Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Record Preview!

Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed Record Preview!

Check out the full album preview for Miley Cyrus‘ “Can’t Be Tamed” record!

Track names include: “Liberty Walk,” “Who Owns My Heart,” “Can’t Be Tamed,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Two More Lonely People,” “Forgiveness and Love,” “Permanent December,” “Stay,” “Scars,” “Take Me Along,” “Robot,,” and “My Heart Beats For Love.”

Can’t Be Tamed hits shelves on June 22nd. Check out the video too!

WHICH TRACK DO YOU like the best?

Miley Cyrus – “Can’t Be Tamed” Preview
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  • cami

    miss the old muley :( The record is too britney-ish in my opinion
    Is that the official cd cover? she does not look pretty in that pic!


  • cami

    ooops, miley*

  • tadaa


  • dianiiZ

    LOVEEEEE IT! cna’t wait for her CD <3.

  • aly91

    why the HELL did Posion? she butchered it, and hid it under the floor boards. terrible job.

  • nicole

    no offence but it all sounds the same.. but i mean its a nice preview and all but i wont buy it..

  • taylor

    two more lonley people…one less lonley girl.
    but ehh, this sounds aiiight.

  • mehdi.j

    i love it

    can’t wait for the cd iss soo cool !!!

  • Lu

    Her stomach is pretty tanned but her face is really pale. Just an observation.

  • Jez

    Didn’t like the first few songs then it got better :) im actually quite surprised, they all seem to have good tunes. Just wish she didn’t have so much techno going on though. And I only heard a few seconds of each songs but they already sound so much better than Cant Be Tamed. But overall I liked it and I can’t wait till it comes out.

  • linda

    this is probably her wost record why miley why now you cant sing act or dance

  • Nicole

    Sounds very……digital. Almost like they edited her voice too much. The songs themselves sound amazing, her voice sounds very unnatural.

  • victoria

    i like it! i love “stay”.

  • roach

    all sounds the same really, but every rose has its thorn sounds the best.
    i hate how ke$ha-ish her voice is :( all sounds so processed.
    also HATE the cover- is she is tryna be all “edgy” and “herself” why copy britneys cover EXACTLY??

  • jenny

    Stay is AMAZING and Who owns my heart…… very digital and all that but still good

  • liz

    love how she covered Every Rose Has Its Thorn! one of my favorite songs everr :) cant wait for june 22 :)

  • ceasy


  • harley

    The songs don’t sound like anything special. They sound way too auto-tuned and digital for my taste. Every Rose Has Its Thorn sounds nice, though.

    I hope the album does well for her, though.

  • tessa

    I love this album

  • good-one

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~~Nietzsche

    Thanx, Miley :)

  • Tiffany

    this sounds amazing, and who cares if haters dont like it, its still gonna become the most popular album around cuz miley has millions of fans who will love it

  • m


  • brenda

    Amazing! I can’t wait

  • alice

    I love “Stay,” “Permanent December,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” “ “Robot,,” “My Heart Beats For Love.” ..

    I love her album


    Permanent December!! :D Can’t wait to listen to the whole album

  • booshie

    love it

  • marissa Ravin

    very different, cant wait to hear the full songs..

  • naomi

    the poor girl is trying to hard =S

  • nicci

    i know this do not have anything to do with this but there is a very funny with Zac Efron rapping at UCLA college here it is:

  • Christine

    Permament December – Remember December
    Stay – Stay (NJATA)
    Two More Lonely People – One Less Lonely Girl

    lol don’t hate, just thought I’d point the similarities :D

    but honestly, these songs are waay too generic..I mean they all sound the same and god, what’s with all the autotune?? like geez, most of the time, it doesn’t even sound like Miley..just pure DIGITAL sound..

    I’ll prob buy a couple songs, but the whole album? Waste of money in my opinion. But, then again, I should probably listen to the whole songs before making a judgement..

  • kym

    so much BUBBLE GUM pop!!!
    omg i just hate this kind of music but u know what i guess its wat sells now a days right…
    i like the song stay though, hope she releases that as an official single

  • Impulse Magazine

    She better hopes that she sells a lot of record because she is losing popularity with the kids

  • rachel

    amazing ! i cant wait :) love miley !

  • T_JBMileydemi

    I LOVE IT :D

    Is ridiculous when the ppl compare 2 songs wiht the same title u.u i have a few songs with the SAME title & is totally diferent the lyrics!!!

    Permament December – Remember December
    Stay – Stay (NJATA)
    Two More Lonely People – One Less Lonely Girl

    WTF!! with the comparison???? u.u RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    but anyway I LOVE the songs, new Miley new songs & I LOVE IT!!!

  • Courtney

    Woah I’m loving this.

  • ryl

    not her best album… for me

    I love her, but it’s the truth

  • ADD!

    all the songs sound exactly the same! all digital! :S i really miss the old miley when her voice was natural and amazing as it is :S

    i miss her voice, her look and all her way of being as she was in “breakout”
    and yeah… i don’t know why she accepted that pic as her new cd cover! she looks really bad :S so bad for her cause she is soooo beautiful!
    she could have done a better work than that!! definitely!!

  • lyss

    Very 80′s and club. I dig it!! :) Can’t wait.

  • Jenny

    I don’t have a favorite song. I really didn’t like it. It was so repetitive and not that good.

  • jess.

    omg this album looks so good and did u see billboard’s review??
    i loved liberty walk and permanent december already.
    love heeeeeeeeeeeeeeer <33333

  • e

    love the first 6 songs bt not the last 6

  • Michelle

    love the second song what’s the name ?

  • liri92

    first i thought its gonna be a good cd.. but after listening to this you prove me wrong.. the cd is absoulutely awful.. wäääääääähhhhhhhh

  • Sandra

    LOVE IT AND LOVE MILEY!!! can’t wait for it!!! “stay” and “robot” seems like theyre the best!

  • jenny

    I think its quite unanimous that stay is the best song on the record…. every rose has its thorn is also very decent and who owns my heart is also good… i love that even though it is a bit more mainstream than her other stuff, the lyrics in all the songs have a LOT of meaning and a recurrin theme is Freedom in a lot of the songs and you can tell it is something she has been through it is a album of good quality her first album was more authentic but this album also has a lot of meaning but also relevant music to the taste of most people nowadays.

  • Taya

    i love it <33

  • nat t

    im a huge miley fan but i dont think im really going to enjoy this album as much as her prefious ones. something about the sound, mood and tone im not liking???

  • megarrr

    i mean she says she is trying to break away…but all her music sold extremely well the in past, so why is she trying to change her image yes she is growing up and stuff but like she doesnt have to turn into a huge s**t, the music doesnt sound like her its like a britney,gaga,ke$ha but def not the miley we all have grown to love
    personally i dont think this album is going to do as well as the ones in her past =// suck for her but i think its the truth

  • heye

    permanent december is the best! she’s so much better like this

  • Cassidy

    @aly91: Shut up! She definitely did not butcher it ”Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. She sounds good in it. She did not do a terrible jib.

>>>>>>> staging1