tell a different story. On her second week at the Hot 100 chart, Charice is on the verge of falling off it. By next week, she’ll only be charting at the Billboard 200 on the way to an exit from those two charts. Data has a silly way of debunking silly assumptions.

  • cath

    Let’s be fair here. She’s definitely not Miley/Britney material (looks), but you can’t deny the huge talent there. I’m not a fan of her genre but she’s really quite versatile. It’s hard for her to penetrate the US market with her being an Asian. And that’s a sad fact.

    Hope she does get exposure on Glee. I really think she’s perfect for the show.

  • rich

    @cardcrusher: Hey! So sorry but to be honest, I pity you. ‘Cause you’re just born to hate and to piss everyone off. Ha! If you have nothing to do, I suggest you go eat your stool and get a life! We don’t effing care how Charice’s fans promote Charice. We love and admire her and if you don’t, just get outta here and melt. I wonder why there’s still someone like you in this world. Don’t worry, I’d probably go start praying for you now. Have a great and peaceful week end!! *SMILE* =)

    In this case, I don’t want Charice regularly on glee too. Not because glee doesn’t need her, but because Charice no longer need glee. Period. :))

  • cardcrusher


    Why are you trying to limit the opinions expressed here? You’re free to have your opinion about Charice, but that doesn’t give you the right to state what others can or cannot express.

    BTW with Charice’s single flopping, she needs all the publicity she can get, even the fabrication of news aboutf her appearing on Glee