Miley Cyrus is Billboard Beautiful

Miley Cyrus is Billboard Beautiful

Miley Cyrus holds up a giant “M” on the cover of Billboard magazine.

The 17-year-old pop star chatted with the mag about her new music video, Glee and not listening to any pop music. Check it:

On her music video for “Can’t Be Tamed:” Before the video debuted Cyrus told Billboard, “You’re going to, like, die when you see the birdcage in the video because it’s so crazy. I’ve got, like, 30 dancers in there and a tree and a nest. Literally, it’s out of control. I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more stuff like that.”

On her own musical tastes: “I listen to zero pop music, which is really weird for someone who makes pop music. My 13-year-old self would have beaten up my 17-year-old self because she would be like, ‘You’re a sellout!’ But that’s not what it is. It’s not dance music that’s just about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the club and everyone’s looking at me.’ It means something. I’m not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour . . . because no one lives that life. A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.”

On her inspirations: “With anything”the clothes I wear or the way I want to look” I don’t plan it. Even with the video [ for 'Can't Be Tamed'] I had the treatment, but beyond that, it was whatever comes. We didn’t have all the choreography set in stone because I didn’t want it to end up looking fake and polished. Everything in life has to come naturally or I feel like it’s just been done.”

On Glee: “Honestly, musicals? I just can’t. What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes? (laughs) It would get hits on YouTube.”

For Miley‘s full interview, pick up a copy of the mag — on stands May 31st!

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Credit: Brian Bowen Smith; Photos: Billboard Magazine
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  • jojo

    always beautiful <33

  • ash

    she is gorgeous. I love it

  • xx

    Oh Miley, you’re such a B. Your video is like the 3rd version of LiLo’s Rumors and Brit Brit’s I’m A Slave 4 U. How is it natural? Also, what you don’t listen to pop music? Then why did you make a video dancing to Bad Romance? Dumb bee, no wonder nobody likes you..

  • http://@Moniquegisselle moniquegisselle

    OMG! Miley looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I wish I could find a copy

  • LEESHA01


  • caro

    Love the girl bummer that she doesnt like glee…but i bet if she gave it a chance she would but the girl is always busy maybe even for tv <3

  • leticia

    Gorgeous Congrats miley.

  • kym

    k im confused now honestly this girl changes her story sooo much. and yes i wud say she is a sell-out because i thought she would create more substantial music than the bubble gum crap she puts out now. her songs r just stupid elctro stuff y would she do that. cant be tamed does not have a meaning wat so ever. i get yes dont try to change her she is wat she is like take it or leave it. yes that is a good meaning but some lines in the song r just not fitting of the ‘artistic’ meaning. and go right aheast blast me with ur hateful replies but its true she went the crappy britney pop route. i hated britney’s music its crap she doesnt even write her own stuff. they just make it because it sells. i think if ur gonna b a musicican u should write ur own stuff and it should havve meaning because thats what music is. its art and expression. “i go through guys like money flying out the hand” if thats how u express urslef then its sad. she needs to put out more things like the climb that is one of my favourite songs ever. THATS ART!

  • jenny

    I like her so much for being honest and not being afraid of telling her opinions I mean with the amount of people who spaz over glee she isnt afraid to say she isnt keen on it….. Its good she can criticise her own music genre aswell.. and she looks REALLY good in that picture but i would say the angry look doesnt suit her anymore… she shouldnt u know smile unrealistically but make a more normal face… but i guess they all do that angry look nowadays

  • tessa

    She looks beautiful

  • Becky

    i thought Miley would enjoy Glee :/

  • Lindsey

    she judges glee and she never watched it bc if she did she would know they dont randomly burst into song-they sing in rehersals of glee-like she does for concerts GOD…shes starting to piss me off

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan

    Even how Miley dresses,acts,sings i still support her
    and you know why?
    Because thats her! Thats the real her! Shes not fake! Shes a truthful person and thats what person i look up to. and i dont really care on how shes dresses shes still a great person. I dont get why haters hate her? i know shes done bad things..well were HUMANS!!!!!! we make mistakes! so im a big MILEY SUPPORTER AND I WILL ALWAYS BE!

  • ceasy


  • billythekid


    I’m not in love with the new album either, but she did have a large hand in writing the songs, so it’s not exactly the “Britney Pop route”. I mean, not only does Britney not write her own songs, she barely ever sings them! Well, once while recording and then thats it :). But yeah, there’s a lot of techno in this album, but I do spy a few songs I think I will like. Of course, none of them will probably be as good as the Climb. But I will reserve complete judgement until I actually hear the songs in their entirety.

    As far as the Billboard cover goes. Very pretty as always :)

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan



  • victoria

    i love her!

  • moon

    she is beautifulllllllllllllllll!!!

  • Jj

    What she meant about Glee and musicals? She’s more stupid than ever!

  • brihova

    Oh please Britney’s music>>>> Mileys. I’d like to see her do anything as amazing as Toxic or I’m a slave 4 U. Even Hilary Duff’s music is Better than Mileys’. Come Clean is better than any song she’s ever done.

