Vanessa Hudgens: Handicap Parking Hogger?

Vanessa Hudgens: Handicap Parking Hogger?

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face beneath her beautiful curls as she heads back to her car in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (May 27).

The 21-year-old actress, wearing Diesel Matic 8B3s, actually parked in a handicap spot! Eek!

But, the spot does say “Van Accessible!”

In case you haven’t heard, Vanessa‘s upcoming flick, Beastly, is indeed moving release dates — we just don’t know when though. As soon as CBS Films announce the new date, JJJ will definitely let you know!

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  • Katty

    Where was she??

    Maybe whatever she was doing was only a minute or two thing so she parked there… either way it comes down to whether she got a ticket or not, and I don’t think she did.

    When is it coming out??? I need to see it!!!! Come on, CBS!

  • V!!!

    love her shirt and bag… i look like her

  • uh

    who the hell does she think she is that she can park there?? you did a few big movies and date zac efron, doesn’t make you able to park in a handicap spot! My nephew is paralyzed from the waste down and needs a wheel chair and it’s people like HER, who think SHES ABOVE THE LAW because shes a “celebrity” that causes problems for those people in a need of THAT RESERVED SPOT!

    keep your head down, you should be ashamed!

    and KATTY, it doesn’t matter if she got a ticket or not, she broke the law & it’s on camera, so either way she should be embarrassed! She’s not as “GOOD” as you people “fans” think.

    what a brat!

  • amy

    @ uh

    I agree, and i love vanessa! But that’s disappointing. Kinda speechless.

  • mykamicks

    Sad we cant see her face. Show your beautiful face Vanessa dear.

  • joanne

    haha Jared, you funny!

  • Lyinda

    im sure it was for an immediate reason.
    and it seems she was there for only a short period of time.

  • maichi

    LMAO. x]]

    Love you Vanessa. bwa hahaha :D

  • maichi

    @uh: Shut up. lmaoo. You’re annoying. You don’t know what situation she was in probably mobbed by paparazzi. Chill out. o_o You’re acting like someone died because she parks there ONE time.

  • Sam

    why you hate her?

  • taylor

    lmfao. i do agree she should not be parking there, but wow um id say “uh” needs to take a chill pill.

  • peggy


    Oh stop the self righteous postering all your billious catawalling tells us if that you’ve done it yourself.

    I have, I’ve run into a buliding because I was late and didn’t even notice the spot I was in until I came out.

    And you’ve done it or you wouldn’t be making such a big deal over it

  • Unbelievable

    oh would you stop with the drama. My cousin is in a wheelchair too, and my aunt uses a walker and uses hadicap spots too and you don’t see me getting all angry about it. Heck I’ve done what she did myself either because I wasn’t paying attention or I just needed to get in and out real quick. It happens get over it and as far as I’m concerned no harm no foul.

  • Fuka

    Why did she hide her beautiful face? Love her style <3 <3

  • Sam

    owww! <3
    i love her!
    she is gorgeous!

  • Malu

    yeah maybe is the wrong thing to do, but if she was there just a short period of time and with a good reason it{s possible, anyway pretty much jealous, i mean u, since i thing that even you skip a place on line or did something wrong to now been judging someone right?

  • .

    Love and hate relationship, that’s what I have with her…and this is why I ‘hate’ her. She seems kinda dumb sometimes.

    Shame on her! Probably one of the reasons why she’s hiding her face is because she got caught.

  • kirreii


    Jeez man, chill. You’re acting as if she was the cause of your nephew’s unfortunities. There are a lot of people who accidently park in those places because they weren’t paying close attention (I’ve seen a few myself), not because they think they’re above other people. If you care so much, why don’t you go to some of these parking spots and wave a sign around instead of spazzing on the internet?

    I’m not saying that it’s ok for her to park there or that those parking spots aren’t important, but you’re completely over-reacting. Anyways, how do you know she thinks she’s above other people? Last time I checked, you don’t live in her brain…

  • jazmin

    Here we go…I love Vanessa and I don’t agree with her parking there but don’t mean I will judge her for it….cause I know I’m not perfect.

  • Trina


    And we all know you are perfect and have NEVER broken any rule or regulation in the world. Those who offend the most are the first to complain about others breaking rules.

  • Theresa


    Let’s not start pointing fingers here at as you say “celebrities” lots of non-famous people park in those spots everyday. Are you going to blog about them and call them brats also?

  • Kami

    she was prbly eager to get away from the papa and didn’t even notice.

  • taylor

    I do agree that “uh” should calm down, but it is wrong of her to park there. It doesn’t matter if it was only for a minute and it certainly doesn’t matter if other people do it, they should get in trouble too. It’s illegal for a reason.

  • mykamicks


    That’s your interpretation as to the post of Jjr. And who the hell are you too, to judge her as a Brat. You’re more than a brat because your mind while typing in your computer its shows hatred on her. So what would we expect from a hater?

    Now, you weren’t in there isnt? Have you ever thought she might parked in there because she was allowed to park by that place or maybe there was no more vacant slot at that moment. Or maybe she parked in there because of some errand to do just a short while. You should not blame her with your arrogant opinion. And who the hell are you to say the ” Above the law thing” Had she committed a crimen & being convicted? where’s the above the law violation?

    Im so sad for your nephew then, that he werent able to get a spot. So , you mean that place is being inconsiderate? Why not attacked the owner of that property? Your cause should not be brought to Vanessa by attacking her? Your mind & sympathetic nephew escalate your miserable life by engaging into this post? You have exaggerated your opinion & drag the dispability of your nephew. Just to tell everone on here that Vanessa is a Brat so that everyone will hate her just like what your feelings towards her. If I were you, dont ruin your everyday life on this thread. by monitoring Vanessa’s fans. And find a huge antagonistic opinion. Find things that could help your life easy for you.

