Demi Lovato Creates Rio Riot

Demi Lovato Creates Rio Riot

Demi Lovato waves to the cameras from her van as she arrives in Rio de Janiero, Brazil on Wednesday evening (May 26).

The 17-year-old singer is currently touring South America on a mini-tour before heading back to the States for the Camp Rock 2 tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Demi tweeted, “Good times….. Rio De Janeiro, here I come!!!”

Also included are pics and videos of Demi in Chile! 25+ pics inside…

Demi Lovato Lets Crowd sing “Don’t Forget”

Demi Lovato – Chile Press Conference
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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, AKM
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  • jenny

    ENJOY Demi!!!!!! U deserve it

  • Robyn


    Look – !! :) :) :)

  • Diana

    LOVE HER, SHE´S GORGEOUS, and she deserve all the love from her fans, SHE´S THE BEST <33

  • ashytisdalefan

    I’m glad shes happy considering the break up. I love how fans can make her feel good <3 love ya demi

  • Lee

    RIO ♥


    I love demi so much, she´s my idol and inspiration
    and i´m so happy that i finally went to one of her concerts
    BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, she´s so beautiful, talented and
    the energy that she has on the stage is INCREDIBLE


  • Andrea

    i went to her concert in Bogotá, wow she´s beyond amazing, one of my dreams come true, DEMI WE LOVE YOU !! you deserve the best things in this world

  • stupidfans

    Demi looks stunning ! I think she didnt have makeup when she arrived in the airport. You can really see her beauty :)

  • xonnel

    Demi is one privellidged indivdual – travelling all over the world. I’m happy for her (eventhough I am slighty envious), she does put her all into her work so the exciting and glamorous perks are completly justified (still envious though).

  • linda

    wow wat a fake ugly tan

  • Bruna

    it would be even better if most of those pictures had not been taken while she was in Chile. seriously, you guys, you should have posted something else, separate!
    she’s waving the flag of Chile for crying out loud! hahahahaha.

  • Mika

    So much … MAKE UP.

  • Grant

    You’re a once in a lifetime, a treasure near impossible to find.

  • jnkjonasrok

    idk if it ‘s just me, but i kind of thought she was crying during Don’t Forget…. and i wonder if that has to do with the break up?:/

  • yvaila

    glad she broke up with joe!!

    go girl!!

  • urbeautiful

    you deserve to be HAPPY demi. don’t listen to ANY doubters/haters and just do YOU :) boys will be boys. YOU are strong, beautiful, and TALENTED :) love ya!

  • http://oop eury

    demi y joe son almas gemelas , aquellas personas que estan triste no se procupe ellos volveran ,y aquellas que estan felices difruten por va hacer por muy poco tiempo .dios bendiga a todos los lectores

  • Becca

    Love Demi forever.Come to Taiwan!

  • http://kaaaaniz Kalline

    guys , it’s Rio de Janeiro ! :) #BrazilThanksDemi

  • ryan

    So gracious, caring, kind, sweet, charming, & most of all, beautiful beyond words. Demi is, by far, the most humble & caring young woman when it comes to us, her fans. She has the most heart & love for her fans than anybody else I know. She’s always doing this, that, & the other for us. To me, without question, that is makes her stand out from the rest, what makes Demi.. Demi. Seeing the fan reaction & turn out to her shows in South America… INSANE, but well worth it, Demi deserves all the love… & then some.

  • annie

    she looks super gorgeous in these first pictures, with less make up :) I love her natural look :]

    and yes, I agree with ryan, she is so great with the fans :)

    it must be hard for her to sing “don’t forget” at the moment, it’s… so similar to what she’s going through now. I feel sorry for her. and note to joe goofball jonas, watch her video to “don’t forget” and see what you’ve done and what you’ve missed! demi is beyond gorgeous. I love joe, but he’s not a good boyfriend. he should really think about his behaviour and what he’s doing to young girls’ hearts.

  • Rebecca

    Demi you have no right to diss or hate on Joe in your concert in Brazil. You dumped him because you hated him and didn’t love him or whatever and instead of keeping the relationship quiet like he told you to, YOU JUST HAD TO BLURT IT OUT FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR!!!!! I’M GLAD JOE DUMPED YOUR SORRY BUTT BECAUSE HE COULDN’T STAND YOU OR YOUR RUDE AND BITCHY BEHAVIOR!!!And he was not a bad boyfriend, he was a good one! You were a very bad girlfriend to him and you broke his heart! So screw you and your fans!!!!!! And wait a minute I thought you 2 were friends?

  • Aimee

    dude it looks like she’s crying…. I love demi she’s so effing epic.

  • Aimee

    @jnkjonasrok: yeah i thought so too!

  • Nicole

    @ Rebecca
    Demi isn’t Saying “Did Joe Forget?” it’s the crowds accents!