Hellcats Extended Preview!

Hellcats Extended Preview!

Check out Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka in this new, extended preview for their new, upcoming CW series, Hellcats!

Hellcats is a coming-of-age drama about a young pre-law student, Marti (Michalka) whose world is turned upside-down when she loses her scholarship and has to join the college’s competitive cheerleading squad. This fun, energetic series is a behind-the-scenes look at the drama, politics and pressure surrounding the high school football program at a Southern university.

Check out Aly‘s layout step-out! So cool!

ARE YOU EXCITED for Hellcats?

“Hellcats” Extended Preview
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  • Alexa

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Renata


  • Jose

    Cant wait for the show!

  • Aaron

    Im really happy about this show, i mean ITS DIFERENT! not superstars or things about sing


  • Mel

    @Aaron: Yeah ur right, im really tired about musicals!
    cant wait for hellcats, looks really good

  • ruby

    LOOKS GOOD!!!!

  • Emma

    It seems good, like Aaron said its diferent

  • Kris

    Cant wait for this show! follow @_teamtisdale

  • David

    Ashley looks so hot

  • taylor

    It looks great =)
    I’m glad a lot of people are changing their minds and deciding to watch the show after seeing this clip.

  • ok

    Tea is right!

  • ok

    Tree us in!


    ash is PERFECT!!
    am so proud of her!!

  • vanessa

    coool (: deff gonna be checking this show out !


    hate the fact that aly is the lead role!!
    it should’ve been ash!!!
    it would be better but anyway it’s HUGE & PERFECT!

  • Moudybasha

    @SHIKO: AWESOME!! yaa I agree ash should have been the lead ;( but it’s cool anyway (el comments beto3na wara ba3d lool :D)

  • jilly

    love aly and ashley!!! they’re so talented!

  • n

    aly may be the lead role, but surely, ashley will steal the spotlight after it will air just like blair in gossip girl. she stole it from serena

  • ashleyfan

    can’t wait , ashley i love you ♥

  • DCStarinthemaking

    it’s actually a good thing ashley isn’t the lead it’ll bring her down some…i mean technically she’s never been the lead in hsm or suite life but she’s good like that plus she has her movies and things, this is a big step for aly milchalka who knew she could be a cheerleader i didn’t even know the girl could dance. i love that quinten from one tree hill is on this show he is so sexy and i’m definitely without a doubt going to be checking this out. to me this is nothing but the bring it on movies on tv for once. i wonder if jenny tisdale gave ash any tips on being a cheerleader?? any whoo cool clip glad for the extension can’t wait for the show.

  • Inna

    aly’s really, really, really, really, really good! OMG, i want to see this now. she’s really multi-talented, idk why she isn’t more out there.

    I’ll watch this for Ashley too (:

    Go Hellcats!

  • joanne

    go alyson!

  • ZJ207

    Ashley looks fierce!!! <33
    and so do Aly!!

    Guys, even Aly is the main character, Ashley’s role is almost as big as hers… You can tell from this clip lol
    I mean Ashley is a main character just not the lead ;) so it’s still cool <3

  • ZJ207

    OH and Heck yeah i’m excited <3 haha

  • Courtney

    This looks really good!

  • Avril

    OMG! I loved it!!!!!
    it seems really cool!!!!
    and with Ashley in it, it seems even cooler!!!!
    can’t wait to see Hellcats!!!!
    GO ASH!!!!

  • osama

    awsum!!! asH is so HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    @SHIKO: IKR? :(

  • Jannii

    Same thing here haha.. will watch this cuz of ashley =)
    she is soooo awesome there!! WOW!
    I love her..!! I’m sooo proud of her =D

    “U applying for a scholarship?”
    “I have one now, for cheerleading!”
    “Theres a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?”
    “Take that back!”

    “What are we, in grade school? I call no take-backs”

    “We are NCA competitive sport. We spend twenty hours a week practicing.
    …We bench press twice our body weight and run a seven minute mile. We
    compete w/ broken thumbs and twisted ankles smiling through the pain!
    We are athletes!!”

    Ash is soooo GOOD!!! Love her stlye and all stuff about her OMG =P


  • liri92

    please please Americans watch that show please
    do it for ashley
    if you guys dont watch it, it will not air in GErmany

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    ashley is perfect

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com 444shell

    love it

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com 444shell

    so cute

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  • http://www.ashleyonline.com 444shell

    cant wait

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  • http://www.ashleyonline.com 777

    perfect amazing

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com 777

    good serious

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com mmm

    episode 1 was perfect

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com mmm

    cant wait for episode 2

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com mmm

    amazing ashley she is so succesfulll

  • http://www.ashleyonline.com mary


  • ILY22


    Yah….ha ha loved that speech! Go Ash!! :)

    TBH as much as I like Aly I was disappointed that she was the lead in the show. I thought that both Ashley & Aly would have minor roles but this is way better :) even if ashley isn’t the lead she is a main character in the show.

    It’s a good thing that they are promoting clips of the show, it seems a lot more entertaining than anything I would have expected.

    Bring it on Hellcats!

  • Marine

    I’m glad we were able to see this video, it seems like more and more persons are intereted by this show.
    Tom Welling, Aly Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Robbie Jones, Matt Barr= Great team. Go Hellcats!!

    If Ashley isn’t the lead it’s not big deal, her character has a big impact in Marti’s life and she’s as important as Aly in the show… Look at others show:-OTH is supposed to be more about Lucas and Nathan, but the most popular character is Brooke (that we didn’t see that much is season 1 remember?)
    -Gossip Girl: supposed to be more about Serena and the most popular character is Blair.
    As long as we see Ashley, good for me =) and this show will help me to rediscover Aly.

  • bla

    It’s competitive college cheerleading not high school.

  • Taya

    i love it
    i can’t wait

  • 333

    ashley flawless

  • 333


  • 333


  • 333

    love her

>>>>>>> staging1