  • Noturbusiness

    I Couldnt have Said it better my self she isnt a good person!!! and thinks shes queen of the world and these fans make her out to be more then she is ……YES!! VANESSA KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN…shameful

  • Noturbusiness

    @maichi: Stop being rude she did it because she thinks she too good…thats a fact!!! so u SHUT UP

  • Carol

    You are bautiful bb don’t hide!

  • Noturbusiness

    I THINK ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED …..U TAKE UP FOR THIS GIRL AND SHE CLEARLY DID SOMETHING THATS NOT RIGHT!!! NO MATTER THE HURRY YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO PARK THERE SO STOP ACTING LIKE VANESSA IS ALWAYS RIGHT…..LEAVE @UH ALONE ….ur all clearly childern and tweens and i wasnt rude and mean like some of u girls here…learn to let people speak there mind without the crazy vanessa fans losing you minds!!! SHE CLEARLY DOESNT CARE ABOUT ANY OF U

  • Noturbusiness

    @taylor: I AGREE!!

  • Lizzie

    SHE IS SELFISH and seems egotistical. She would go to jail if she got caught, which she did. I wonder when they will put her in jail. The Vanessa Hudgens worshippers on this site are pathetic, she SHOULD go to jail. It IS a crime.

  • sophie

    It IS kinda hard to notice with all that bright blue and two signs on the wall, I noticed that in a hot flash. But i guess the “paparazzi’s” flashes were blinding her. and everyone who is yelling @uh should take your own advice.

  • narolyn

    hellow maybe it’s an emergency don’t judge a person right away if you don’t know exactly what’s going on . you people you have nothing to do just to make the person bad besides vanessa is a great person no matter what …and please mind your own business and scrarch your own skin.

  • jess!

    Her hair looks pretty!!
    i love her!

  • taylor

    @Lizzie: That’s a tad dramatic. It’s just a $250 fine…

  • uhh


    lmao. Man it must suck to be as dumb as you are.

  • jess!

    OMG!! you’re so stuuupid!

  • jazmin


    Pretty sure Vanessa worshippers are not the only ones that have ever broken any laws….pretty sure you have family members and know people that have broken laws before such as this or jaywalking or even making an illegal turn…etc. Lucky for them they are not followed by papz like Vanessa, therefore, there is no pix posted all over the net about it.

  • http://@meggermegz Vanessa lover

    Uh, is making it seem like because she is a celeb that she needs to be perfect. She isn’t perfect and people make mistakes. Yes, she shouldn’t have parked there, but I have seen people where they put the sign on the rear view mirror and are not handicap nor do they have someone who is handicap with them. Besides, how do we know that she parked her car there? Just because it’s her car; doesn’t mean that she parked it there. Yes, there maybe a good chance that she parked it, but there is a good chance she didn’t. Everyone has broken some type of law before whether it is jay-walking, throwing a little piece of trash on the free-way, or get a speedng ticket. But, Uh, needs to stop blaming Vanessa for everything that is wrong with the world. PEOPLE like HER, really?! That immature? You make it seem like she is from a different planet from one mistake. I hate it when someone uses that People like her, people like him, like you people. It’s stupid, when someone uses that. Making it sound like they’re from somewhere else.

  • yourfriends

    it’s minimum fine of $250 up to $3,500 or imprisonment up to six months or both.( curious about it myself so i google it lol )
    but it’s not like we know the reason behind her doing it…
    obviously her being a celebrities won’t give her any benefit..

    otherwise, those DUI celebs would never be imprisoned….

    @uh : she doesn’t kill anyone or tend to so just chill :-)

  • jane

    she won’t go to jail but should at least get a ticket.

  • jane

    it is a bit ridiculous for the fans to say ‘maybe she didnt see the sign or know it was a handicap spot’ c’mon now the sign is nice and clear. whoever doesnt see that is blind

  • luisa

    who even cares if she parks in a handicapped spot?

  • kgg

    I honestly don’t think V did this on purpose. She probably wasn’t paying attention when she pulled in. So everyone who is bashing needs to take a chill pill and relax. I don’t see any packages in her hands, so she wasn’t shopping. Maybe she had to run in very quickly and run out.

  • jane

    i care!

  • Unbelievable

    no one in the history of this country has ever been thrown in jail
    for a parking violation. She is not the first celeb to get caught for
    a parking violation. Her boyfriend got busted for making an illegal
    turn a while back and her best friend Ashley got ticketed for a parking violation as well.
    It happens to all of us. I can tell you if I had photogrophers following me everywhere they’d catch me doing some of this stuff too. So unless you’ve never gone speeding just one mile over the speed limit, jay walked or litered I suggest you step off your high horse.

  • jane

    so then dont do it if you know paps are following you!

  • peggy


    actually it is not really a crime technicaly and it is not punishable by jail at least not in California actually not anywhere in the country. Why show yourself to be such an ass.


  • JAmie

    @Uh and @Lizzie

    Shame on you two! Why you’re visiting this page if you hate Vanessa? Pathetic! Everybody makes mistakes. LOL! and the “ABOVE THE LAW” thing, jeez. Don’t you think that your being too over reactive?. Judging people by just seeing their pictures without the full details? C;mon. Get a life. I’m sure, Vanessa is waaaay better than your idols. Psychos!

  • peggy

    Oh and JustJill don’t think we don’t know if it had been Ashley Tisdale you wouldn’t have posted it among the endlless Ashley posts we get subjected to in a day.

  • luisa

    She didn´t it on purpose