Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner: Candy Cover Cuties!

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner: Candy Cover Cuties!

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner share the June 2010 cover of Phillipines mag, Candy.

In addition to the monthly Candy mag, there’s also a new Eclipse special issue! It’s filled with all things Eclipse, interviews and a frame-by-frame comparison of the Eclipse trailer and the book!

Also, if you haven’t heard, Robert, and New Moon won several awards at the 2010 National Movie Awards earlier this week.

Collectively they took home Performance of the Year, Best Fantasy Film, plus Most Anticipated Film of the Summer for Eclipse!

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Photos: Candy Magazine
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  • bobo ak

    whos care . . . They are the worst actor i ever seen i hope they gone stop acting or something . . .all twilight stars sucks the worst one is tylor this man is idiot

  • gina

    maybe you should learn how to spell his name before you say how bad he is

  • bobo

    taylor i just forget “a” . . And who talk with you ? ?

  • nikki

    @bobo ak: True, i mean taylor real is bad at acting i’m not gonna lie. He really isn’t good looking either, if he didnt have a body, NOONE would like him.

  • http://twitter k8

    im gonna have to agree with gina. im a huge twilight fan… and if you thought this badly of them then why are you looking up things about them. think about it!! : |

  • Anonymous


    someone is obviously jealous

  • dennise

    love u Taylor!!!!

  • jessica

    wtf is up with his face on that cover?
    lol he looks retarded. no offense.

  • MissTeamjacob

    @bobo and @nikki you suck you freaks. You both are just bitter individuals because you will never amount to anything and Robert and Taylor are the hottest guys ever and are worth millions so eat that you pricks.

  • bobo ak

    nikki @ you are 100% right the only thing he have his body . i think robert sucks but he kind handsome

    anonymous @ ha ha ha ha so funny but from what i would jealous ?

    miss team jacob @ what the
    F***k wrong with you when you love an actor you should love him for his act or look not for his money now we know who is the freak . .

  • Mzk…HY

    COOLL!! CANDY MAG is on Just Jared JR… LOVE the Mag and THIS site… MABUHAY ANG JUST JARED SITE

  • Ella

    Another post about the Philippines! :D

  • Soledad

    Rob is just adorable!!!

  • shey

    i agree with gina and k8.
    why on earth are you on this page if your not interested? don’t you have better things to than to ruin twilighters fun.

  • lil

    RoB <3

  • anonymous

    Robert Pattinson is very talented and definitely wants to learn more about his craft and challenge himself. Its evident in the roles/movies he chooses like Remember Me, Bel Ami and Water for Elephants. I really appreciate that. Besides the fact that he’s attractive and tall. I do think that Taylor Lautner plays it safe and got lucky riding the Twilight bandwagon cuz he’s a horrible actor with no charisma and he’s short ( yuck! ) with a fatnose that practicly takes up his whole face.

  • iiii

    @bobo ak its so funny that you’re obviously a Filipino. look at your grammar. i don’t think that anybody could even understand that! HA!
    im a filipino too, you know and im proud of that. but seeing people like you, its such a shame! :p

    and just so you know, i cant even name a single person in the Philippines that despises twilight or its actors. oh wait, you! how sad! :P
    now who’s the weird one here?

  • zetty

    For those who don’t like this guys.. why waste energy just to say something bad about them? geez.. some people has some serious issues.

  • robert pattinson for life

    bobo..your name really suit you! For the love of God, Instead of giving the Philippines disgrace just give yourself time to at least learn the english language.How dare you post negative reactions in a twilighter’s page well in fact you can’t even understand what you’re talking about..

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    looking gorgeous robert ;-)

  • bob

    mmmmmmrrrrrrrr Taylor/Robert <3

  • destiny

    omg this is so funny

>>>>>>> staging1