Nick Jonas is Marius in Les Miserables!

Nick Jonas is Marius in Les Miserables!

Nick Jonas is heading back to the stage in Les Miserables, can confirm!

The 17-year-old will star as Marius, a baron who fell out with his royalist grandfather after discovering his father was an officer under Napoleon. He studies law, joins the revolutionary ABC students and later falls in love with Cosette.

Nick tweeted the news just seconds ago as well, saying, “When I was ten years old I was in Les Miserables as Gavroche. On my closing night in 2003 I told my parents that I would come back to be Marius one day. It is truly a dream come true. More details will be coming soon…’I Dreamed a Dream’ and they seem to be coming true.”

Congrats, Nick!

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Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • jbr

    woow that would be awesome ! but would he be able to do all that singing ? like , i know he has a great voice .. but you know , ive seen the play and it requires a lot of singing to be able to hit those notes !
    im really happy and excited for him though ! go nick !

  • amy

    Nick will be awesome. The Broadway stage is definitely his thing (even in London), and his voice is awesome and yes he can hit the high notes; I saw him on Broadway when he was a young boy – amazing! The recordings don’t always showcase a person’s real voice, singing live does. Yay Nick – I’m sure you will be awesome!

  • alex

    Wow, Les Mis, this is awesome! I’ve seen the play and film and absolutely love the story! Never had enough patience to read the novel in its entirety, but had to read an excerpt for French class… I agree with jbr, but I really hope he’ll be able to pull it off… no offense to anyone, but I can respect this SO much more than JONAS or Camp Rock… Go Nick!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Getting back to his roots… thats good! He is gonna do awesome! God bless him… It would be pretty awesome to get to see him live in London, but Im in Guatemala so that would be a little bit difficult hahaha anyways… CHEERS FOR NICK!!

  • Julie

    The Broadway Kid is back on stage! Nick still hold the record for the most Broadway shows for an actor under the age of 11. That is an amazing feat.

    Cameron Mackintosh requested for Nick to come to London for this role and that is quite an honor! WAY TO GO NICK! We are so happy for you.

  • Jenny

    This is so exciting for NIck to fulfill a dream and return to his roots. He is so talented. Hope they record the 25th anniversary concert part in October at 02 centre at least, since they probably won’t record the play.

  • lulu

    i knew he was! i saw his riddle! im really happy for him, that photo! i think ive fallen in love with him all over again :D x x x

  • Marina

    Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals of all time, and Nick is now making it even more amazing!
    He will do such a fantastic job in London. It’ll just be weird with him being in another country without his brothers.

    Congrats Nick!

  • amy

    woo well done nick! so happy for you (:

  • Ella

    Congrats Nick J.!! I am sure that he’s super excited to this project. Who ever will play Cosette will be the luckiest girl!! ;)

  • Livvy

    Talk about ruining Marious!
    He did well as Gavroche when he was little because that part didn’t require much singing, if not an actual voice.
    I am not saying he can’t sing, he has a nice voice.
    It is way too popish though for this Musical.
    His teeny bopper voice is nothing when compared to what the character Marious in Les Miserables needs.
    This is horrible. And I am sure all the adults will agree with me, even though I am only 16.
    I am a fangirl to Les Miserables, not Nick so I have some sense when it comes to him actually doing this. I am a die hard fan of this musical and don’t want to see it be ruined because he is in it.

    I sure hope he can pull it off, or I will be even more pissed than I am now.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I was right. =/
    Les Miserables is now ruined.

  • wesllaine j.adam paul|| j.

    ahhhh nick!!!já li o livro e é perfeitoooo,bem,ñ sei oq to fazendo aquii!sou brasileira e nesse site ninguem vai entender o q escrevo,mas enfim,estou feliz pelo Nick!!!

  • Kyle

    I just watched the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables, and I have to say that I am sorely disappointed that they allowed NIck Jonas to take part. I am sure there were several other choices. His voice was thin and nasal at times, and every single singer in the show overshadowed him. He has no power in his voice at all. He absolutely ruined some of the most emotional scenes in the musical because his voice could not carry the emotion of what he was singing. Add to that his “acting” (IE. looking like a love sick puppy or just plain confused). That seems to be his range. Oh well, I am going to see it in LA this summer, and if he is in that production, I will scalp my tickets to some teenage girls outside the theater.

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