  • kym

    ya thats true i giv her props for writing her own songs cuz i cud never do that in a million years lol. but i just think that if ur goin to write music make it substantial.
    y is everyone just trying to sell sex appeal like cant it just be about the music anymore. even when i see her and other pop artists sing live there is just no soul in it like i dont c that they actually believe in wat they r saying or maybe its just me idk…
    but i heard a preview of her song ‘stay’ and it actually sounds quite good- cant wait to hear the full length of that

  • jane

    we dont need miley

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    ya well thats true she doesnt look like she doesnt believe wat she is saying in her songs but i think she does when shes writes them and maybe shes just nervous to perform and thats how shes looks but who knows haha..luv that song stay too

  • Butterfly dreamer

    It’s just something about he that makes me not like her. It seem as if she trys to be something she’s not and tries to just fit in but howecome you can’t be yourself. To me she probaly should just stick to music because she can’t act and she can’t really sing.. and the can’t be tamed video was crzy how can a song be ok or good but then the video is wack! Lol that’s fnny!

  • kym

    well apperantly so do u because i said i understood what the song was trying to say. that she is the way she is and if u really love her u wud take her the way she is and obviously that goes for guys too. but the lyric just sounds very narcistic.
    i have no problem with miley, i just thhought her music would be different.
    futhermore its my opinion and if u dont agree i really dont care. its not like im calling her names or something i was just merely saying what i thought about her album. we all appreciate different kinds of music and think of it in different ways. thats just how i c it…

  • kym

    haha ya its true she could b nervous but u know how when some artists perform their songs, sometimes it can even put u to tears because their words r so convincing and u can really c the feelings behind their songs…. i just dont get that when she performs. but who knows maybe it will get better, afterall, this is just the begining.

  • KASS



    YEAHHHH!!!! MILEY WE <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3 U!!!!

  • Cassidy

    @Butterfly dreamer: She can act and sing. Get a life.

  • liri92

    haha she hates pop music and she does actually pop music.. what a weird girl.. i just hate her and I will always do cuz she is sooo fake

  • cam


    Well she certainly does contradict herself many times, I’ll give you that. And that Glee coment of hers made no sense. She sounds so full of herself more and more lately, no humility at all. Getting harder to support what she does and says these days, especially many of the outfits she wears when NOT performing.

  • Cassidy

    @cam: Shes not full of herself. How does the Glee comment make her sound full of herself?

  • Cassidy

    @liri92: Shes not fake.

  • LB

    @cam why would it be so hard to support her? She doesn’t do anything wrong. She’s just being herself and has a great heart. If you’re a fan you should know that and… your clothes don’t show who you are… but your heart does here let me give you this and cheer up:

  • aly91

    Then she is pretty shitty at picking boyfriends, makes her look like a clingy whore. She’s all talk, she doesn’t even know what she is talking about. If she doesn’t like pop then why does she sing it?? If she doesn’t listen to it, then why do her songs sounds like Brit?? Uhhhh…look up Taylor Momsen, don’t like her, but at least she doesn’t criticize her genre of music and is the real deal. Miley is so full of crap, there is so much sewage coming out of the world, I’m surprised the waters are so clean.

  • Cassidy

    No shes not full of crap. Just because she does pop doesnt mean shes gonna like it. Sometimes you have to do stuff you dont like.

  • good-one

    I am reminded of a couple of quotes, when I read the latest round of put-downs by the usual haters, commenting on Miley posts:

    “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.” ~~Benjamin Franklin

    And because Miley is one of those talented creators, a genuine original:

    “When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create. ~~_Why

    Congratulations, cover girl!

  • sam

    i like her music and all but it is obvious she has never watched glee… everyone that has seen it knows they don’t ramdomly burst out singing. it’s not really right for her to say she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t even really know it. maybe she’s just jealous of their success…

  • aly91

    She’s Miley Cyrus…she has so much fame she can do whatever she wants. If she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to do it, she can’t be tamed.

  • taylor

    so..she listens to ZERO POP MUSIC, and yet her idols are Britney Spears and Michael Jackson? the king and queen of pop.
    she’s an idiot, i swear to god!

  • Cassidy

    @taylor: Shes not an idiot. Maybe she means idolizes them as people not their music.

  • m

    If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • cam


    I’m sorry, but I don’t consider having your bra showing up to your nipple clothing. I consider that inappropriate on anyone when out – I’m not talking about stage/show outfits, I’m talking about going to a store, coffe shop, or whatever with your underwear hanging out. Taht is someting I cannot support.

  • cam


    But that’s not what it is. It’s not dance music that’s just about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the club and everyone’s looking at me.’ It means something. I’m not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour . . . because no one lives that life. A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.”

    I think the comment “I’m in a club and everyone’s looking at me” is kind of self serving and the Glee comments are like she thinks herself above them, and that show is not a musical where they start singing instead of talking. That show is about a glee club & the performances are just that, performances and quite good – the “Madonna” episode was great.

  • Cassidy

    @cam: Shes not talking about herself there though. Shes talking about the type of songs that are like that. Just because she says she doesnt like something doesnt mean she thinks shes above them.

  • GossipGirl

    @jane: we don’t need MC haters.

    MC’s looking good here. But, I really don’t like the “TAMED” ablum cover. It’s way too airbrushed and she has way too much makeup in that shoot. The whole ‘POUT FACE’ is not really pulling the sexy look.

    Regardless, Miley has a New #1 ready to drop in 3 WEEKS.

  • ashley

    @xx: I do agree that “I can’t be tamed” looks just like a brittney video. But she’s not dumb or a B.

  • mehdi.j

    Sooo beautifulll!!so fierce !

    I love Her !!!!!!!!!

  • emmy

    @Cassidy: If she idolizes them as people, then I’m worried about her. Neither Britney or MJ were the best role model.

  • cam


    You could be right about that – I will have to read the full article in the actual magazine.

>>>>>>> staging1